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Ergosoft U.S. LLC - 7/26/2013

ErgoSoft AG and CoReNet Project Give EU Textile Industry Tools to Compete

Textile and fashion design is increasingly characterized by fast changes in trend and style, but is often reliant on laborious prototyping and production 
workflows with long lead times. Developed by ErgoSoft together with other industry leaders, the new Simulate, Print & Cut workflow, part of an EU-
sponsored project called CoReNet, is focused on improving the European textile and garment industries with new technologies like virtual garment 
simulation, digital textile printing and other automated services.

Led by the Center for Management Research at the German Institutes for Textile & Fiber Research, ErgoSoft partnered with Assyst GmbH and Color 
Textil to develop and test a streamlined workflow linking isolated steps of the design and production process. Using Assist’s virtual 3-D garment 
prototyping software Vidya, and Ergo Soft’s color management software TexPrint, Simulate, Print & Cut removes the need for physical garment 
prototypes and textile samples. Products fly through the development phase while reducing material waste and costs.

Once the design is production-ready, the virtual 3-D garment is broken up into individual parts, complete with high-resolution fabric pattern, and laid out 
efficiently in a PDF with the dimensions of the textile to be printed. Contour cut lines and other post processing information can also be managed within 
the TexPrint RIP processes. The placed pattern ensures an economical print run, by saving material and reducing ink use by up half, while the color 
managed design is printed exactly how the designer anticipated.

Hans Peter Tobler, CEO of ErgoSoft, explains the motivation for the project: “Digital printing can unburden the textile industry by delivering 
lower-impact alternatives.” And when these alternatives are developed in partnership with other industry leaders the end result is a compatible and 
streamlined solution that is hard to beat. Digital printing and related workflows “create opportunities for new kinds of products and TexPrint is one of 
the favorites in this area because it works so well with the surrounding technologies,” Tobler says.

TexPrint offers not only color management and ink-efficient print environments, but also streamlines many other steps in the production of digitally printed 
textiles. Working with multi-layer files, adding QR codes to identify orders or creating a cut file can be automated so that production is straightforward, and 
small, customized print runs can be carried out quickly.

Simulate, Print & Cut supports a fashion and textile industry that is focused increasingly on small runs of unique products by ensuring that the path from 
inspiration to production is a short one.

Ergosoft U.S. LLC - 4/23/2013

ErgoSoft and Epson Partner for Sublimation Printing

April of this year marks the release of the new Epson SureColor SC-F7000. With this product Epson has officially entered the textile printing market and 
has done so with a product that is getting attention for this unique feature: All components of the printer are designed and manufactured by Epson. 
Everything, from the ink to the print head, the hardware and the optional components, comes from Epson , which ensures that quality, performance 
and reliability are all optimised for maximum productive uptime and profit, and a low Total Cost of Ownership.

Bundled with ErgoSoft TexPrint RIP software, this gives users access to two giants of textile and printing technology and opens the door to a 
high-quality, efficient and economical print output. With more than 20 years of experience in developing RIP software and ten years in the textile 
printing field, ErgoSoft AG offers RIP solutions of the highest Swiss quality. Their software products are impressive, not only in textile applications, 
but also for uses in large-format print advertising and fine art, where the priority is on quality, user-friendliness and efficiency.

The large choice of features in TexPrint, the ErgoSoft RIP solution for textile printing, work seamlessly with a thermo-sublimation printer like to the 
SC-F7000 to cover a broad spectrum of functions which previously were only sporadically available in textile printing and usually cumbersome to 
implement. For example, for users of the Epson SC-F7000, the “Step and Repeat” function can be used to quickly create a seamless, all-over 
pattern with repeats, steps, and mirroring available in both horizontal and vertical directions. And for reduced material and ink use, TexPrint offers 
a tool to help you monitor and save on production costs.

Textile businesses which deal in small and mid-volume production runs will find that the Epson SureColor SC-F7000 is a sophisticated and user-friendly 
solution for high-quality output with optimal production times.

Ergosoft U.S. LLC - 11/16/2011

ErgoSoft PosterPrint V14 RIP Software Achieves the Highest Certification Level

ErgoSoft has announced the recent “certified” designation for the new HP L26500 and L28500 Latex Printers. In addition to achieving the highest 
rating of three stars for the dual sided print function, PosterPrint Version 14 is compatible with all of the essential performance features of the L26500 
and L28500. With this announcement customers can be confident that the intuitive and innovative PosterPrint V14 by ErgoSoft will enhance output 
and improve workflow efficiency when paired with the HP DesignJet L26500 or L28500. Using PosterPrint V14 to power the L26500 or L28500 will 
highlight the printers’ fast production turnaround time, dual sided print capability and precise color accuracy.

PosterPrint V14 by ErgoSoft supports all of the essential functions that the DesignJet L26500 and L28500 have to offer. Included in this list is calibration 
using the internal spectrophotometer, setting parameters for the Bow Compensation, flexible media handling, monitoring of ink and media consumption, 
and production time reporting. In anticipation of this news, ErgoSoft has created a broad library of color profiles and configurations for the L26500 and 
L28500 that will enable fast and efficient upstart times when transitioning to the DesignJet L26500 and L28500.

The intuitive design of the ErgoSoft PosterPrint V14 enables efficient, automated production printing using a combination of image presets and multiple 
RIP servers1. The simplified user interface in PosterPrint V14 provides quick access to critical job creation, job preflight, printer status, job status and job 
costing information. Improved color accuracy is achieved using the new color management architecture incorporated into PosterPrint V14.

Having achieved the highest star rating from HP for the double-­-sided print feature on the HP L26500 and L28500 is a source of great pride for 
ErgoSoft. The ErgoSoft implementation allows printing several jobs onto one side of the media, then reloading the printed roll of media and completing 
the job by printing on the opposite side in reverse order with precise registration.

HP RIP Certification Benefits

To ensure seamless integration with existing workflows and provide a broad choice of compatible digital printing solutions, HP works with many of the 
leading Raster Image Processor (RIP) and workflow solution providers. HP continues to expand our successful RIP certification program which centers 
on an extensive set of criteria that verifies the compatibility and integration of these third-­-party products with the HP DesignJet L26500 and L28500 
Printer series, to ensure optimal printing performance and productivity. Only products that have undergone testing by HP and have met the 
necessary performance requirements are awarded "Certified for HP DesignJet L26500 / L28500" status.

“Through the HP RIP Certification Program, HP DesignJet L26500 and L28500 Latex Printer Owners can be confident that ErgoSoft RIP solutions 
provide superior performance, integration, and compatibility with this printer,” said Hans-Peter Tobler, President, ErgoSoft AG. “The 3 star rating in the 
dual side printing category reflects our commitment to provide quality RIP solutions that maximizes a customer's return on their investment.”

Ergosoft U.S. LLC - 5/23/2005

Magiclée® RIP T for Fine Art Powered by ErgoSoft StudioPrint

NASHUA, NH (May 23, 2005)  - ErgoSoft U.S., LLC, today announced a new strategic partnership with 
InteliCoat Technologies, a world leader in the manufacture of coated paper, film and specialty substrates for 
imaging and electronic technologies. As part of the agreement, ErgoSoft will unveil the Magiclée® RIPT powered 
by ErgoSoft StudioPrintT. This new workflow solution is designed specifically to ensure beautiful, color-accurate 
results out-of-the-box for Magiclée® media. Combining the breadth of products along with the consistency 
and quality of InteliCoat media with the power of ErgoSoft's premier workflow products produces an elegant, 
easy-to-use fine art printmaking package.

"InteliCoat is delighted to offer this new workflow solution to provide dealers the means to ensure the best 
results from Magiclée media for their customers from the first print," says Ed McCarron, marketing manager for 

The Magiclée RIP is derived from the same ErgoSoft technology that recently swept the DIMA Shoot-out 
Awards/quality in RIP categories. Like StudioPrint v.11, this solution provides the latest productivity 
enhancements such as nesting, scaling, color tuning, tiling, etc.

"We're very excited that InteliCoat has selected StudioPrint as the solution to provide their valued customers 
with turn-key success," Robert Eversole, president of ErgoSoft U.S. says of the new partnership. "Magiclée 
dealers and end-users alike will appreciate the ease by which impressive results can be achieved. The 
confidence and trust InteliCoat has shown in ErgoSoft further validates StudioPrint's position as one of the 
premier RIPs for photography and fine art reproduction."

The Magiclée RIP is preconfigured with ICC profiles for all Magiclée media - from the Verona line of papers, the 
Torino canvas line, to the Siena quick-drying photo papers and the Firenze line of photorealistic matte papers - 
on a number of output devices including Epson, Mimaki and Roland.

Though tuned to provide excellent results on Magiclée media, the Magiclée RIP is a media-agnostic, 
open-color-architecture solution that provides users with full-feature support for any ink or media used. Unlike 
similar solutions, which only allow use of predetermined media sets, the Magiclée RIP will allow users to grow 
and add support for any media they choose, without limitation.

With the Magiclée RIP, technical support is a feature that will be appreciated by end-users. The Magiclée RIP 
comes with 120 days of unlimited telephone technical support direct from ErgoSoft. This further improves the 
customer experience by providing the most direct exchange of information in a knowledgeable, timely manner. 
Eliminating the confusion over where to get answers is essential in enabling printmakers to produce prints, rather 
than waiting for answers to outstanding issues. In offering this service, InteliCoat and ErgoSoft ensure that award-
winning print quality is delivered.

The Magiclée RIP will be offered through the extensive Magiclée dealership channel. Initially, it will be available 
in the United States and Americas only.

Ergosoft U.S. LLC - 4/22/2005

ErgSoft US unveils VariFlyT

NASHUA, NH (April 22, 2005) - ErgSoft US, LLC today unveiled VariFlyT, its highly productive solution for 
variable data graphic design and output. A stand-alone application to be networked to ErgoSoft's award winning 
PosterPrintT RIP, VariFly is a powerful, cross-platform front-end utility for assembling dynamic and static text, 
vector graphics and bitmap images within user-designed templates. Once the graphic layout is designed, 
VariFly then efficiently compiles each image within the job ticket and exports it to the RIP for final output. 
With VariFly, PosterPrint RIP becomes an even greater tool, dramatically increasing productivity and efficiency.

Designed for production graphics, ErgoSoft has integrated several features that make VariFly the most elegant 
variable data solution available. Custom layout design, multiple Static and Dynamic text fields, multiple Static 
and Dynamic Image fields, and Automatic Text Scaling make content creation a snap. VariFly's Dynamic Job 
Tickets and Send Queue expedite preflighting while making printing easy to manage, including reprints and 
partial ticket reprints.

PosterPrint's active image preview ensures that costly and time-consuming mistakes are caught before printing. 
The assembled files may also be proofed as a multiple page PDF on a local or remote desktop for customer 
approval before final printing.

"Like its namesake, VariFly makes design and production of variable data print jobs quicker than ever before," 
notes Robert Eversole, President of ErgoSoft US. "VariFly bridges the gap between the Creative Department 
and Production Environment in a way like no other solution in the large format graphics market."

Ergosoft U.S. LLC - 1/21/2005

Ergosoft to Unveil d'Vinci Hi-Fi Jet Fine Art Printing System at PMA

Next generation digital fine art printing system is like Leonardo was, ahead of its time

(Orlando, FL) January, 21, 2005 -ErgoSoft RIPs, a worldwide leader in the production of fine art, photography,
and sign making, will unveil The d'Vinci Hi-Fi JET Fine Art Printing System at the 2005 Photo Marketing Show
in Orlando. Utilizing ErgoSoft's StudioPrint RIP and Roland DGA Printers, offers a 12-color 54" wide fine art
reproduction solution. The d'Vinci Hi-Fi JET Fine Art Printing System will be of size and quality that is unmatched 
in the industry.

The d'Vinci System significantly increases print production volume.  Without a loss of quality, d'Vinci System
achieves at 1080x1080 bi-directional what other solutions require 1440x1440 unidirectional thereby cutting
production time by more than half.  On its 54" format, it will also enables printmakers to produce larger prints and
impose more images on a single page further decreasing production time while minimizing consumable waste.

Thanks to d'Vinci unique ink configuration and color rendering architecture, printmakers will also finally be able to
realize the benefits of a wider color gamut using orange and green ink without loss of color fidelity in deeper, more
saturated colors and finer image quality with the smoothest gradations. d'Vinci's unique ink configuration allows for
dotless black and white prints with flexibility to vary the tone with colored inks.

d'Vinci can print on a wide variety of media from fine art matte finish to photographic gloss.  

The d'Vinci Hi-Fi JET Fine Art Printing System will be on display at ErgoSoft's booth #4587.

About the name d'Vinci
d'Vinci is a spin on Leonardo da Vinci, the "d" representing the digital age.Leonardo da Vinci was a renaissance
man, an artist, architect,  engineer, and philosopher.  This association between artist and print solution represents
a renaissance of the true professional-level fine-art reproduction printing solution.

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