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ColorGATE - 7/8/2014

ColorGATE Presents RIP Software Version 8.10

ColorGATE is glad to inform you, that the version 8.10 for the Productionserver 8, Filmgate 8, Plategate 8 and Proofgate 8 is available for download in 
our Support Area. The new version 8.10 includes besides several improvements and enhancements the latest Adobe PDF Print Engine (APPE) 3.3 as 
well as additional items for the Container+ Module and the new Support Helper function. Both the Media and Light Profiler Module (MLPFM) and the 
Trim Nesting Module (TNM) are now available as optional modules with version 8.10.
Adobe PDF Print Engine (APPE) 3.3
The version 8.10 stands especially out by utilizing the Adobe PDF Print Engine (APPE) 3.3. APPE 3.3 impresses by its improved ability to process spot 
colors. Additionally, the overall high RIP speed has been further increased and the compatibility to important file formats (e.g. progressive JPEG files) has 
been enhanced.
The drag and drop function of the Container+ module has been enhanced too. The dialog window has been newly designed in order to give a much 
faster overview of all important job information’s, so that daily work process will be simplified and fastened. For example, warnings concerning MIMs or 
selected print modes will now be clearly displayed.
Support Helper 
The new Support Helper function supports the end user in the transmission of important data to the ColorGATE Support. This function will shorten the process 
of answering and solving support matters. Inside the RIP software, the Support Helper function offers a faster and simpler way to the ColorGATE Support 
Area, to the TechBlog and also to the Web ticket system.

ColorGATE - 5/21/2014

New ColorGATE RIP Software Version 8.10 Available in June Release of Version 9 in September 2014

At FESPA DIGITAL 2014 halftime in Munich, ColorGATE announces the release of version 8.10 in June and at the same time the release of 
version 9 in September 2014. The upcoming RIP software version 9 will be equipped with new features for the application in Commercial- and 
Industrial Printing.
FESPA Newsflash: Today, ColorGATE will receive the EDP-Award in the category “Best RIP solution” for Productionserver 8, which demonstrates 
again the overall quality of ColorGATE´s software products.
The version 8.10arriving in June will include besides various improvements and enhancements the following highlights:
- Adobe PDF Print Engine 3.1
- New functions for Container+
- New modules: Media and Light Profiler Module (MLPFM) and the Trim Nesting Module (TNM)
- Enhancement of the Value Pack program
- HP-certification: HP Latex 300 series, HP-DesignJet-Z5400
- Support of new printing systems

ColorGATE - 3/27/2014

ColorGATE, n-art-m and STAEDTLER are Announcing Co-Operation in Industrial Printing

ColorGATE GmbH, n-art-m GmbH and STAEDTLER Mars GmbH & Co. KG have agreed on a joint cooperation to serve the industrial printing sector. The 
three companies are targeting machine builders and OEM´s that are looking for experienced and aligned partners for the development of specialized 
industrial printing systems. Regardless of whether they are only requiring components for a digital printing system or seeking a complete tailor-made solution. 
The main objective of the cooperation partners is to become the prime address for the target audience in the search for customized solutions “Made in 

“Our target is to jointly develop digital printing solutions for the industrial sector. The customers’ requirements are central in this matter.” states Arthur 
Noll, Managing Director of n-art-m. ColorGATE´s Managing Director Thomas Kirschner adds:” From the consultancy, to the concept design, right up to 
the installation and after sales services, all potential buyers can count on the longstanding experience of all involved cooperation partners.” Jens 
Reuter, Director Marketing Sales at STAEDTLER points out:” Tailor-made solutions, which are able to integrate right into an existing production line, 
are today’s requirements in the market, and we are able to deliver such solutions.”  
Industrial Printing designates the segment of an industrial production process, which is characterized by the application of an ink or a liquid onto any 
desired product by using inkjet technology to decorate or add a new function to it. The main advantages are obvious. Production volumes down to 
batch size “1”are possible, as well as the continuous change of décors or imprints for a product without the need to retrofit the printing systems. 
Individualized products and packaging can be produced without increasing costs. In addition, the provisioning of material and the production of 
wastage can be limited to a minimum, which again leads to cost reductions and also positively contributes to a company’s environmental record. 
Industrial Inkjet applications will become more and more important over the upcoming years. It is nontrivial for interested parties to find a “single-source” 
solution, because of the need to coordinate several disciplines and specialists required for the development of an industrial printing project. From the 
software, which is taking control of all electronical components of the print process, to the development of customized print units, which can be 
further individualized according to the respective production environment and -requirements, up to the advancement of highly specialized inks, 
which are not only excelling by their reliability and color, but also by their very good processing features: All these features and processes have to 
be mastered and rightfully coordinated. This knowledge and know how will now be accumulated by this strong cooperation.

ColorGATE - 3/11/2014

ColorGATE is Presenting New Solutions for Industrial Printing

ColorGATE will be introducing its CG SmartControl IP OS - IP OS stands for Industrial Printing Operating System – at the InPrint 2014. The term Operating 
System refers to the wide control functions of CG SmartControl IP OS, which are covering all important system functions starting with, print data 
management and the data transmission to the print head controllers, the control of the ink supply system and the maintenance functions, right through 
to the monitoring of the motion systems via interfaces to all leading PLC´s. 

The core applications of CG SmartControl IP OS are CG SmartControl Server and CG SmartControl Touch. Basically, the main task of CG SmartControl 
Server is the in time print data preparation and transmission to the inkjet print heads. Currently print heads of the following manufacturers are supported:
Fujifilm Dimatix, Konica Minolta, Kyocera, Ricoh, Seiko and Xaar, as well as the controllers of all leading firms.

Via CG SmartControl Touch individual human machine interfaces (hmi) can be realized, which are typically controlled by the print-operator via touch screen. 
CG SmartControl Touch triggers all relevant parameters for the used application within the printing system. This contains machine control for the 
system preparation with functions such as nozzle control and cleaning and management options for positioning and prioritization of print jobs. 
Furthermore, CG SmartControl Touch is monitoring all connected sub systems for example, the ink supply system, PLC´s for transport and motions 
control as well as connected drying units (UV or IR).
ColorGATE´s core product Productionserver 8 (PS 8) will be shown in the PS8 Industrial Printing Edition, at InPrint 2014. By the connection of 
premium components Productionserver is able to deliver constant color reproduction results by meeting maximal productivity demands. The latest 
Adobe PDF Print Engine 3 is the center piece of the Productionserver for the surprise-free and fast production for graphically-rich content. 
PS8 Industrial Printing Edition stands out by its excellent color management for consistent color reproduction, proof functionality and the generic Industrial 
Inkjet driver. This driver is configurable to support all industrial printing systems and applications. It outputs halftone data (1bit or multilevel) for almost all 
color models and resolutions used in common file formats (TIFF, BMP, JPEG). The included Profiler Suite (PFS) allows creating color accurate print data 
for the Productionserver from established graphic documents (PDF, PS, TIFF, JPEG etc.). The PS8 Industrial Printing Edition contains all features to 
test and trial industrial printing systems right from the beginning of their development, in terms print quality expectations. Even output quality effects of 
alternative ink set usage are retrievable at an early testing stage with PS8 Industrial Inkjet Edition. A flawed prepress workflow or inaccurate print 
data preparation within the printing system which are causing print quality limitations can be ruled out by using PS8 Industrial Printing Edition and 
moreover time and cost consuming troubleshooting processes can be significantly shortened.
Furthermore, ColorGATE is presenting new services called Custom Solutions developed for manufacturers and OEM´s of industrial inkjet systems, 
offering knowledge transfer, consulting and color-centric project attendance.
The common objective of all mentioned offerings is to flexibly fast-track the development process of industrial printing projects until they become 
market-ready and to offer support after the completion. Project decision-makers can benefit from ColorGATE´s practical experience and the wide 
contacts in the Industrial Printing sector.

ColorGATE - 12/10/2013

ColorGATE RIP Software Version 8 Now Available

Version 8 of the ColorGATE RIP software family is now available to all end users. ColorGATE is successful developing innovative software solutions for 
the following markets: Large Format Printing (LFP), Commercial Printing, Prepress, Packaging Printing and Industrial Printing.
“All innovations in version 8 have been developed in accordance with our end users. As experts of the whole digital imaging process we are closely 
observing all changes in the markets, which we seek to further shape and flank with our solutions.”, says Thomas Kirschner, Managing Director of 
ColorGATE. “The focus is the steady enhancement of our software to improve the production abilities of our end users.” 
The new versions of the Productionserver, Filmgate, Plategate and Proofgate can be characterized by their high degree of flexibility and scalability. 
Furthermore, all versions are future-proof ensured by the Value Pack software maintenance program. All RIP software products version 8 are running 
on the new Adobe PDF Print Engine 3.1. Additionally, the Container+ function, the Linearization Assistant, the Profiler Module PFM and the CutServer 
has been updated with new functions. Although, the selection of the media size is now open to user defined changes. 
Overview of the innovations in Version 8: 
All RIP software base products can be configured freely via the Output Management Sets OMS concerning the printer driver Cat.1, Cat. 2, Cat.3 
respectively Cat. S, M, L or P) and the optional Ink Saver Module. With Ink Saver, the total amount of ink can be reduced by up to 30 percent without 
a visible loss of quality, which also means a reduction of the total printing costs. Therefore, ColorGATE strongly recommends the standard equipment of 
an OMS with the Ink Saver Technology for an environmentally conscious, eco-friendly and cost effective production. Besides the Ink Saver Module 
and the printer driver, every OMS contains the Adobe PDF Print Engine (APPE).
The Adobe PDF Print Engine 3.1 is currently the fastest available rendering platform for graphically rich content. Besides the fully automated PDF 
end-to-end workflow, surprise-free print results with excellent color reproduction qualities the APPE 3.1 is distinguisha-ble by new scalability functions 
and the optimized data transfer qualities, which are keeping the printing speed at a constant high volume.
ColorGATEs Value Pack program ensures a longtime security of the end users investment. For a yearly fee the customer gains access to all updates 
and upgrades, a preferential treatment of all support requests (Web support and Remote support) as well as access to exclusive discount 
The Productionserver 8 (PS8) - the flagship of the RIP software family – is now available in the attractive PS8 Flex-Line. The following base products are 
fully expandable:
PS8 Select 
PS8 Pro 
PS8 Ultimate 
PS8 Campaign Printing

In addition to that, PS8 Manufacturer Editions and PS8 Special Editions will be available too. The Manufacturer Editions are optimized for printers of 
respective manufacturers. The PS8 Special Editions are especially designed to meet the requirements of certain application fields such as Industrial 
All PS8 versions are equipped with Media Device Synchronization MDS for excellent Color Management features. This exclusive ColorGATE technology 
allows setting back any printer to a reference state. With the fine adjusting option for ICC-profiles print results can be standardized and transferred to 
identical printing systems to prevent system or environmental deviations.
The new Proof Standard Digital Module PSDM enables contract proofing according to international color standards such as ISO standard 12647-7 as well 
as according to the reference level of FOGRA 39. The control wedge evaluation process has been adjusted to the ProcessStandard Digital 
(PSD) specifications. The PSDM adds the complete range of Proofgate functions to PS8.
Besides the new modules and product lines, the Productionserver has been further enhanced. 
With the new Container+, ColorGATE is enhancing the nesting functions by adding centering containers and margins for containers without being limited 
to a certain size. Jobs can now be arranged according to preset or user-defined criteria with the ordered nesting option.
The Linearization Assistant and Profiler Module PFM are supporting simultaneous liearization or profiling processes at the same time, for example 
continuous printing while creating ICC-profiles. Version 8 further supports the linearization of spot colors. The new presets for ink splitting curves are 
ranging from smoother print results up to the possibility to reduce the amount of ink used.
Improved control options for cut and perforation lines are now available through the added zoom function in the CutServer. It is available in the preview 
window, which has enhanced too with new illustrated cut and perforation lines. The cut directions are now displayed as vectors. The information 
overview of the file list is now more detailed.
In the job setting it’s now possible to set user-defined media sizes. This will help to save time for users working with individual sizes of media sheets 
or rolls. The new dialog saves these user defined sizes in the printer definition (COS file) automatically to be valid for the current printer queue. In addition 
the complete list can be exported and re-imported to a different printer queue/RIP installation.

ColorGATE - 11/6/2013

ColorGATE and X-Rite are Offering a Special Trade-in Promotion

The ColorGATE Trade-in Promotion is offering a brand new i1Basic Pro 2 (CG-Edition) for only 829,- Euro* (regular price 1079,- Euro*) valid until 15th 
of December 2013. Just send back an used X-Rite spectrophotometer to ColorGATE for an environmentally friendly disposal to receive a 250,- Euro* 
price incentive for your brand new i1Basic Pro 2 (CG-Edition)**.

X-Rite raised the standard for spectrophotometer once again with the i1Basic Pro 2. Owner of the i1Basic Pro appreciate for many years the leading 
measuring technology of X-Rite products. 
The Trade-in Promotion offers the opportunity to buy the newest standard for color measurement and –calibration the i1Basic Pro 2 at a very attractive rate 
to ensure and validate the respective color competence for now and in the future.
Furthermore, participants of this promotion will receive an 200,- Euro* price incentive when ordering an i1 i0 (2.Generation) measurement device** during 
this promotion**.

ColorGATE - 6/25/2013

ColorGATE RIP Software Version 8

Along with the start of FESPA 2013 in London, ColorGATE is proud to announce the update of the entire RIP software family to version 8. Version 8 
will be available in September 2013. Orders can be accepted from 1st of July 2013. Until the roll-out of version 8 in September ColorGATE will launch 
a time-limited upgrade promotion with special benefits for end users.  

The Premium Connection - ColorGATE RIP Software and Adobe PDF Print Engine
Starting with version 8, the Adobe PDF Print Engine (APPE) will become a permanent feature of all ColorGATE RIP software solutions. According to the 
motto: “The Premium Combination – ColorGATE RIP Software and Adobe PDF Print Engine”, all ColorGATE RIP Software will be equipped with the latest 
APPE version. 

Output Mangement Sets – The easiest way to scale your production
All RIP software solutions are based on a modular architecture which can be extended when needed. To create a tailor-made RIP software ColorGATE 
is providing the Output Management Sets (OMS). The RIP software is fully scalable via the application of OMS. Every OMS can contain the 
following components. A printer driver of the categorie Cat.1, Cat.2 or Cat.3 or S, M, L or P, an Adobe PDF Print Engine RIP and the optional Ink Saver 

Ink Saver Technologie – Less Ink Same Quality
ColorGATE customers are using the Ink Saver Technology successful for many years. With Ink Saver Module the total amount of ink can be reduced by 
up to 30 percent without a visible loss of quality, which also means a reduction of the total printing costs. Ink Saver is available for CMYK, light-color 
halftone printing systems as well as for multicolor systems. Therefore, ColorGATE strongly recommends the standard equipment of an OMS with the Ink 
Saver Technology for an environmentally conscious, eco-friendly and cost effective production. 

All Productionserver 8 solutions will be available as Flex-Line products.. All base products are extenable anytime.
    PS8 Select
    PS8 Pro
    PS8 Ultimate
    PS8 Campaign Printing

Additionally, the Manufacturer Editions will be continued with version 8. The famous Special Editions will be updated and enhanced to meet the individual 
needs of end users in markets such as packaging and industrial printing. 

Value Pack 1 – Loyalty V8 Promotion
ColorGATE is offering a special loyalty promotion to its existing customers, who will receive access to the Value Pack 1 at a reduced rate. The 
reissued ColorGATE Value Pack is a full-fledged software maintenance and support solution. Customers owning a Productionserver version 7 can 
upgrade with a discount of up to 70% (compared to a regular upgrade purchase). Owner of a version 6, 5 or 4 of the Productionserver will receive 
an upgrade to version 7 until the roll-out of version 8.

ColorGATE - 4/30/2013

ColorGATE's RIP Software Now Available in Version 7.20

With version 7.20 of ColorGATE’s RIP software, customers now benefit from the new optional TVI Calibration Module (TVICM) which allows tonal 
value corrections, similar to offset printing. TVICM is easy to use because of the integrated process calibration wizard. Also, the simulation of spot color 
gradients have been improved and the preview feature for cut paths has been integrated. Furthermore, the internal control wedge evaluation for large 
format printing in Proofgate 7 and Proofgate 7 Module (PGM) has been adjusted to the PSD defaults. In addition, the new release provides support for 
a large number of printers and enhancements in e.g. Adobe PDF Print Engine (APPE) and G7 Calibration Module (G7CM).

ColorGATE - 4/4/2013

ColorGATE Achieves Certification for G7 Calibration

IDEAlliance/ColorGATE is proud to announce that Productionserver 7 has successfully completed the IDEAlliance G7® systems certification and is 
now an officially certified G7 System. Productionserver 7 is a large format RIP solution that creates G7 compliant curve calibrations, providing a 
seamless implementation of G7 for print service providers.

The G7 Calibration Module (G7CM) from ColorGATE automatically integrates into the profiling assistant and can be used to calibrate all supported devices, 
either directly or indirectly, driving all digital or analog files. The G7CM is easy to use and takes the user through the calibration and evaluation process in 
just a few simple steps, while all calculations and adjustments are automatically applied without the need for manual corrections. The iterative process 
does not require extensive color management knowledge or deeper understanding of the underlying process. Together with the other ColorGATE 
calibration and profiling solutions, the G7 Calibration modules complete the range of powerful and user-friendly tools to ensure best possible color 
quality and performance.

"Congratulations go out to ColorGATE with the certification of Productionserver 7 to G7 system capabilities,” commented Joe Fazzi, Vice President of 
Media Production Technologies for IDEAlliance. “We applaud their leadership within the wide and grand format inkjet market in furthering the 
implementation of the IDEAlliance G7 methodology."

“The G7 calibration method is a widely recognized sign of quality, especially in North America where it was originally developed.” says Gerrit Andre, 
Trainer and Product Specialist at ColorGATE. “The G7 method results are smooth gradients as well as a stable and neutral gray balance - which is the 
base for highest quality ICC profiles and optimal color reproduction. Print buyers now recognize print shops using G7 as reliable partners because it 
ensures quality and predictability of the end results. The integration in our longstanding Productionserver solutions helps our customers to accomplish 
market demands with the typical ColorGATE ease of use.”

The G7 Calibration module is an option to all Productionserver 7 variants and is already included in the PS7 Fujifilm Diamond Edition.

ColorGATE - 2/8/2013

Variable Data Printing (VDP) for the LFP Market

The new VDP Creator in the portfolio, ColorGATE closes the gap in the area of Variable Data Printing (VDP). The easy to handle design software 
is the ideal tool to create professional, customized artwork master templates for the output of print jobs on digital printing systems. VDP Creator suites 
perfect for print service providers in large format printing (LFP) with medium and small print runs. It can be connected directly to ColorGATE RIP 
software solutions. Promising areas of application are e.g. in the markets of digital label printing, signs and displays as well as promotional items. 
Due to the versatile options, this software will definitely open up more areas of application in the future. 

VDP Creator Starter Kit is available from € 99, ??- * per license (at 5000 prints/credits). When 5000 credits are spent, users can order online via 
internet at any time further credits, choosing between VDP Creator 10,000 credits vouchers or VDP Creator 25,000 credits voucher. 

Fast and intuitive production of professional, individualized artwork masters
Equipped with a variety of functions, the stand-alone design software VDP Creator features an intuitive graphical user interface (GUI), enabling 
users to create professional customized print templates consisting of different static and variable elements (e.g. from a database) within minutes. 
Neither an expensive, separate graphic design software, nor in-depth graphic design knowledge is required. 

Through a variety of professional functions even complex data structures and layouts can be simply merged by drag and drop, e.g. text, images, 
graphics (also transparencies and overlays are possible), barcodes, QR codes, etc. In addition a multiple user support allows different users to 
work with one software license, while one user has the right to print. 

So far current In-RIP and stand-alone VDP solutions available in the LFP market usually possess only limited basic functions or are very expensive. 
External solutions are mostly just available as plug-in for graphic design software. Users need to acquire an extensive knowledge in handling these 
tools and especially variable content. Thus VDP Creator from ColorGATE is unique in this form and covers the entire prepress process. 

VDP Creator supports spot colors, all major databases (e.g. dBase DBF, Microsoft Access / Excel, TXT or CSV, Oracle, SQL etc.), all the relevant 
graphic input formats (e.g. TIFF, PDF, PS, EPS, EPSF, BMP, PDF, JPEG , WMF, PNG, GIF), and standard output formats, such as PostScript, 
optimized PostScript, PDF and Adobe PDF/VT-1. 

VDP Creator and ColorGATE RIP software
VDP Creator harmonizes perfectly with the different ColorGATE RIP software solutions as there are Productionserver 7, Filmgate 7, Photogate 7 
and Proofgate 7. Combining VDP Creator and ColorGATE RIP software ensures highest color accuracy and maximum color consistency and 
repeatability at any time for any individualized print product. Also, spot color handling (white print, silver print, paint, primer) and forms and finishing 
operate perfectly in this combination. Applying the virtual printer driver of ColorGATE, even printer-specific formats of a printer can be imported as 
templates into VDP Creator. 

Conclusion: With VDP Creator, based on the well-proven technology of a leading manufacturer in variable data printing, even print service providers 
in large format printing with smaller print run lengths will know the true promise of variable data printing and benefit from easy handling, fast production 
times and low production costs. In addition, an attractive pay-per-print-model also ensures low investment costs —with just 99,- €* per license for 5000 
prints VDP Creator is currently unique in this area.

ColorGATE - 1/8/2008

ColorGATE PRODUCTIONSERVER:Best HP-certified RIP solution in Z6100 compatibility test

Three stars six times over, which means the best marks in all disciplines; those are results that thirdparty supplier 
RIP solutions have never before achieved in the HP Designjet compatibility test. And it was ColorGATE 
PRODUCTIONSERVER that accomplished this amazing feat. Now the ColorGATE flagship bears the “Certified 
for HP Z6100” seal as the best offer currently available on the market. The compatibility criteria for the unique 
HP certification program covers printing performance, the use of the integrated spectro photometer, support of 
HP media for printing quality, reports on printer status, printing job registration and printing job termination.

"During the past seven years, the HP Designjet 5000/5500 was the large-format printer that was sold the most 
in combination with ColorGATE RIP products. When we found out that the next-generation HP Designjet Z6100 
would raise the bar in terms of speed, color management and printing quality, our development goals were very 
clear," said Thomas Kirschner, ColorGATE Managing Director. "It was our aim to create the most compatible 
RIP product to form an ideal symbiosis with the new HP large-format series with respect to diversity of application, 
productivity and quality in the provision of every-day services." Based on the results of the latest HP Designjet 
compatibility test for PRODUCTIONSERVER 5.x (explicitly in combination with the PROFILER Module), it looks 
like this mission has been accomplished:

Fully automatic ICC profiling in less than 20 minutes to achieve optimal color reproduction and consistency: the 
ColorGATE driver for the spectro photometer permanently integrated into the HP system makes it possible. It’s 
also ideal for perfect film production or proofing applications, when ColorGATE uses the integrated measuring 
tool for DeviceLink optimization or for automatic mediawedge evaluation. ColorGATE profiling provides just as 
much convenience in the interactive mode. The PROFILER Modules, which are able to perform profiles directly, 
with user assistance from the software, make any user even faster and more flexible than ever before.

"Everyone at ColorGATE is very happy that HP has certified these RIP capabilities and has awarded our new 
PRODUCTIONSERVER the highest possible rating," Kirschner continued. "We are firmly convinced that an HP 
Designjet Z6100 in combination with ColorGATE PRODUCTIONSERVER currently represents the most universal, 
water-based large-format printing system to cover all types of high-quality LFP orders and give you the best 
value for your money."

ColorGATE - 11/6/2007

ColorGATE revolutionizes proofing: PROOFGATE Technology plus PROOFPAPER ISOPROOF.

Professional in-house digital proofing, certified according to ISO standards, with the integrated, licensed FOGRA 
media wedge and consistent quality assurance in the long term. ColorGATE PROOFGATE Version 5.01 
Technology now delivers the turnkey system solution with even more optimized performance to satisfy the most 
exacting demands in practical application. Technologically mature, intuitive to operate and easier than ever to 
integrate into the individual workflow. And there’s more. ColorGATE also now offers the new, professional proof 
paper to pave the way to perfect results: PROOFPAPER ISOPROOF275g. 

ColorGATE PROOFGATE Technology 5.01 is rich in new functional highlights: certified digital proofing based 
on ISO standard (ISO 12647-7). The new ISO 12647-7 proofing standard is now fully supported in Generation 
5.x (e.g. FOGRA wedges updated with control wedge evaluation). The FOGRA media wedge and proof 
evaluation are included. Proofing with reference values on the basis of the current FOGRA 39 guidelines.  
Gray balance and primary color proof evaluation based on deltaH. Unique MEDIA DEVICE 
SYNCHRONIZATION (MDS) for consistently calibrated, identical printers at different locations. Because 
PROOFGATE 5.01 also delivers ready-to-use MIM combinations, which contain high-quality output profiles and 
DeviceLink profiles for all standard transformations for the inkjet printers and suitable proof media. With MDS, 
the individual printing system can be calibrated to these reference values at the click of a mouse. Even minimal 
deviations - such as surrounding air, temperature or other system changes - are corrected independently and 
repeatedly at any time. 

ColorGATE PROOFGATE Technology 5.01 is available at ColorGATE sales partners in brilliant plug ‘n’ play as 
the PROOF Module, the power add-on to the platform-independent center management of 
PRODUCTIONSERVER and the PHOTOGATE Creative Suite. Or in the stand-alone edition tried and tested a 
thousand times over: PROOFGATE small edition - for printers up to 17" format, PROOFGATE medium edition - 
for printers up to 24" format, PROOFGATE large edition for printers >24" format. The special customer loyalty 
offer for ColorGATE users: for customers who purchase of an upgrade to PROOFGATE Technology 5.01, 
ColorGATE retailers will offer all the PROFILER Modules at an attractively reduced price up until the end of 
December 2007. 

Specially developed for ColorGATE systems with proof technology (PRODUCTIONSERVER/PROOF Module, 
PROOFGATE, PHOTOGATE), PROOFPAPER ISOPROOF275g is now the ideal medium for offset and gravure 
printing proofs. FOGRA-certified, ISOPROOF275g meets all the proof-relevant criteria of ISO standard (ISO 
12647-7), saves ink, time and money: with a very low proportion of optical brighteners, its white point hits the 
FOGRA standard virtually dead-on and effectively eliminates the need for any paper simulation. PROOFPAPER 
ISOPROOF275g is available in retail outlets as sheets or rolls

ColorGATE - 5/27/2005

Flexible and cost-efficient screen film production with FILMGATE4

Hannover, May 27, 2005 - ColorGATE, the leading supplier for color management and printing software 
solutions (RIPs) introduces the innovative screen printing solution FILMGATE4 as successor to SCREEN&SIGN3. 
FILMGATE4 excels via its versatile functionalities at easing the change towards digital generation of printing 
films on inkjet printers not only for screen printers.

Spectacular quality and distinctive cost-saving potentials are assigned with the digital generation of screen 
printing films. A possible change to In-house production of films means, that the manifold expensive costs of 
external film purchase and generation costs are eliminated. At the same time, the screen printing films can be 
flexibly generated just-in-time, i. e. when and where they are really needed. Through the inexpensive In-house 
production printers can react quickly to last minute customer wishes or order changes without having to wait 
for outside providers. The market situation of the print shop is increased through its flexibility, expanded service 
spectrum and larger profit margins. In order to satisfy these requirements, ColorGATE has been developing the 
new screen printing solution FILMGATE4.

Already existing inkjet printers at the shops are being converted to production output units for screen printing 
films daylight conditions and a full chemical-free environment inclusive. The whole production process is 
streamlined and tremendous cost savings are achieved.

The complete solution for film generation consists of FILMGATE4, the software to generate film output, and the 
use of appropriate standard inkjet printers as output devices plus the applicable media like the Agfa SelectJet 
Film. The software sees that all tasks can be done within one program. The user-friendly interface of 
FILMGATE4 ensures clear and reliable operation with its simple and well-structured organization. Pre-defined 
workflow and job settings, even for users without prepress experience, make the automatic production of high-
quality screen films possible, after only a minimal familiarization phase. 

FILMGATE4 is the ideal software for:

€ commercial screen printing
€ industrial screen printing
€ advertising equipment
€ advertisement creation and much more

FILMGATE4 supports PDF and separated PDF-files. This ensures that the high process security PDF is offering 
can be secured along the whole output process. For example, possible image setting errors, due to missing fonts, 
images or incorrect color spaces can be avoided through the use of PDF/X-1a. Thanks to the implementation 
of current technologies, FILMGATE4 also processes separated PDF files. This saves time in preparation of the 
data and ensures a reliable and simple image setting process.

An unlimited number of spot colors can be used with FILMGATE4. In the area of screen printing in particular, 
the use of special colors is commonplace. For this reason, the software recognizes and processes all spot 
colors used in the document with no limit as to their numbers – even in separated PDF files. Through the use of 
special screening algorithms, undesirable moiré can be prevented.

Much care and effort has been dedicated in order to achieve the highest quality of film output and printing 
speed. In FILMGATE4 differing screening types are available to the user:

€   ColorGATE’s own Super Rosette screening technology is an advanced amplitude-modulated screening with 
round or elliptical raster dots. It serves to output very fine screen gradients, perfectly fitting to the typical raster 
frequencies in screen printing, and therefore minimize moiré effects. This screening method is far more superior 
towards classic PostScript screening (also available) in terms of precision.

€   The new ColorGATE Hybrid screening technology ensures further moiré-minimizing output of screen printing 
films, whereby for cyan, magenta and black Super Rosette AM-screening is used, the yellow channel uses 
stochastic FM-screening.

Intelligent container functions see that, data not been separated out in advance can be separated and arranged 
in a space- and time-saving manner. If all incoming data shall be automatically separated into the 
corresponding color selections, FILMGATE4 can take on this task automatically through its automation functions. 
Without extra work, the innovative ColorGATE-functions serve for effectively placing the images on media 
whereby the use of media is reduced distinctively, resulting in cost- and time-savings. Orders can be defined in 
a way, which allows the output on multiple printers at the same time. Also, multiple job copies can be printed 
together on a machine and arranged accordingly, so that a minimum media use is ensured. Innovative functions 
for efficient production in FILMGATE4 make this task a snap and assures further saving potential.

In order to allow correct linearization by users without expert knowledge, the corresponding settings for all 
typical requirements are contained in FILMGATE4 as MIM combinations. With only a few mouse clicks, the 
user can achieve the results needed. A complete linearization wedge is output for each color selection for the 
calibration of the films. After calibration using a densitometer, the measurement values can be entered into 
FILMGATE4 to linearize the printer.

FILMGATE4 supports the following printers:

Agfa Sherpa-Drucker 24M, 44M
EPSON Stylus Photo 2100/2200; EPSON Stylus Pro 3000/4000/4800/7600/7800/9600/9800/10600
HP Designjet 5500
Roland FJ 500/600
Mimaki JV2-JV4
Mutoh RJ

"With a density of up to 4.9 and screen rulings up to 120 lines per inch, the films satisfy all the requirements for 
modern screen printing operation and can also be used in many offset applications", explains John Ingraham, 
Business Development Manager from ColorGATE.

If not only screen printing films but large format images are supposed to be output as well, then the flagship of 
ColorGATE, PRODUCTIONSERVER4 SELECT/Pro with FILMGATE4-Module is the right solution. The 
renown and well-proven workflow software for the output of large format images on inkjet printers can be obtained 
with the FILMGATE4-Module. Large format shops in particular, can broaden their range of products on offer 
with screen printing film generation. On the other hand, screen printers can print small runs in color up to 
legally binding proofs by using ColorGATE’s flagship.

"Our philosophy, Pleasure for Production, results in offering our customers intuitive user interfaces, highly 
developed technical functionalities and full automation within one single program, thereby offering them the 
possibility of boosting their efficiency and effectiveness manifold. FILMGATE4 is the upcoming standard 
solution with innumerable benefits. Pleasure for Production enhancing the pleasure to work with our solutions 
instead of encumbrance work is very important to us in our daily work", Catherine Kirschner, MarCom Manager 
from ColorGATE explains. "Double or multiple use of existing hardware resources is one of our guiding ideas.
In addition it shall be done out of one single software application. This claim, we have defined, is being realized 
for our customers by us. FILMGATE4 and PRODUCTIONSERVER4 SELECT/Pro with FILMGATE4 offer 
screen printers the possibility to cost-efficiently generate their own screen films. In addition digital or large format 
print studios can enlarge their product portfolio without the need to purchase additional software. This not 
only serves for competitive and high quality production but as well for fast amortization of the deployed 

At Fespa, ColorGATE will be showing the solution FILMGATE4 together with the Agfa Sherpa inkjet printer 
and the brand new EPSON Stylus Pro 4800. The print media at the ColorGATE booth 349 in hall B2 will be the 
Agfa SelectJet Film on which the excellent results, whose quality is looking for one’s peers, are being output.

FILMGATE4 as well as PRODUCTIONSERVER4 SELECT/PRO with FILMGATE4-Module will be available by 
the end of June 2005 via the authorized ColorGATE distribution partners. The smallest solution of FILMGATE4 
is available from 1,199 euros (up to 1,699 euros). PRODUCTIONSERVER4 SELECT with FILMGATE4 will 
cost 1,999 euros, PRODUCTIONSERVER4 PRO with FILMGATE4 3,999 euros.

Existing users can upgrade to FILMGATE4 and PRODUCTIONSERVER4 SELECT/PRO with FILMGATE4 
on special offers. Upgrades are available from 499 euros onwards.

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