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Enfocus - 12/9/2014

Enfocus Releases Switch 12 Update 3

Enfocus today announces the latest release of its leading automation solution, Enfocus Switch 12 update 3. Included in this release are new 
flow documentation and improved communication features that enable users to share knowledge on flows, work with greater efficiency and improve 
file sharing. Support for Apple's latest operating system is also included in this release. Together, these features build on the position of the Enfocus 
Switch solution as a critical automation resource for businesses of all types, sizes, markets and budgets.

Businesses use Enfocus Switch to automate the way documents are managed in their organizations. Switch seamlessly integrates with a company's 
existing systems, connecting the different applications and steps needed to process files. The release of Switch 12 update 3 gives these users 
flow documentation and improved file sharing capabilities that further enhance the way these files get distributed.

In addition, Enfocus Switch 12 update 3 will support OS X 10.10, the Apple operating system known as Yosemite.

Antje Grüger, Product Manager at Enfocus, says, "Enfocus Switch has the power to transform a business. Switch integrates files and documents and 
connects third-party applications, linking everything together into a customized production workflow. Switch 12 update 3 builds on that powerful 
offering, and provides users new tools that better support how flows are created and shared. We are proud of this release, and look forward to 
hearing how these new features improve the flow of documents for Switch users around the world."

Flow Documentation - one click documents an entire flow

This brand new feature gives users the tools to document why, when, and how Switch flows were built. This capability means users can share 
knowledge and capture the actual status of a flow, making it easier to work with Switch, and giving new employees the ability to get started with 
Switch faster and easier than before. 

With one click, users can easily generate an HTML page which includes all information about their flow, including flow name, description, and creation 
date; the flow image as shown on the canvas; and the properties of all elements in the flow. 

This documentation feature has received positive feedback from beta testers who report that the new feature has saved them time and aggravation. 

Tester Thomas Züger, Project Leader IT at Compendio Bildungsmedien AG, reports: "A big advantage in Switch 12 update 3 is the documentation 
feature. I made a spelling error in the name of a dataset. A few days ago, I found the error and, thanks to the documentation feature, I found all 
existing instances of the error using the find method in the browser. Well done! I'm very happy with the way this feature prevented a small mistake 
from becoming a big problem."

Connecting to the web

Switch 12 update 3 includes a new communication tool that enables users to communicate with an HTTP or an HTTPS server in both directions. This 
feature means Switch users can connect with even more third-party applications, such as Dropbox. In addition, users can download and upload files, 
and retrieve or update information from a website.

New features for improved communication

Enfocus Switch 12 update 3 includes new features that enhance communications and improve file sharing. These features include:

Enhancements to the mail server and mail receive tool

User can now connect Switch to their mail server using the TLS (Transport Layer Security) protocol. In addition, the "Mail Receive" tool has been improved 
and is now called "Convert to plain text". This option allows users to save the email message either as HTML or as text.

Better support for sorting output files

This release includes an extra property "width" for send, archive hierarchy and output folders. This lets usersspecify the length of the version number 
of duplicate output files. Leading zeros are added as required.

New authentication method for SFTP

A new authentication method for logging on to an (S)FTP server through FTP send and FTP receive has been implemented in this release. Users can now 
use either user name and password or a "public key" to log on to the server.

Switch 12 update 3 also includes two new variables for use in the Switch Job group: Job.UserFullName and Job.UserEmail. In addition, the Hold Job 
properties "Unit" and "Delay" have been renamed to "Retry After" and "Retry Unit" to avoid confusion.

Finally, the logging preferences have also been improved, giving users the option to have log messages stored in CSV files, instead of comma-separated 
text files. Users can also indicate which delimiter to use and where to store the files.

Enfocus - 10/30/2014

Enfocus Releases PitStop 12 Update 3 with Mac OS X Yosemite Support

Enfocus today announces the release of Enfocus PitStop 12 update 3. In addition to support for Mac OS X Yosemite, this latest release of PitStop 
technology includes a range of new and user-requested features that improve the quality of PDF pre-flighting and editing. PitStop 12 update 3 is available 

PitStop Bridges Critical Gaps in PDF Workflows
As PDF files have become the standard for file exchange in the graphic arts industry, critical gaps have emerged in PDF workflows. PitStop technology 
covers these gaps, giving users tools that go beyond quality control and enable manual and auto­mated error correction that guarantees reliable PDF 
processing and output.

As Andrew Bailes-Collins, Senior Product Manager at Enfocus, notes, "Since its introduction, PitStop has helped customers worldwide solve the challenges 
that occur with PDF file production and output. It has become the must-have product for anybody working with PDF files in the graphics arts industry, used 
by over 130,000 customers all over the world to detect, correct and edit problems within PDF files.

"The value of this wide network of customers gives us a tremendous benefit," Bailes-Collins notes. "They are a great source of ideas and information on 
how we can make our technology even better. You can clearly see the input of our users in this latest release of PitStop technology. Their input, 
combined with our development efforts, makes PitStop 12 update 3 an important resource for our customers and for anybody working with PDF files."

New features and functionality included in PitStop Pro 12 update 3 are:

OS X Yosemite Support
Apple recently announced its OS X 10.10 Yosemite, and PitStop 12 update 3 is officially supporting this new version. This compatibility gives users 
the opportunity to take advantage of the features in this new operating system. 

New Actions for Better Production
PitStop 12 update 3 includes several new actions that better support the speed, accuracy and output of PDFs that are managed with PitStop. These 
actions include:

Add Color Bar - This new action lets users automatically generate a color bar using the document colors of each individual page. While users can still control 
tint values, patch size and position, the automatic generation of the color bar saves time and ensures greater color accuracy in production.
Match, Fill and Stroke Colors - This new action fills a request heard from many PitStop customers. It lets users change the stroke to match the fill - and 
vice versa - based on the selected objects.
Flatten Annotations - This new action builds on a previous 'Flatten form fields' action that was released in an earlier version of PitStop 12. Because that 
action had no configurable options, users reported that some of these annotations were causing issues on output. This new action solves that problem by 
giving users the tools to flatten annotations so they become normal objects within the PDF. 

Tools for Proportional Resizing
This is another customer request that Enfocus is addressing in PitStop 12 update 3. It gives users a 'lock' in the Inspector that can be used for 
proportionally resizing objects or page boxes.

New Actions for Layer Functionality
PitStop 12 update 3 also includes improved functionality for working with layers in PDF files. Users now have actions that enable them to select layers in 
various ways, giving them the ability to select, remove, check, and change layers and layer properties. 

Enhancements to Existing Functionality
PitStop 12 update 3 improves the user experience further with better color mapping from Gray to CMYK, and support for rasterizing content within PDF files 
via Action Lists.

New default Action Lists
PitStop 12 update 3 also ships with many new pre-configured Action Lists that use the newly developed functionality. These new Action Lists help users 
obtain immediate benefit from the new features, without having to create Action Lists of their own. The Action Lists can easily be modified by users to meet 
their own production requirements.

New functionality for PitStop Server 12 update 3
PitStop Server also benefits from the new Actions and Action Lists available in this new release. In addition, PitStop Server also includes an 
improved configurator for use with Enfocus Switch and PitStop2Switch.

Enfocus - 6/19/2014

Enfocus Releases Switch 12 Update 2

Enfocus today announces the release of Enfocus Switch 12 update 2, its leading automation solution. Customers' most requested features have been 
included, with new color coding of folders and connections, for easier identification, topping the list. Responding to customer wishes with timely updates 
such as this bolsters Enfocus Switch's position as the convenient, must-have automation resource for businesses of all types, sizes, markets and budgets.

Digital communications are integral to modern business. While companies increasingly adopt technology to create the digital files this form of 
communication requires, they are having a harder time finding tools to make connections between folders that must interface and/or exchange data with 
each other. Enfocus Switch is the only modular and affordable solution specifically developed to connect these folders into one cohesive workflow. 
Switch seamlessly integrates with companies' existing systems, connecting the different applications and steps needed to process files while saving time, 
money, and resources and making better use of employees' efforts.

Color coding for folders and connections
With Switch 12 update 2, users can apply their own color coding to the folders and connections used in their workflow. This use of color improves usability, 
as users can easily distinguish between input and network folders and between different connections. As a result, Switch's more complex workflows 
become easily comprehensive, even on a scaled down size on a screen.

Fabian Prudhomme, Vice President of Enfocus, says: "Enfocus Switch was the first automated, rules-based pipeline workflow solution. Since its introduction, 
it has become the "glue" for thousands of customers. The new color coding capability - combined with other new features and enhancements in this 
release - ensures that Switch will continue to improve the way our customers create, produce, and share files."

Enfocus - 3/26/2014

Enfocus Releases PitStop 12 Update 2

Enfocus today releases PitStop 12 update 2. Included in the new release of the world's most popular PDF QA application is an expanded range of tools 
to quickly check, edit and fix troublesome PDF files. PitStop 12 update 2, in both stand-alone Pro and Server versions, is a free upgrade for all existing 
PitStop 12 users.

"PitStop 12 was a groundbreaking release for Enfocus," says Andrew Bailes-Collins, Enfocus Senior Product Manager. "Its development was based directly 
on customer needs and their extensive feedback, secured through surveys, interviews and social media forums. We kept the conversation going after 
PitStop 12, listening to users telling us what they liked and what additional functionality they needed to tackle common PDF problems in their daily 

Bailes-Collins says that PitStop Pro 12 update 2, and PitStop Server 12 update 2, are the result of these ongoing dialogs, as well as the excellent work 
of Enfocus' development team. The releases, he explains, build on the success of PitStop 12, and provide users with additional abilities to even more 
easily and efficiently check, correct and edit every element within a PDF file, ultimately increasing productivity.

New features praised by users

The features in PitStop 12 update 2 give users the ability to gain efficiencies, improve editing and better handle issues when they arise. These capabilities 
have been rigorously tested at customer beta sites, who have subsequently provided extensive feedback on the new release.

Axel Robert, Prepress & Graphic Chain Quality Manager at Ubisoft, Montreuil-sous-Bois, France, is one of the PitStop 12 update 2 beta testers. He 
commented on the overall release by saying, "PitStop is the ultimate killer PDF knife tool in my every day work. I find it unthinkable to work without it, 
and this new update is no exception to the rule."

The main new features in PitStop 12 update 2 include:

Improved selection editing: with PitStop Pro 12 update 2, users can carry out functions such as rotating, scaling or skewing of objects by simply moving 
the mouse to the control points of the object they want to change. Previously, users had to select different tool buttons, which was not user friendly and 
required extra mouse clicks. Ubisoft's Axel Robert says of this new feature, "I especially really like the new way you can select and edit an object. It's so 
simple and yet so effective!"

Customizable keyboard shortcuts: now users can edit and customize keyboard shortcuts for the majority of PitStop Pro 12 menu items. Multiple sets of 
shortcuts can be created on the same computer, which means that different operators can apply the shortcuts that best work for them. This will help users 
to be more productive and efficient. As Amy Menendez, Prepress Specialist, BlueOcean Worldwide, LLC in New York, USA, notes: "Efficiency and 
accuracy equal productivity, so the new customizable shortcuts are a real advantage. Now all my favorite tools and actions are just a keyboard click 
away - when the work is 'flowing', so am I!"

Add separation names: this new action allows the names of color separations to be generated and positioned within a PDF file. The separation names 
are individually created for each page and will show all separations including any spot colors. PitStop Pro 12 update 2 also provides several options that 
show how the separations will appear, giving the user strong control over positioning, font and font size. This functionality is important for any workflow 
that is processing a large number of PDF files. For example, Jon Morgan, IT Manager at Hopkins Printing in Ohio, USA, reports: "With the number of 
PDF files that we soft proof, a good quality control element is to show which colors are on a page. With PitStop 12's new 'Add Separation Names' 
feature, it's now easy to know exactly which colors - process and spot - are on a page. Thank you, Enfocus!"

Continuing the Dialogue

Customer feedback also drove a host of additional changes to PitStop 12 update 2, and PitStop Server update 2. These include, among others: 

Apply color curves: users were very positive about the image curve editing functionality that was added to PitStop Pro 12. In update 2, Enfocus builds on 
that functionality and now allows adjustment curves to be applied on all content within a PDF file; not just on images. PitStop 12 update 2 also allows 
curves to be applied to a whole page for calibration, or dot gain adjustment. 

Curves are available for all color spaces and can also be based on separations including individual spot colors. For example, if a user wants a 
particular calibration adjustment curve for a spot color separation, they can easily add specific spot colors by using the '+' button and choosing one 
of the options. They can then define a curve for the named color, which will be used if the color is in the processed PDF file.

Use of regular expressions: Action Lists can now be created using regular expressions, which opens up a whole host of new opportunities for more 
powerful checking and automatic correction. 

Improved Image Conversion: the rasterizing functionality in PitStop Pro and PitStop Server now supports anti-aliasing, which increases the quality of the 
created image. This quality improvement is particularly important for the repurposing of tablet preflight profiles.

Enfocus - 1/30/2014

Enfocus Announces Switch 12

Enfocus today announces the release of Enfocus Switch 12. New features include remote management and simplified group administration tools that 
make Switch 12 even more flexible. This release gives businesses of all sizes and budgets the ability to automate the repetitive tasks associated with 
creating, receiving and sorting files. In addition, Switch's robust processing power and infinite configuration options let larger organizations successfully 
develop more complex business practices, such as integrating connections with more complex and layered business management data.

Thousands of businesses use Switch to integrate applications, resulting in custom production workflows

Noted by experts as not only the first, but also a leading automated, rules-based pipeline workflow solution, Enfocus Switch has helped thousands of 
businesses worldwide to improve communication, productivity, and quality of document or file exchange. Switch is the "glue" that integrates 
organizations' existing systems with the third-party applications they use to create, produce, and share files. Users only pay for the functionality they 
require at the time, and use Switch's exclusively simple, visual interface to create the application connections that Switch seamlessly pulls together 
into a customized and efficient production workflow.

New - The freedom of control from anywhere with Remote Designer

A key feature of Switch 12 is the Remote Designer. This new feature gets users out of the server room and allows them to administer the Switch Server at 
any time, from any computer, at any location. So, no matter where they are - another office, at home, or traveling - users can easily access and manage 
the Switch Server. 

New convenient and flexible management of users and user groups

Switch 12 also includes several new features that dramatically simplify the way users and user groups are managed. 

A complete redesign of the User Pane, as well as elimination of user roles, gives customers the freedom to configure users and groups without limitations, 
and with any level of permission. In addition, Switch 12 allows new access rights for individual users and groups to be based on the existing Active 
Directory; making it unnecessary to create new users or groups within Switch. Administrators simply import users and groups from the Active Directory to 
create new access rights for particular jobs or projects.

Switch 12 also includes support for new Configurators, the tools that allow users to integrate their applications and automate third-party software 
application tasks. Included in Switch 12 are updates to The Adobe® Creative Cloud™ and Quark Xpress Configurators. In addition, Switch 12 includes 
new Configurators for CorelDraw and HP SmartStream Production Center JDF Control.

Switch 12 is compatible with the latest operating systems including Mac OS X Mavericks 10.9 and Windows version 8.1.

Enfocus - 12/17/2013

Enfocus Connect Product Family Supports OS X Mavericks

Enfocus today releases Connect 11.2, a free of charge product line upgrade bringing full compatibility with OS X Mavericks, Apple's recently released 
operating system, to current Connect customers. Enfocus Connect ensures creation of print-ready, top-quality PDFs by design and production 
professionals, and can automatically deliver completed jobs to printers (and anyone else, as needed).

The release of Connect 11 update 2 makes the entire Enfocus Connect Family - Connect YOU, Connect SEND and Connect ALL - compatible with the 
latest mainstream operating systems, including OS X 10.9 (Mavericks), Windows 8.1 and Windows Server 2012 R2. Along with support for the new 
OS's, Enfocus has also updated its supporting plug-ins for Adobe Creative Suite® and Creative Cloud™ products.

A Better Way to Take Control of PDF Creation and Production

Enfocus Connect solves one of the biggest issues affecting the production process today: poor quality PDFs. Most designers do not know how to adjust 
settings to create high quality PDFs, and this causes frustration and delays in production. Printers who receive these PDFs are spending too much time 
and resources identifying - and then, fixing - the PDF problems.

To serve customers faced with these challenges, Enfocus created the Connect family of products, with each of 3 solutions designed to assist users in 
different aspects of the production process. Enfocus Connect YOU is for individual users (primarily designers). Enfocus Connect ALL and Enfocus 
Connect SEND were both developed for companies that need to collaborate with many internal and external users.

How Connect Works

The Enfocus Connect application defines and creates applets called Connectors. These Connector applets include all the technology required to 
automatically perform such functions as creating a certified PDF, PDF preflight, or automatically delivering job files to a remote server. Depending on the 
version of Enfocus Connect, Connectors can be used on the local workstation or distributed to internal or external users freely.

Fabian Prudhomme, Vice President of Enfocus, says:  "In listening to our customers, Enfocus clearly heard the challenges poor quality PDFs were 
creating for the graphic arts industry. We knew there was a better way to manage the production process, and that is what led us to the development 
of the Enfocus Connect family. Making this technology compatible with OS X Mavericks and other operating systems ensures that customers can 
continue to enjoy the improved quality Enfocus Connect brings to both their PDFs and to their organizations."

Enfocus - 11/28/2013

Enfocus PitStop 12.1 Supports OS X Mavericks

Enfocus today releases PitStop Pro and PitStop Server version 12.1, providing full compatibility with Apple's recently released OS X 10.9, also known 
as Mavericks. PitStop 12.1 is available immediately, and is free to all current PitStop 12 customers. 

PitStop 12.1 - full compatibility with latest operating systems

PitStop-based applications are the industry standard for PDF preflighting and editing. PitStop is increasingly referred to as the "pocket knife" software, 
because it is the one solution that can correct typographic errors, change color spaces, and fix hundreds of other PDF problems, all within one 
application. The release of PitStop 12.1 builds on the software's powerful flexibility by ensuring compatibility with the latest Apple and Microsoft 
operating systems. 

Fabian Prudhomme, Vice President of Enfocus, says that ensuring PitStop's compatibility with Mavericks was an important priority for the Enfocus 
development team. He says, "The Enfocus policy is to wait until a full version of an operating system is released before we ensure compatibility. This 
allows for last-minute changes, such as those Apple undertook before releasing Mavericks. However, because Mavericks is free, we knew there 
would be immediate demand by the early adopters who started using Mavericks before Apple made important post-release changes. We therefore 
focused on expediting the coding, testing, and availability of this Mavericks-compatible release." 

In addition to being compatible with Mavericks, PitStop 12.1 is also compatible with Windows 8.1 and Windows Server 2012 R2.

PitStop Benefits, Including Breakthrough Image Editing and Missing Font Replacement, Continue with New Release
Users of PitStop 12.1 can take advantage of all the powerful "pocket knife" features the new PitStop 12+ family offers. These features let users 
manipulate everything in a PDF, without having to open a new application. One of the most talked-about breakthroughs is the ability of PitStop 
users to access the Monotype Baseline™ platform, a new cloud-based service solution that solves the challenge of missing fonts in PDF files.

Enfocus - 10/1/2013

Enfocus Announces Connect SEND 11

Enfocus, creator of the industry standard for PDF preflight and editing, PitStop Pro, and the comprehensive production workflow suite, Enfocus Switch, 
today announces Connect SEND 11. Using Connect SEND, graphic arts and print service providers can streamline and automate file delivery from 
their customers. Connect SEND is available now. 

Print service providers continue to look for ways to better serve customers and increase operational efficiency. Connect SEND 11 supports print 
service providers by giving their customers everything they need to submit files without requiring them to remember FTP addresses, web site locations 
or log-on credentials.

Providing better service by eliminating file delivery hurdles

Connect SEND joins the Connect product family, Enfocus' award-winning, powerful resource for PDF creation, quality control, and job delivery automation. 
Two versions of the Enfocus Connect 11 product family are already available: Connect YOU offers individuals a desktop application for streamlined 
PDF creation, verification and delivery. Connect ALL, winner of a PRINT 13 / Must See 'ems[1] recognition, is designed to provide service providers or 
large creative groups the same abilities to automatically create, verify and deliver consistently high-quality PDFs.

Michael Reiher, Connect Product Manager at Enfocus, says of this new release, "Our Connect product line is focused on making file delivery easy and 
efficient in a distributed environment. The release of Connect SEND builds on that goal by giving our customers a way to improve the order submission 
process for their clients. With the easy commands of click, drag, and drop, Connect SEND makes it so easy to submit a job that your customers might 
never again think of going to another provider."

Using Connect SEND, service providers create and distribute pre-configured andbranded applets, called Connectors, to customers. Connectors contain 
all the embedded settings for delivery of PDFs, images, native layout files or any other file type to existing FTP, sFTP, HTTP, Email, or Enfocus Switch 

Using Connect SEND to deliver files into a Switch-based production workflow automates file receipt, sorting,management and processing, to achieve 
end-to-end automation. To submit a file, all the customer has to do is drag and drop the files onto the desktop icon; without the usual email and 
telephone support required to ensure settings and delivery credentials are correct.

Additionally, electronic job tickets can be defined so that all necessary customer and job information is delivered with the production files. 

Connect SEND provides an automatic updating mechanism, enabling service providers to update remote connectors with any new settings. The process 
is hassle-free for service providers and their customers. 

Availability, pricing and compatibility
Enfocus Connect is available in three editions: one for individual users, Connect YOU; and two for companies that need to collaborate with many internal 
and external users: Connect ALL and Connect SEND. In all editions, the Connect application is used to define and create Connectors. Connectors are 
easy-to-use applets that sit on customers' computer desktops, and include all the technology required to automatically deliver jobs to remote locations. 
Connect YOU and Connect ALL also contain all technology necessary for optimal PDF creation and preflight, thereby adding control and consistency 
to PDF creation both externally and internally.

For the creative professional, Enfocus Connect YOU costs just $99 and replaces the widely-used Instant PDF application in the Enfocus product 

For larger operations working with external customers, Connect SEND and Connect ALL set-up and maintain unlimited numbers of Connectors. This 
allows commercial printers, ad agencies and publishers to provide Connectors to customers and freelancers who need a direct connection to their 
respective facilities. Connect SEND provides a simple way for external customers to upload files to their production servers, for only $1199. Connect ALL 
adds high-quality PDF creation for only $2999.

Users of Connect SEND can easily upgrade to Connect ALL when their future requirements include the need for PDF creation, preflight and 

All three products in the Enfocus Connect 11 family are at the update 1 release. Enfocus Connect YOU and Connect ALL 11 update 1 are fully compatible 
with the recently updated PitStop12 library, the standard core preflight and correction technology inside the world's mainstream workflows.

Enfocus - 9/8/2013

Enfocus Solves the PDF Missing Font Problem

Enfocus announces an exclusive agreement with Monotype, one of the world's renowned typeface providers, to address the number one obstacle to 
correcting PDFs for production: missing fonts.

Enfocus, the leader in automation and creator of PitStop, the PDF preflight and editing standard; gives PitStop Pro 12 and PitStop Server 12 sites the 
option to connect to the new Monotype Baseline™ platform, a new cloud-based service solution, when missing fonts are detected. Licensing the font 
for a special introductory rate of $1.49 per font, per document, permits embedding of the font in the file, thereby allowing it to pass preflight and 
print successfully[1]. As part of the terms of the agreement, Enfocus currently has exclusive rights to offer the Monotype solution for use in preflight.

Veteran Production Consultant Comments

Seattle-based PDF production consultant Matt Beals, who integrates the full range of graphic arts products for companies all over the world, says, "The 
font embedding from an online source, and no less the ultimate typeface provider, Monotype, was an ingenious move on Enfocus' part. With the new 
color functionality and faster processing you can actually 'feel', PitStop 12 was already shaping up to be the most important upgrade of the solution in 

"Now I may change my stance - the addition of Monotype font embedding in PitStop 12 might make this one of the most valuable software upgrades 
for the entire industry, this year!

"You might say I'm impressed."  

"Missing fonts is cited in survey after survey, year after year for well over ten years, as one of the biggest obstacles to timely PDF production," says 
Andrew Bailes-Collins, Senior Product Manager for the PitStop family at Enfocus. "Speaking on behalf of 130,000 worldwide companies and individuals 
who use PitStop to preflight and correct PDFs, we thank Monotype for working with us to finally conquer the problem."

Bailes-Collins further says that an agreement between Enfocus and Monotype marries the best of what both companies have to offer, to resolve a long 
lasting problem. "Enfocus PitStop can check a PDF file and find out if any fonts are not embedded, and Monotype has a very large collection of fonts. 
Together we are finally resolving the problem of missing fonts." 

How PitStop 12 Customers Can Use the Service

PitStop Pro 12 and PitStop Server 12 will work as previous PitStop versions do, in checking PDFs for missing fonts, and sourcing those fonts if they 
are available on the local computer. In those cases, if the font is available and the user enables the option, the local font will be embedded into the 
PDF file. In PitStop 12, however, the trail doesn't end if the missing font is not available locally. PitStop version 12 operators now have the option of 
checking if the missing font is available on the Monotype Baseline™ platform. If the missing font is available and if the user allows it, the font will be 
downloaded and embedded within the PDF document.

The Monotype Baseline™ platform is accessible after users set up an account. They are charged an introductory rate of $1.49 per font, per document; 
whether the PDF is a single page, or a 1000+ page document.

Purchased fonts will be documented in PitStop preflight reports, and in the user account history with Monotype.

PitStop 12: A Milestone Upgrade

Enfocus Vice President Fabian Prudhomme says that the agreement with Monotype is "the crowning achievement on the most important PitStop family 
update in years. "Enfocus PitStop customers are clear about their needs," Prudhomme says. "Leaving PitStop to make image edits in external 
editing applications was a burden; so we put comparable tools inside of PitStop 12. PitStop Server users also have use of Adobe's transparency 
flattening engine and 64-bit processing for faster, more robust memory access. Now, with the Monotype Baseline™ platform, we're bringing customers 
the spoils of the biggest, longest battle on the PDF production front: missing fonts. We've won."

Enfocus - 7/18/2013

Enfocus Connect 11 Product Family

Enfocus,  the leader in automation and creator of the PDF preflight and editing standard, PitStop Pro, today announced the availability of its new Connect 
11 product family. Well-received in the marketplace by both designers and producers of printed materials, the Connect 11 product family solves file 
problems at the creators' desktop; saving them time, money and production delays.  
The Connect 11 product family is designed to bridge the gap between designers and production professionals. It helps designers to deliver high quality 
files, right the first time, thus ensuring the production of high quality PDFs regardless of the document creation application used, or the PDF skill levels 
at the designer level.

"PDF has become the file transfer format of choice, from the office environment to agencies, design firms and print service providers," said Fabian 
Prudhomme, Enfocus Vice President. "But there are still many issues associated with creating high quality PDFs for print. Many print service providers 
spend excessive time on file review and correction after jobs are submitted.  We developed the Connect 11 product family of products to address these 
issues head-on by making the PDF creation and submission process consistent and predictable.  By complying with the Adobe® Normalizer - the 
market standard for PDF creation, we have ensured that the Connect 11 product family is the simplest and most reliable means for producing reliable 
PDF output."

Connect 11: The Details
Enfocus Connect uses state-of-the-art technology and replaces a pair of proven Enfocus products:  Instant PDF and PitStop Connect. The Connect 
family features a new level of PDF creation and quality control along with job delivery automation that makes collaboration between the designers and 
producers easy and consistent. Two versions of Enfocus Connect 11 product family are available - Connect YOU for individuals, and Connect ALL for 
service providers or large creative groups.

Connect YOU
Enfocus Connect YOU is an affordable, easy-to-use single-user solution that allows anyone to create high quality PDFs from any application, and to deliver 
them automatically to a production site, with job instructions related to the file included. PDFs are written to pre-set standards, then checked, corrected 
and uploaded automatically, with one click. No special operator skills are required.

Connect ALL
Enfocus Connect ALL allows print service providers to easily deploy and manage Connect solutions with an unlimited number of outside clients. 

Connectors can be customized for individual clients, or created for general use functions such as job submission, and distributed to many clients. 
Each Connector that is created can be totally tailored to create, verify and fix high-quality PDFs, collect electronic job ticket information, and deliver 
jobs to a variety of servers such as FTP, HTTP and Enfocus Switch.

Connector icons can be branded with a company logo or background to personalize the service even more. End-to-end automation is also made possible 
when combining Connect ALL with Enfocus Switch, offering a seamless automation environment for the graphic arts professional.

Voice of the Customer
"Enfocus Connect 11 family  is an impressive solution," said Axel Robert, Prepress, Print Studio & Graphic Chain Quality Manager for Ubisoft. "Connect 
11 product family offers ease of use and flexibility in the creation, verification and delivery of PDFs (and other file formats) for various production needs. 
The Connect 11 product family will be very useful for designers, making it easy for them to create and deliver quality PDFs to production - an impressive 
tool for the entire graphic arts supply chain."

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