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Colorific Ink - 2/19/2014

Colorific Takes Lightbar to New Levels

Capitalising on a year’s worth of success with its Lightbar technology, Colorific announces the launch of its first wide-format print-and-cut machine, 
the UV640PC. The 1.6m (64?) printer combines the benefits of solvent and UV-curable chemistries to provide a viable, cost-effective alternative to 
latex while offering the photo-realistic print quality critical to many applications at this market level.

Based on a Roland VS640i chassis, Colorific’s UV Light inks are the star turn in this new engine, which offers the vivid colours expected from solvent 
with the resistance and durability associated with UV-curable options. Crucially, outgassing is eliminated and shrinkage non-existent, meaning that 
output is immediately dry and ready for application, providing distinct time advantages for print houses and their customers alike. Concurrently, the 
production cost for a square metre of print using Colorific’s SUV formula is dramatically reduced.

Combined with the reality of same-day turnaround capability, the UV640PC incorporates Epson’s latest print-head technology, the DX7, furnishing users 
with superior resolutions reaching up to 1,440dpi in high-quality mode. Production mode allows for 21sq m/hour, making banner and billboard jobs a 
cinch – and ready to hang the minute they come off the printer.

For those producing high-margin cut applications, such as stickers, decals and vehicle markings, Colorific’s UV640PC simplifies the process 
dramatically. While solvent and eco-solvent engines are likely to produce media with a noticeable shrinkage of two to three millimetres, SUV output is 
less than one millimetre and is in line with natural post-production media shrinkage. All this for as little as £74 per week!

“Solvent, eco-solvent and latex have been a mainstay for wide-format houses producing print-and-cut applications, but none is really the perfect 
solution,” explains Shaun Holdom, business development director at Colorific. “The UV640PC addresses their conventional disadvantages and turns 
them into major positives. We’re confident that the extension of Lightbar into print-and-cut will offer phenomenal advantages, and we look forward to 
taking the UV640PC on tour this year.”

Colorific Ink - 7/23/2009

Colorific Ink Launches Bio Ink

Colorific BIO - broadly compatible biodegradable solvent ink...
Compatible with solvent printers using Epson DX4 printheads, Colorific Bio ink is over 90% biodegradable, 
contains only food/cosmetic grade solvents, is non-flammable, non-toxic, classified as non-hazardous, 
and does not require extraction of fumes for Health and Safety compliance.
A chemically balanced blend of bio-degradable food grade solvents combined with the highest quality 
pigments, offering uncompromised performance and reliability.

Excellent resistance to alcohols and cleaning fluids. BIO offers very high abrasion and scratch resistance 
and is outdoor durable without need of lamination.

Superb adhesion to a wide range of common media is standard. Colorific Bio inks give you the ability to 
print photo-realistic images onto uncoated materials for print that won’t rub off or require a protective coating.

Extensive testing is carried out on Colorific inks during both development and production phases ensuring that 
Colorific inks are up to the most demanding of print jobs.

Manufactured to ISO9001 quality standards.

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