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Colordyne Technologies LLC - 4/24/2014

Colordyne Puts Leadership into Action with Color Label Printing

Colordyne Technologies (CDT), a leader in providing digital printing end-to-end solutions, announces a major, evolutionary leap in color label printing 
solutions through its new Color-Code Me program.

The Color-Code Me solution simplifies the use of color to highlight information and data as a powerful tool in business supply chains and logistics operations. 
The ability to print high-speed, high-resolution “picture barcode labels” on cartons and boxes to accurately identify products, is more powerful still. 
CDT recognizes this growing market and is stepping forward as the leader in price-performance solutions for color and picture enhanced barcode 
carton labeling.

Color-Code Me is designed as an affordable alternative to industrial thermal barcode label printers. The Color-Code Me package includes the CDT 
1600-C Continuous Format Digital Color Printer for fanfold labels, CDT Label Designer Pro, CDT printing software, and 1-year warranty starting as low 
as $2,995.00.

For businesses looking to utilize existing print and apply systems, CDT’s new ChromaCode Labels are compatible with both Memjet™ ink, used on the 
CDT system, and industry standard thermal transfer ribbons. This enables businesses to migrate to color without replacing existing printing systems.

Customers will pre-qualify their ink and printhead needs by utilizing the Color-Code Me website, found through CDT’s homepage. Color-Code Me is only 
offered in the United States at this time.

Colordyne Technologies LLC - 9/7/2011

Colordyne Technologies Partners with Memjet

Colordyne Technologies (CDT), a leading provider of high speed printing solutions, today announced its partnership with Memjet, the global leader in 
color printing technologies that provide remarkable speeds and affordability, and the company will unveil its CDT-1600 line of high-speed Production 
Class and Bench Top printers, powered by Memjet technologies, at Graph Expo.

The CDT-1600 PC (Production Class) printer performs continuous web printing on pressure-sensitive labels, narrow web packaging, retail tags, 
professional documents, and pre-die cut labels at 32 inches per second (160 feet per minute). Its five printheads contain more than 350,000 nozzles 
that release 3.5 billion drops of ink per second. This one-of-a-kind technology from Memjet allows the CDT-1600 PC to print in four color (cyan, 
yellow, magenta, black) and optional spot color at 1600 x 1200 dpi resolution. The CDT-1600 PC is the first commercially available production-
class solution powered by Memjet.

Colordyne's Bench Top printers - the CDT-1600 C (Continuous) and the CDT 1600 S (Sheet Fed) - are capable of printing full process color at 
throughput speeds up to 12 inches per second while delivering up to 1600 x 1600 dpi resolution at affordable costs. All three printers will be 
displayed by FASTechnology Group, a Colordyne authorized partner, at Graph Expo booth 5038.

"Colordyne Technologies offers high-quality color on-demand digital printers at an affordable price. We strive to offer low cost, high-speed color printers, 
and with Memjet technologies, it is now possible," said Gary Falconbridge, president of Colordyne Technologies.

Colordyne's Production Class printing system is designed for manufacturing floors and distribution centers, allowing customers to print what they want, 
when they want it. With a compact system footprint, the CDT-1600 PC requires minimal user intervention, on-site maintenance, and no expensive 
power systems.

"Memjet's color printing technology is the first of its kind in the industry, making most pre-printed labels a thing of the past," said Sean Marske, 
president of Memjet Labels. "No one in the labels and packaging industry can match the benefits of Memjet-powered printers such as Colordyne's 
on low costs, high speeds and color on-demand capabilities."

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