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Drytac - 12/1/2014

Drytac Backlit Film Rebranded as Reveal

Backlit film from Drytac has received a new title that directly relates to its key selling features. The 7 mil printable matte PET film has been rebranded 
Reveal™ for its overall look and feel, which is comparable to a true durable transparency. 

With Reveal backlit film, light is dispersed evenly and consistently across graphic images for a vibrant display. Its brilliant white point yields excellent 
color saturation, tonal rendition and contrast, enhancing graphics for a more vivid appearance. UV and latex inks also easily adhere to Reveal, 
providing exceptional print quality. Reveal can be cut on automated cutting machines as well.

Reveal allows for effortless insertion of graphics into light boxes as a result of its rigidity and an anti-slip, anti-static treatment on the back of the film. It is 
ideal for indoor and outdoor backlit graphic displays, including those found on movie sets or in theaters, airports, museums, casinos, department stores, 
or bus and train stations.

Reveal is offered in 54, 60 and 72-inch wide rolls (86-inch width available by special order).

Drytac - 11/3/2014

Transform Your Surroundings with ChalkMate Specialty Chalkboard Film from Drytac

ChalkMate™, a 5 mil durable, UV printable PVC with a traditional black chalkboard finish, has been added to Drytac’s range of specialty films. Designed for 
use with standard chalk or liquid chalk markers, ChalkMate can be installed on most smooth surfaces. Depending on its final application, ChalkMate can 
be ordered with either a permanent or removable adhesive. 

The film with the permanent, pressure sensitive acrylic adhesive is ideal for use on fixtures. However, ChalkMate featuring ReTac™ ultra removable 
adhesive technology can be used for creating impromptu chalkboard walls or other temporary applications. Both versions of ChalkMate can also be 
used to make unique, custom chalkboard decals from die cut shapes or designs.

“ChalkMate is an excellent option for transforming walls into usable surfaces,” comments Nate Goodman, Drytac Product Manager. “Whether you’re 
a professional trying to capture ideas in a meeting room or a restaurateur posting your daily menu, ChalkMate offers a simple, creative solution to meet 
your specific need."

Teaching environments, such as schools or daycares, as well as children’s playrooms are additional applications for which ChalkMate is well suited. It can 
also be used as an effective tool for highlighting promotions in shopping malls or grocery stores.

ChalkMate is available in roll widths up to 61 inches.

Drytac - 10/15/2014

JetMounter Fuzion XD to Be Unveiled at 2014 SGIA Expo

Drytac® will introduce the next generation of JetMounter roller laminators at this year’s SGIA Expo, held October 22-24 in Las Vegas. The JetMounter™ 
Fuzion XD is a heavy-duty wide format roller laminator with a durable metal construction, specifically designed with print shops and smaller facilities in 

Available in a 63-inch laminating width, the JetMounter Fuzion XD is a true workhorse, offering numerous features that simplify the lamination process for 
users. Most noteworthy are interchangeable, large diameter non-stick silicone rollers; a heat-assist top roller with digital display for Celsius/Fahrenheit; a 
heavy-duty lift mechanism for precise, calibrated pressure control; adjustable speed control up to 20 feet per minute; and four auto-grip supply or take-up 
shafts with adjustable brake tension on the operator side for roll-to-roll lamination.

“The Fuzion XD is well equipped to handle a variety of applications, such as laminating vehicle wraps, creating window decals or mounting graphics 
to substrates,” notes Drytac Product Manager, Nate Goodman. “And, we’ve positioned it competitively - offering it at a lower price point for those who 
want to add roll-to-roll laminating in their shops without the burden of a significant upfront investment.”

Additional features on the new model include a center release, fold down feed table with a “lay flat” paper in-feed guide; latching storage compartment on 
each side of the stand; maximum nip opening of 1 inch; and heavy-duty lockable casters for greater stability and maneuverability. The model can 
also accommodate 10-inch diameter rolled material and is cTUVus and CE-certified. 

To learn more about the JetMounter Fuzion XD, visit Drytac at booth #753 during the 2014 SGIA Expo.

Drytac - 9/19/2014

WallTac Print Media Features ReTac Ultra Removable Adhesive Technology

The removable and repositionable adhesive found on WallTac™, a matte PVC film included in the Drytac® print media collection, has received a 
new designation. Now positioned as ReTac™ ultra removable adhesive technology, it is ideal for a broad range of applications that require easy removal, 
such as wall graphics, labels and tape.

Two versions of WallTac - the 3.5 and 6.0 mil matte white polymeric films – have the ReTac ultra removable adhesive and will now be classified as ReTac™ 
Wall. ReTac Wall adheres to and is cleanly removed from virtually any smooth surface, including painted drywall or doors. It is an excellent choice for 
interior wall graphic applications like appliques and wall murals and is compatible with most solvent, UV and latex printers.

ReTac Wall can also be paired with WipeOut™, a premium, dry erase hard coat laminate with a chemical and scratch-resistant clear gloss surface, to 
create printed, personalized wall graphics that can be used as dry erase boards. 

“The process of applying and removing graphics is a breeze because ReTac adhesive does not permanently set up, eliminating adhesive residue. With 
‘ReTac on the Back’, users don’t have to worry about surface damage or a sticky mess on the wall,” states Drytac Product Manager, Nate Goodman. 

Available in both 54 and 60-inch wide rolls, ReTac Wall is in stock and ready for immediate shipment.

Drytac - 9/2/2014

Increase Visibility with Drytac Backlit Film

Drytac has expanded its line of specialty print media to include Backlit Film, a 7 mil front print matte polyester. This high quality, distortion-free PET film is 
ideal for illuminating graphics and effectively displaying messages in commercial or educational settings.

Backlit Film effectively transmits light, dispersing it evenly and consistently across an image. It has a brilliant white point that yields excellent print quality on 
UV and latex printers. Its white point also allows the film to be read by automatic cutters. Due to both its rigidity and anti-slip, anti-static treatment, graphics 
can be more easily inserted into light boxes. 

“Our new, durable film prints very nicely with UV and latex inks,” states Drytac Product Manager, Nate Goodman. “The primary benefit, of course, is richer 
color density and more vivid graphics for your display."

Backlit Film enhances images used in graphic displays at airports, museums, department stores, or malls. It is also outdoor durable for applications at bus or 
train stations.

Drytac - 8/22/2014

Mounting Applications Simplified with MultiTac High Tack Double-Sided Adhesive

Drytac, an international manufacturer of adhesive-coated products, markets an extensive line of mounting adhesives for the sign and graphics industry. 
Most notable is its latest addition, MultiTac™ High Tack, a versatile double-sided mounting adhesive for a variety of mounting applications.

MultiTac High Tack is a permanent, high tack acrylic adhesive available in clear or white. Due to its aggressive bond, MultiTac High Tack is an optimal 
choice for mounting to difficult or irregular substrates such as Gatorboard™ or Dibond®. The white version also aids in mounting to darker substrates 
because of its excellent opacity.

This product is manufactured in Drytac’s new adhesive coating facility in Toronto, Canada and is distributed worldwide.

“MultiTac High Tack highlights the very best of what you’ve come to expect from Drytac adhesives,” notes Nate Goodman, Product Manager. “It is 
functional yet distinct, easy to use, and offers unsurpassed quality."

Drytac - 8/1/2014

Interlam Pro™ Laminates Designated UV Print Compatible

Interlam Pro, Drytac®’s premier line of pressure sensitive laminating films, has been designated compatible for direct application to UV printed output. 
These films are excellent multi-purpose overlaminates that have a pressure sensitive aqueous acrylic adhesive and UV stabilizers to prevent discoloration 
and degradation of both the film and adhesive. 

Interlam Pro overlaminates are available in several finishes, including 3 mil Glossy, Lustre and Matte as well as 4 mil sand-textured Emerytex. Each 
offers optimum clarity and shields against UV light exposure, increasing indoor and outdoor graphic durability. 

Drytac Product Manager Nate Goodman states, “While UV printing has its advantages, prints still need to have the ‘wow’ factor. This can be achieved 
by adding a high quality laminate. Drytac’s Interlam Pro laminates, in particular, enhance the colors of an image and provide superior protection for 
greater longevity.”

The Interlam Pro line can be used for a variety of applications, including high-volume photographic prints, architectural renderings, aisle danglers, event 
signage, and POP and promotional displays. Floor graphic applications in high traffic areas are also possible thanks to the scuff-resistant finish of Interlam 
Pro Emerytex.

Drytac - 5/15/2014

Drytac Broadens Printable Media Lineup with WallTac

Drytac recently expanded its line of printable media with WallTac™, a matte PVC film with removable adhesive that can adhere to and be cleanly removed 
from virtually any smooth surface, including painted drywall. Compatible with most solvent, UV and latex printers, WallTac can be used for visually 
appealing interior wall graphic applications such as appliques and wall murals.

WallTac is available in three versions - 3.0 mil matte clear polymeric with low tack removable acrylic adhesive; 3.5 mil matte white polymeric with 
removable microsphere adhesive; and 6.0 mil matte white polymeric with removable microsphere adhesive.

Graphics printed on WallTac can be easily applied and cleanly removed from walls or doors, and there is no adhesive residue left behind. In addition, 
trouble-free repositioning of graphics is made possible when WallTac with microsphere adhesive is used. 

Alternatively, WallTac can be combined with WipeOut™, a premium, dry erase hard coat laminate with a chemical and scratch-resistant gloss surface, to 
create personalized wall graphics that can be used as dry erase boards. 

“WallTac can easily revitalize a room, without requiring a permanent solution or damaging existing surfaces,” notes Nate Goodman, Drytac Product 
Manager. “When paired with our new dry erase laminate WipeOut, the possibilities for customization are endless.”

Drytac - 4/15/2014

Drytac Announces Custom Adhesive Coating Website

Drytac®, an international manufacturer of adhesive-coated products with locations throughout North America and Europe, has recently launched a new 
website to promote its custom adhesive coating services. provides detailed information on the adhesive coating, converting, slitting, and sheeting capabilities offered by Drytac as well as 
typical applications for which customized solutions can be developed. Furthermore, the website outlines coating specifications for hotmelt, emulsion 
and solvent-based pressure sensitive and heat reactive adhesive systems; substrates that can be utilized for custom coating purposes; and quality 
assurance and testing processes used throughout Drytac’s facilities.

“There’s often a misconception that the volumes for custom coating a permanent or removable adhesive have to be huge,” notes Marc Oosterhuis, 
President of the Drytac Group. “However, Drytac can provide bespoke coating runs from 5,000 to 500,000 feet for potential customers.”  

To learn more about Drytac’s custom coating abilities and the markets it serves, please visit:

Drytac - 4/7/2014

Drytac Introduces EliteCoater Aqueous Liquid Coating System

Drytac® has introduced the EliteCoater™, a new system that applies water-based liquid coating to inkjet canvas and fine art paper up to 44 inches wide. 
An ideal solution for those who want the benefits of liquid lamination without the hassle of hand application, the EliteCoater ensures an even finish 
and enhanced colors on any graphic print.  

The EliteCoater features easy installation on any tabletop surface, a process speed up to 2 feet/minute, a drip pan to collect excess coating, and the 
ability to coat other media with the use of an optional Mayer bar. Minimal effort is required to set up and operate the system – users simply feed cut 
sheets through the coating head that evenly distributes coating across the prints. 

“The EliteCoater is an excellent alternative to handheld rollers or sprayers. Sprayers atomize liquid coatings, causing overspray and reducing the likelihood 
of consistent, even application in addition to creating health concerns associated with inhaling the coating,” notes Nate Goodman, Drytac Product 
Manager. “With the EliteCoater, these problems are eliminated. There is very little waste, clean-up is significantly reduced, and prints look amazing when 
they come out of the machine.”

Drytac recommends EnduraCoat™ Color Capture™ and Intego aqueous liquid coatings for use with the EliteCoater. Both provide added durability and can 
protect prints from cracking, fading and abrasion.

Drytac - 12/2/2013

Drytac to Become National Distributor in U.S. and Canada for Lintec Wincos Printable Window Films

Drytac has signed on as a North American distributor for Lintec of America, Inc. and will promote and distribute the WINCOS (Window Cosmetics 
Graphics) brand of optically clear, printable window films throughout the United States and Canada.

The Lintec WINCOS line consists of UV, solvent and latex printable versions and focuses primarily on high end, long-term, permanent and 
removable architectural and decorative window film applications. Professional installations typically include shopping malls, airports, museums, 
glass office partitions, and the like. Lintec’s range complements Drytac’s existing window graphic solutions, which have been promoted for 
self-install (retailer), short-term promotional and decorative window film applications.

“Lintec’s optically clear materials are compatible with today’s new print technologies and are ideal for vibrant, decorative window graphics,” states 
Marc Oosterhuis, President of the Drytac Group. “By joining forces with Lintec, we will not only be able to offer our customers a broader range of window 
film products, but we’ll also be able to position ourselves as the ‘go to’ source for printable window graphic solutions in North America.”

Drytac will stock the Lintec range in Chicago, Il.; Dallas, Tx.; Los Angeles, Ca.; Richmond, Va.; and Toronto, Canada.

Drytac - 7/1/2013

Advanced Finishing Technologies Purchases Drytac UV Liquid Coaters & Coatings

Effective July 1, 2013, our UV liquid coating division will be sold to Advanced Finishing Technologies, a member of the Digital2You USA network. 
They will acquire our UV liquid coatings and VersaCoater™ UV liquid coaters. In addition, Advanced Finishing Technologies will provide ongoing 
support to our UV liquid customers.
The sale is a result of a recent corporate review during which Drytac decided to shift its focus to an expanded line of standard and custom 
adhesive-coated products. 
However, we will retain our aqueous (water-based) liquid coating division and continue to serve the graphics finishing market with aqueous liquid 
coaters and coatings.

Drytac - 4/10/2012

New InstaCure Liquid Coating Provides Fire Retardant and Bacteria and Mold Prevention

Drytac has introduced a new liquid coating to its UV curable liquid coating products that has been independently tested to provide flame suppression 
and mold and bacteria prevention benefits.

 Samples coated with InstaCure Guardian passed rigorous ASTM and DIN laboratory tests measuring its ability to inhibit the growth of bacteria and mold, 
and prevent flame spread. Potential applications include graphics in public spaces like restaurants, hospitals, malls, airports, schools and hotels on a 
variety of materials like digital wall coverings, menus and table top graphics.

 While InstaCure Guardian utilizes raw materials registered with the EPA and FDA, it is not an EPA or FDA registered product. Drytac recommends 
that customers complete their own independent tests before using the product.

 Available in both a flat matte and a satin finish, InstaCure Guardian is specifically designed for use through the Drytac VersaCoater™ XL UV Coater.

Drytac - 12/7/2011

Drytac Introduces a Tool-Free Interchangeable Graphic Display

Drytac introduces the EZex™, an internchangeable graphic banner display at the price point of an L-frame banner stand.

Users only need to attach and re-attach an EZex™ graphic cartridge to the stand’s base foot to change out the graphic. Once the cartridge is clicked 
into the base, the graphic can then be pulled up and hooked into the supporting pole. This means users can have multiple cartridges ready to use 
with one stand. 

Available in 33-1/2 inch, 39-1/2 inch and 47-1/4 inch widths, the EZex™ works well with banner fabrics like Drytac® PhotoFab HD.

Drytac - 12/2/2009

Drytac's VersaCoater XL80 UV Coater Now Requires 25% Less Energy

Drytac has engineered a new customizable power connection option for its VersaCoater XL80 UV Coater, 
allowing users to operate the machine using 25% less energy.

According to Jim Tatum, vice president of Drytac’s liquid coating division, the feature has received much interest. 
"We’ve made several other upgrades to the VersaCoater UV Coater line recently, but the reduced power 
consumption has received the most attention." Tatum added, "When economic times are difficult, everyone is 
trying to get a competitive edge and reducing cost while increasing speed is one reason why people will still make 
this type of investment".

With the new power option shop owners will be able to reduce electrical costs while still producing the same 
quality coated projects.

Drytac - 11/3/2009

Drytac Introduces Recyclable Blockout Banner Material

Drytac has added a recyclable blockout banner material, for UV flatbed printers to its line of print media.

Made of low-density polyethylene (LDPE), EarthSmart Eclipse can be recycled in commercial plastics recycling 
programs to become raw material for products like trash bags and landscape fabric. It is also certified by ASTM 
International (ASTM) to biodegrade in most landfills.

EarthSmart Eclipse is a bright white 15 mil, curl-free banner material. It is available in 54-inch, 63-inch and 72-inch 
wide rolls.

Using the EarthSmart™ Eclipse banner material with Drytac’s Panda Stand™ can provides a complete eco friendly 
display solution for the end user.

Drytac - 8/7/2009

Drytac Introduces a New Flexible UV-curable Liquid Coating

Drytac®, a leader in liquid coating technology introduces a new UV curable clear coat for use on applications 
requiring maximum flexibility. 

InstaCure SuperFlex is a high gloss coating that is flexible enough to form around rivets and stretch into 
compound and complex curves, it is also thermo-formable. 

Tests show that InstaCure SuperFlex has the ability to stretch up to six times its original size, allowing 
manufacturers of fleet and vehicle graphics to benefit from the low cost and high speed applications made 
possible with high UV curable liquid coaters. 

INSTACure SuperFlex contains a proprietary blend of acrylate and non yellowing urethane UV curable polymers 
to give coated prints flexibility.   The coating develops a tough exterior finish that is scratch and abrasion 
resistant and able to withstand the rigors of commercial truck washes using standard commercial cleaners. 

Says Jim Tatum, Drytac’s liquid finishing division manager, "with coating costs as low as 6 cents per square foot 
and speeds of up to 60 linear feet per minute with our new roll to roll attachment, customers can now not only 
compete, but for the first time in a long time, make significant profits in this industry with this product application."

Drytac - 4/27/2009

Drytac Received Overwhelming Response to the New DES 4-Foam Edge Finishing System at ISA

Drytac added the first edge finishing machine specifically designed to work with a heat-sensitive foam display 
boards to its product line.

The DES-4Foam utilizes precise pressure and cutting mechanisms, along with Drytac’s proprietary Edge Secure™ 
adhesive, to apply PVC and ABS edging on boards like Gatorfoam®, Sintra® /Forex, Kappaboard, X-Board, 
BioBoard, StructaBoard, XanitaBoard and Ecoboard®.

Compatible with boards ranging in thicknesses from 3/16” (5mm) to 1 ¾” (45mm), the system reduces the need 
to inventory multiple boards with different foam core types or face material colors and allows the increased use 
of environmentally friendly recycled boards.

Edging can be applied to blank boards as well boards direct-printed on flatbed printers and boards with images 
already mounted and laminated.  According to Drytac, the edge finishing tape is available in a variety of colors, 
including red, blue, black and chrome.

Drytac - 2/13/2009

Drytac Introduces New Table-top Versions

Drytac has begun making two smaller, table-top versions of it’s popular glass-top vacuum press and lowered the 
price point on all its vacuum press models.

The HGP 110, which measures at 18 inches by 22 inches, and the HGP 220, which measures 26 inches by 
38 inches, both fit easily fit on a table and cost below $3000 dollars.   

In addition to releasing the new, smaller models, Drytac has also lowered the price for the popular HGP 260 
and HGP 360 models as well.  Pricing and dimensions of each model follows:  

Model:                       Dimension (mm)                 Dimension (inches)           PRICE:

HGP110                            460mm x 560mm                            (18"x22")                                        $2495

HGP220                            660mm x 965                                  (26"x38")                                        $2995

HGP260                            915mm x 1220mm                           (36"x48")                                        $3995

HGP360                            1120mm x 1730mm                         (44"x68")                                        $4995

Drytac - 1/15/2009

Drytac Introduces the VersaCoater XL with a New Roll-to-Roll Option

Drytac's VersaCoater XL 60 with new roll to roll option can perform liquid lamination at 300 square feet per 
minute at fewer than four cents a square foot.

"When laminating large UV print jobs, our customers are faced with very tight deadlines and the 60 and 80-inch 
XL’s are currently the only wide format UV coater on the market that can handle this", says Drytac President, 
Marc Oosterhuis.  "The material goes straight from the client’s printer to the liquid laminator and in no time 
they’re able to get the whole job printed, coated and delivered to the customer."

The roll to roll option was first introduced at the Specialty Graphic Imaging Association (SGIA) tradeshow 
held in October.  According to Jim Tatum, vice president of Drytac’s liquid coating division, the feature has 
received much interest. "We’ve made several other upgrades to the VersaCoater line recently, but the 
roll-to-roll feature has received the most attention." "When economic times are difficult, everyone is trying to 
get a competitive edge and reducing cost while increasing speed is one reason why people will still make this 
type of investment".

Drytac - 12/10/2008

Drytac Introduces the VersaCoater DocuMate to its Line of UV Coaters

The newest addition to Drytac’s line of UV curable liquid coaters is the VersaCoaterTM DocuMate.

With a 2 foot by 2 foot (60 square centimeters) footprint, the DocuMate is one of the smallest UV coaters on 
the market today, making it ideal for smaller print shops where space is at a premium.

Capable of coating printed documents and photos up to 12 inches (304mm) wide, the DocuMate is 
compatible with photographic, litho and digitally printed output. 

Its design features a removable supply canister and an enclosed, self cleaning paper path to help ensure 
ease of use, even for inexperienced operators.

For more details about the VersaCoater DocuMate, call Drytac at 1-800-280-6013 to contact your local 
sales representative.

Drytac - 11/24/2008

Drytac Adds Rigid Substrates to its Product Line

Drytac has added a new line of rollable rigid printing substrates specially formulated for optimum print results on 
large UV inkjet printers. 

The new Drytac UV Printable product line contains a range of polypropylenes and vinyls suitable for point-of-
purchase displays, tradeshow signage, wall graphics or any signage where a rigid substrate is required.  

Some of the products included in the line are:  PolystyGreen, a biodegradable polystyrene that is specially 
formulated for durability and high tear resistance; Gloss Rigid Vinyl, a 10 mil vinyl that is available in both clear 
and white, and Ultra-Removable Vinyl, a white vinyl coated with pressure sensitive, removable and 
repositionable adhesive. The products are available in 150-foot and widths range from 52 inches up to 60 inches.  

For a FREE sample swatch booklet please email your name and address to

Drytac - 8/25/2008

Drytac Launches New Recycling Program

In order to support practical efforts to conserve resources and minimize waste, Drytac Corporation has 
announced a recycling credit for used vacuum presses. The latest component in the company’s Green 
Umbrella initiative, the $1,000 credit is available with the purchase of a new HGP360 HotPress Glass Top 
Vacuum Press. The recycling credit is part of a larger offer that includes a significantly lower base price of 
$4,995.00 for the HGP360, Drytac’s most popular Hot Press model. In addition, the offer includes a free JM26 
cold roller pressure sensitive laminator, which lists for $995.00.

According to Drytac founder Richard Kelley, the recycling program combines responsible environmental business 
practices with an opportunity to upgrade to the latest dry mounting technology.

"We hope frame and art shops will take advantage of this opportunity to significantly upgrade their dry 
mounting and laminating capabilities," says Kelley. "The combination of the recycling credit, lowered price 
and the ability to offer a cold-mounting solution for heat-sensitive prints is hard to resist."

Drytac will accept virtually any brand of vacuum or dry mounting press for the recycling credit, including Seal, 
Printmount, Corona, Bogen, Bienfang or Drytac. To assure proper recycling, the company requires 
documentation from a qualified recycling center. The recycling credit and special offer are in effect through 
October 31, 2008.

Drytac - 4/2/2008

Introducing the Bamboo Panda Stand

Richmond, VA - Drytac proudly announces The Panda Stand - an attractive, earth-friendly alternative to 
conventional display solutions. Primarily constructed of bamboo, the Panda Stand is the world's first 
environmentally friendly retractable banner stand for the exhibit, display and graphics markets. The unit is made 
from 90% renewable resources with a low impact agro-forestry product that offers a natural choice to the
increasing "green orientation" of business. The Panda Stand is the ideal portable display medium for trade 
shows, public events, retail outlets, lobbies, gaming facilities, sports venues or any other display environment. 

Drytac’s unique bamboo Panda Stand offers the same high performance attributes as other premium retractable 
banner stands. Its precision-engineered retraction system makes it easy and quick to set up virtually anywhere - 
simply unwind the graphic stored in the bamboo base and insert the support pole. Designed to maximize visual 
impact, the Panda Stand’s eco-friendly style helps to emphasize your message while contributing to our 
"greener planet. The highly durable banner stand rewinds back into the base within seconds and is easily 
transported by one person. 

Why Bamboo?
As the fastest growing plant on Earth, bamboo is a viable replacement for wood and provides a critical 
component in the balance of oxygen and carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Bamboo comprises the base 
housing, support pole and top rail components of the new display unit.

The unit ships complete with a padded cotton carrying bag and is available in a 78.74 " (200 cm) h x 31.5 " 
(80 cm) size format. The unit weighs only 11.5 lbs / 5.2 Kg lbs.

Drytac - 3/28/2008

Drytac Corporation Acquires Advanced Finishing Solutions

Richmond, VA - Drytac Corporation is pleased to announce the acquisition of Advanced Finishing Solutions 
(AFS), an OEM provider and distributor of aqueous/UV-curable coating machines and liquid coatings. This 
strategic move will position Drytac to leverage the growing demand for liquid laminating among users of flatbed 
inkjet printers, digital print-on-demand presses and photo printers, as well as operators of gicleé and fine art studios.

Advanced Finishing Solutions offers an extensive line of aqueous and UV coating equipment, with formats 
ranging from 3.2 M (10.5 ft) down to models the size of a copy machine. The company markets its products 
under such trade names as VERSA-Coater, PhotoMate, PressMate and DocuMate UV, Cyclone UV, AFC 
Liquid Coaters, ENDURACoat and INSTACure liquid coatings.

As the world’s largest manufacturer of dry mounting tissues and Heatset® overlaminating films, Drytac is well 
positioned to further increase the visibility of the AFS brand in North America, Europe and Asia. "The liquid 
coater line enhances our position as a one stop post print finishing resource for the graphics and display 
markets," says Marc Oosterhuis, President of the Drytac Group. "It will also allow us to expand into markets 
such as screen printing and on-demand printing."

Jim Tatum, founder and former owner of AFS and graphics industry veteran, will continue to head up the liquid 
products division for Drytac. "Drytac and AFS share a similar long term vision," says Tatum. "This move allows 
us to maintain our current level of customer service as Drytac’s global infrastructure extends our geographic 
reach." According to Tatum, existing AFS customers can expect continued seamless service, plus an 
expanded product offering.

Drytac - 10/10/2007

Drytac Introduces New Magnetic Graphic Systems

Say goodbye to drilling holes and long installation times: Drytac’s new line of magnetic substrates, magnet-
receptive primers and printable magnet-compatible materials is the hot new trend in visual communications. 
They may be used together to create an innovative changeable graphics environment or as individual 
components in a wide range of display applications.

The new product line includes FerroCoat primer, which creates surfaces that receptive to magnets and 
magnetic graphics. It is used to create Interactive showrooms on any wall surface, or in applications such as 
trade show booths, conference rooms and murals.

Magnetic display surfaces can be fabricated anywhere with DisplayMag, a pressure-sensitive material with 
white magnetic surface and FerroJet media graphics, a new printable media compatible with magnetic surfaces. 
The result is a two-component display system that can be changed out whenever necessary. A number of 
different scenarios are possible with Ferro-Jet based graphics, including bulletin boards, menus, POP displays 
and changeable signs.

Along with the base components, Drytac has rolled out a number of support products, including two-sided 
magnetic tiles and magnetic tape. Complete details on the new magnetic systems are available at

Drytac - 5/15/2007

Drytac Adds Classic Durosheen Overlaminating Film to Protac Line

Richmond -- Drytac has announced Protac Durosheen, a pressure-sensitive, slightly textured PVC (Vinyl) 
overlaminating film for graphics finishing. This high-performance 3.5 mil film maintains excellent color definition 
due to its unique scratch-resistant, anti-glare surface. With a gloss level similar to that of an RC photograph, 
Protac Durosheen is recommended for laminating photos, inkjet and litho prints, or virtually any other type of 
graphic image that requires a classic finish. It is ideal for use in trade shops or other environments in which a 
wide range of flexible media and substrates are processed. Durosheen is available in 51" and 54" roll widths.
The Protac Durosheen series is based on Durotech's popular overlaminating film of the same name. Durotech 
was acquired by Drytac last year.

Drytac - 3/22/2007

Drytac Introduces New 63" Roller Laminator

As the newest addition to Drytac's JetMounter line, the JM 63 model is a heavy-duty, top heated roller laminator 
capable of the full range of mounting, laminating, decaling and other graphics finishing processes.  

This 63-in (1600mm) wide model features the following performance features:

Top heated roller up to 266°F (130°C), single-pressure set control, independent unwind brake, adjustable rewind 
speed, roller pressure readout, auto grip shafts and paper in-feed guide.  This laminator is also equipped with an 
extra take-up shaft for rewinding decals.  The JM 63 offers an enhanced 5.5 in. (140mm) roller diameter for easier 
webbing. It is capable of mounting to substrates up to 2 in. (52mm) thick. The laminator will process at speeds 
up to 20 feet / minute  (6 meters / minute).

Drytac - 12/1/2006

Drytac's New Easy-To-Use Laminator Delivers Trouble-Free Encapsulation For Pouch Potatoes

Richmond - Drytac has announced the new Pocket Gopher, a durable, steel-construction laminator that offers 
the convenience of pouch laminating in a wide range of formats. For photographers, graphic designer and other 
creative shops, the economical Pocket Gopher allows entry-level users to laminate photos, graphics and 
documents up to 12" x 18" (305mm x 457mm) with no special training or skills. The subject material is simply 
inserted into a clear laminating pouch and processed automatically through the heated rollers.

The Pocket Gopher processes laminating pouches in thicknesses up to 10 mil (250 micron) and can handle 
graphics and documents from small ID format all the way to 13" wide. The Gopher is engineered with four rollers 
to ensure even heat distribution, and also features variable temperature control, reverse mode, LED power and 
ready indicator lights. It will laminate business cards, luggage tags, letters, and menu formats. It operates at 
approximately 25" (650cm) per minute. 

Drytac offers a wide range of laminating pouches in thicknesses from 3 mil to 10 mil, and in formats from 
2-1/4" x 3-3/4" (57mm x 95mm) to 12" x 18" Pouch (305mm x 457mm).

Drytac - 11/8/2006

Drytac's New Blockout Adhesive Allows Re-use of Mounting Substrates

Richmond - Drytac has introduced a new mounting adhesive that saves money by allowing the reuse of mount 
boards without adding significant thickness to the graphic. New BlackTac pressure-sensitive adhesive was 
specifically engineered to mount new graphics over old graphics with no show through. This practice can 
create significant savings when using more expensive mounting materials such as Sintra® and Gatorfoam®.

This innovative new finishing product consists of Drytac’s solvent acrylic pressure-sensitive adhesive coated on 
both sides of a white polypropylene carrier. The adhesive on the exposed side is semi-clear, while the reverse 
side is a deep black light-blocking opaque. The opaque side blocks out the color from previously mounted images, 
while the white side provides a bright backup for newly mounted graphics. The white surface actually intensifies 
the colors of the newly mounted image.

BlackTac is available in 51" x 328’ (1300mm x100m) rolls.

Drytac - 10/16/2006

Reel E-Z Display Ceiling Graphics Suspension System Helps Retailers Keep Employees' Feet On the Ground

Richmond - Drytac is pleased to announce the rollout of Reel E-Z Display, a revolutionary system for hanging 
and changing out ceiling graphics without ladders, tools or screws.  Compatible with standard T-Bar suspended 
ceilings, Reel E-Z Display is a simple retractable hanging system that allows one employee to change signs from 
floor level. Installation is virtually foolproof because Reel E-Z Display clamps right into the ceiling grid using an 
easy-to-squeeze-open spring. According to Drytac, the process is so simple that signs are often changed out 
during normal business hours.

The Reel E-Z Display system reduces safety risks and workman’s comp claims because the need for ladders 
are eliminated. Furthermore, graphics are classified as non-permanent because no screws are used as fasteners.

Reel E-Z Display hardware hangs signs and graphics up to 2 lbs. with maximum drop distances of 15 feet*. The 
unobtrusive neutral color and design of the unit blends in with the ceiling, putting the focus on the graphics. 
Signs are self-leveling after changeout, with accurate height adjustment ensured by spaced, color-coded markings 
on the retractable cords.

Drytac - 8/28/2006

Drytac's New "Dry-Apply" Re-positional Film Makes Applying Graphics To Glass Easy

Richmond - Drytac has announced the rollout of WindowTacTM, a new re-positionable mounting adhesive 
created for window display applications. Developed as a solution to the well known challenges of installing 
graphics on windows, WindowTac allows anyone to hand apply prints to glass surfaces without wrinkles or 
bubbles…and without the need for wetting solutions.

The key to the adhesive's re-positionability is the special textured release liner, which creates micro-channels 
in the adhesive underneath. These grooves minimize the contact area between the adhesive and the window
 surface, allowing the graphic to be accurately positioned and air bubbles removed without creating a permanent 
bond. Once applied, optically clear WindowTac creates an invisible UV barrier which provides additional 
protection against fading. 

The new adhesive is available in standard 164 foot rolls (50m) in widths of 41" (1041mm) and 51" (1300mm). 
Custom cut roll sizes are also available as special orders.

Drytac - 3/1/2006

New GrandStand Retractable Is A Grand Slam

SEATTLE, WA - Drytac Corp's Display Division has introduced the GrandStand, a stylish new retractable banner 
stand offering solid display performance in a moderate price range. Designed for instant deployment anywhere,
the GrandStand stores graphics in the aluminum base of the unit; on site they unwind and attach instantly for 
quick set-up and break-down. When the event is over, the graphic retracts into the bases, protecting the image 
during transit.

Fast Graphics Changeout
GrandStand's innovative quick-change feature allows for new and replacement graphics to be loaded and 
installed in just minutes without the use of messy adhesives. Just mount the graphic onto the top and bottom 
trim strips, slide them into the support grooves and re-insert the cartridge into the base.

Good Looking and Lightweight
With its stylish black or silver anodized aluminum finish, this streamlined model offers sleek contours that don't 
distract from the message. The unit stands 86-1/4" (2200mm) and 33.5" (850 mm) or 39-3/8" (1000 mm) wide,
with a small footprint. Weighing in at only 8-13/16 lbs (3960 gm), the GrandStand is lightweight enough to carry 
anywhere. The gray nylon carrying bag is included. A 50v display light is available as an option. The 
GrandStand joins the company's existing line of retractable, non-retractable and specialty displays. Complete 
specs are available at

Drytac - 1/4/2006

Three New Hires At Drytac

Drytac Corporation has announced the addition of three new regional sales managers to the company's North 
American sales staff. The move is concurrent with a reconfiguration of sales territories, expected to improve 
customer support in a number of key regions. 

Patrick Lewis has been named the regional sales manager for the company’s West Coast region. Lewis was 
a former outside sales rep for graphics art supplier Advantage Distribution and brings more than 18 years of 
experience in the finishing and graphics industry. He will operate out of the Drytac’s Los Angeles, CA office.

Brian Rushing most recently owned his own sports photography studio, where he learned the ins and outs of 
printing and finishing technology. He will be responsible for the sales and customer support in Washington 
DC, Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, New York City, and parts of Pennsylvania.

Corey Milligan worked for his family sign supply business for eight years until it changed ownership. That 
experience provided Milligan with hands-on experience in the fundamentals of the visual communications 
business. Immediately prior to joining Drytac, Milligan was a national distributor for plastic substrates. Milligan 
will be responsible for North Carolina and Virginia.

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