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E.L. Hatton Sales Company - 1/29/2013

Banner Grommet Tab Producer Introduces Streamlined Version

E. L. Hatton Sales Co., maker of Banner Ups PowerTabs® adhesive grommet tabs, and PowerTape®, announces introduction of the new Banner Ups 
Crystal Clear BravoTabs®, a streamlined version of the popular banner hangers.

BravoTabs are made of the same super-strong window clear polymer and adhesive system as PowerTabs, but have a square shape, rather than the 
triangular shape of previous products. Also, BravoTabs have no “neck loop” which some customers find improve their appearance and eliminate 
extra labor of cutting off the neck loop if not used. Another benefit is that the streamlined shape is more economical to produce – which significantly 
lowers their cost. Plus, the square shape works great on both corners and along banner edges, making BravoTabs a “one size fits all” solution.

“Customers have been asking for a large clear tab with no neck loop for years,” explained company president Rick Hatton, “If they were not using the 
neck loop on PowerTabs they spent time cutting it off. BravoTabs eliminate that step; they look great on both banner corners and edges, and are lower 
cost to boot! We believe they are a home run.”

E.L. Hatton Sales Company - 7/15/2011

Powertape Producer Introduces Double-Sided Version

E. L. Hatton Sales Co., maker of Banner Ups PowerTape® a single- sided banner hem reinforcing tape, announces introduction of the new Banner 
Ups MegaTapeTM, a double-sided version of the product. MegaTape, PowerTape and PowerTab products used to finish advertising banners without 
sewing or grommeting.

MegaTape is made of the same super-strong film as PowerTape, but is adhesive coated on both sides. This provides banner makers with the strength 
of PowerTape and the fold-finished banner edge which some prefer in a single product. Available in 1.5” width, MegaTape is applied just like ordinary 
double-sided banner hem tape, but has more than triple the strength, plus it adds firmness to the banner edge for a much cleaner appearance. Banners 
made with MegaTape withstood winds of over 90 MPH in wind tunnel tests. Also, MegaTape can be used to reinforce hems in two-sided banners, as 
the tape itself is invisible after folded into the hem.

“Customers have been asking for a double-sided version of PowerTape for years,” explained company president Rick Hatton, “Using MegaTape together 
with our PowerTabs is a faster, easier, and ultimately less expensive way to make banners compared to ordinary tape and grommets.”

E.L. Hatton Sales Company - 11/7/2006

Grommet Tab Maker Addresses Edges

Wellington, OH, Sept 19, 2006:  E. L. Hatton Sales Co., maker of Banner Ups® Adhesive Grommet Tabs, 
announces introduction of EdgeTabsTM, which are specifically designed to provide a quick, easy alternative 
to grommeting along the edges of banners. EdgeTabs complement the company’s existing line of Banner Ups 
and PowerTabs, which are shaped to fit on banner corners. EdgeTabs’ versatile rectangular design fits more 
naturally along banner edges but may be used on corners as well. EdgeTabs are crystal clear, so they are 
virtually invisible on full color digital banners.

"For a long time our customers have been asking for a tab which would fit along the edge of their banners to 
complement our large and mini size corner tabs," explained company president Rick Hatton, "and the EdgeTab 
gives them the best of both worlds. It’s stronger than the mini yet lower in cost than the large tabs and it works 
great on banner edges or corners."

Hatton also pointed out that the EdgeTabs can be cut in half and used instead of grommets as a hole 
reinforcement on the corners of pin-style display stand banners.

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