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Catalina Graphic Films - 10/7/2013

Catalina Graphic Films Announces Opti-Cling

Catalina Graphic Films announces Opti-Cling — an 8.0 mil clear static cling vinyl on a clear film liner — for exceptional clarity.

It requires no adhesive, applies quickly to most smooth polished surfaces and is easily removed.

With its remarkable clarity, Opti-Cling is ideal for window displays, point of purchase decals, seasonal decals, oil change labels and price stickers.

It is compatible with most types of printing methods including offset, screen, eco-solvent, solvent, latex and UV-curable printing. And, Opti-Cling has a 
2-year indoor durability.

“In response to our customers’ numerous requests for a static cling product that produces extremely clear printed pieces,” states Alan Dworman, 
President, “we’re proud to offer Opti-Cling as the result of Catalina’s talented in-house chemists to customize product variations to suit a particular 

Opti-Cling is available in either 54” or 60” widths, up to 250 yard rolls, or can be sheeted with maximum sheet lengths up to 120”.

Catalina Graphic Films - 8/26/2013

Catalina Graphic Films Announces Wall-Tex

Catalina Graphic Films announces Wall-Tex — a 7.0 mil white woven polyester fabric designed for use in high quality interior wall graphic applications.

Wall-Tex comes with a removable microsphere adhesive on 90# layflat release liner. Physical characteristics include added durability, flexibility, low 
shrinkage and edge curl.

With a high opacity and matte finish, Wall-Tex is ideal for many interior wall surfaces such as painted walls, wall papers and wood paneling. 

It is compatible with most types of printing methods including offset, screen, eco-solvent, solvent, latex and UV-curable printing. 

“The addition of Wall-Tex strengthens our core offering to Catalina’s Wall Graphics line and Mojave Digital Media brand,” states Jeff Dworman, Chief 
Executive Officer, “In terms of providing distinct choices and textures for wall graphic applications, we have a quality product for the increasing needs of 
our customers.”

Wall-Tex is available in either 54” or 60” widths, up to 250 yard rolls, or can be sheeted with maximum sheet lengths up to 120”.

Catalina Graphic Films - 5/29/2013

Catalina Graphic Films Announces Catapaque

Catalina Graphic Films announces Catapaque as the latest addition to the Company’s extensive line of Window Graphic Films.

An 8.0 mil blockout printable two sided polypropylene film for two way advertising, Catapaque Push/Pull System has an indoor durability of up to one 
year with semigloss and excellent opacity characteristics.

With curl resistant, lay-flat properties and superior dimensional stability for precise color registration, this latest addition is ideal for UV printing, screen, 
offset and Flexography printing.

It is engineered to feed quickly and reliably through sheeters and printing presses. And, it can be sewn and grommeted making it exceptional for use 
in the construction of banners and pennant strings.

The mounting film recommended with Catapaque is a .001 polyester film with a permanent adhesive one side, and a low-tack removable on the 
other side.

“From a business standpoint, Catapaque is advantageous for our customers because its economically priced to accommodate many budget constraints, 
while at the same time, reflects our commitment to Catalina’s Sustainability Statement by being a recyclable material,” commented Jeff Dworman, Chief 
Executive Officer.

Catapaque is available in 56” width with standard roll lengths of 100 & 250 yds within Catalina’s core pressure-sensitive Window Graphic films. As for the 
Mojave Digital Media family, Catapaque is sold in 54” widths with 25 ft., 50 ft. and 100 ft. roll choices.

It is not for use with Eco-Solvent, Solvent or Latex inkjet printers.

Catalina Graphic Films - 3/27/2009

Catalina Graphic Films Announces Release of New and Improved Version of Mojave Vehicle Wrap

Catalina Graphic Films announces the release of Mojave Vehicle Wrap SPMVW2, a new and improved version 
of the Company’s vehicle wrap solution. Mojave Vehicle Wrap - a 2.0 mil. White Luster Cast Vinyl with a gray 
permanent adhesive on a 90# Stayflat liner - has an outdoor durability of up to seven (7) years unprinted. 

Enhanced for use with solvent inkjet, as well as conventional and UV-curable screen inks, Mojave Vehicle 
Wrap utilizes accelerated graphic films technology for optimized color saturation and greater fade-resistance. 

Additionally, the liner is a unique textured liner that produces channels on the adhesive that help air release 
during application. Ideally suited for large fleet and vehicle graphics, including application to irregular surface 
and marine applications, Mojave Vehicle wrap is removable with up to two years with heat. 

It is available in 30", 54", and 60" widths with 25 or 50-yard lengths.

Tom Reid, Executive Vice President states, "The advance adhesive and release technology makes Catalina’s 
Mojave Vehicle Wrap the superior solution and results in greater overall performance when applying vehicle 

Mojave Vehicle Wrap is part of the Mojave Digital Media family of solvent print media which include Wall 
Graphics, Walk-On Graphics, window graphics, backlit media, magnetics, reflectives, translucents, banner 
media and other conventional vinyls for P.O.P. displays, exhibits & decals, as well as recommended overlaminates. 

Mojave Vehicle Wrap comes with a Matching Materials System Warranty when used in conjunction with 
recommended cast overlaminates.

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