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Carestream Tollcoating - 5/13/2014

Carestream Tollcoating Introduces New Hardcoat Services for the Electronics and Graphics Industries

Carestream Tollcoating, a premier provider of roll-to-roll precision toll coating services, announced contract-manufacturing services to hardcoat 
polyethylene terephthalate (PET) and other substrates used in electronics and graphics applications. Carestream Tollcoating’s innovative PET 
film features a proprietary hardcoat formulation usable on a variety of substrates, which delivers the reduced iridescence required for optical products. 

Product attributes of Carestream Tollcoating’s hardcoated PET film include: 

·       Abrasion resistance  
·       Scratch resistance featuring typical 3H pencil hardness  
·       Optical clarity with less than 0.3% haze typical and neutral color  
·       Chemical resistance
·       Wide range of constructions and alternate substrates, including polycarbonate (PC), polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA), polyethylene naphthalate 
(PEN) and cyclo olefin polymer (COP)
·       Manufactured in a cleanroom environment

Potential applications for Carestream Tollcoating’s hardcoated projects include:

·       Protective films used for touch screens and flat panels
·       Abrasion resistance for membrane switch, graphics and white boards
·       Additional value-added layers and performance, including UV protection, anti-microbial and photovoltaic uses

 “Carestream Tollcoating has significant experience working with performance-critical applications that require the use of a hardcoated PET film layer,” said 
Rick Daniels, General Manager of Carestream Tollcoating. “We applied the knowledge gained from these industries to develop a service for hardcoated 
PET films and other substrates that can dramatically improve the performance and economics of coatings produced for customers in the electronics 
and graphics markets.

Carestream Tollcoating - 6/19/2013

Carestream Tollcoating Expands Manufacturing and Prototyping Capabilities

Carestream Tollcoating, a premier provider of precision toll coating services specializing in aqueous and solvent coatings on flexible substrates, has extended 
its fleet of pilot coaters in three research and production locations. Additional product and process engineers were hired to support the increase in 

Leveraging 100 years of coating leadership, Carestream Tollcoating saw the need to increase its pilot resources to enable quicker results for customers. 
The new capabilities and resources will help deliver faster prototyping and scale-up at minimal cost, and reduce time-to-market for customers coating 
advanced material solutions onto flexible substrates.

The new pilot coaters feature several improvements including proprietary coating techniques, enhanced drying methods and streamlined solution 
delivery systems. The ability to simultaneously use multiple coating techniques at different locations allows us to enhance collaboration, and quickly 
execute prototyping and scale-up projects, and also troubleshoot any issues that may arise. The pilot coaters were modeled after the larger coaters, 
assuring transfer to full-scale manufacturability.

A number of new product and process engineers have also been hired to join Carestream Tollcoating’s technical team in its Oregon solvent coating facility. 
The new hires bring manufacturing expertise in the automotive, battery, electronics and several other sectors. The company’s team of experts has 
experience in some of the most advanced coating companies in the world.

“Carestream Tollcoating is committed to investing in strategic resources that will help our advanced technology customers bring their concepts to 
full-scale manufacturability,” said Rick Daniels, General Manager. “Our pilot coating equipment and expanded team augment our proven ability to help 
customers scale products up through production in a smooth, quick and cost-effective manner.”

Carestream Tollcoating - 1/17/2013

Carestream Tollcoating’s 2012 Expansion Offers Customers Market-Leading Capabilities

Carestream Tollcoating, a premier provider of toll coating services specializing in aqueous and solvent coatings on flexible substrates, expanded its 
technical capabilities and expertise in 2012 to better meet the needs of its advanced technology customers. 

In 2012, Carestream Tollcoating:

·       Delivered new membrane products to customers;

·       Introduced completely integrated toll coating services for inkjet products;

·       Announced new, improved polyester (PET) films to meet the demanding requirements of high-tech markets such as electronic displays;

·       Formed a new Core Laboratory, a starting point for testing and analysis of customer materials as well as engineering and modeling of product 
formulations prior to moving to pilot or manufacturing scale coating trials;

·       Expanded laboratory testing and pilot scale capabilities;

·       Grew its product and process development workforce with new engineering hires in both (Medford, Oregon and Windsor, Colorado) locations; and

·       Entered into an agreement for the global manufacture and distribution of UniPixel’s Diamond Guard™ protective cover films.

“Carestream Tollcoating continues to increase investing in key strategic resources through additions of highly experienced, technical personnel and new, 
cutting-edge equipment. This continues to sharpen and expand our offerings in 2013 and beyond,” said Rick Daniels, General Manager of 
Carestream Tollcoating. “We are committed to offering our customers advanced capabilities and the sustainable growth these investments facilitate.”

Carestream Tollcoating - 8/14/2012

Carestream Tollcoating Introduces Full-Service Inkjet Coating

Carestream Tollcoating introduced completely integrated, toll coating services for your inkjet products, enabling inkjet customers to optimize coating 
cost efficiency, quality control and time-to-market. Capabilities include solution making and production coating, drying, quality testing, slitting, 
sheeting, packaging and distribution of finished products to deliver one-stop shopping for formulation, coating and commercialization of premium inkjet 
paper and film media.

To control costs of inkjet coating, Carestream Tollcoating has installed capacity to produce coating solutions (including polyvinyl alcohol-based materials) 
on site. The company also has established relationships with rawmaterial and substrate suppliers to keep costs down and assure quality. 

As a specialist in high-precision roll-to-roll coating, Carestream Tollcoating can provide its toll coating service for inkjet media on any scale, at high speeds 
and at a competitive cost. The company’s coating and drying capabilities enable the coating of a wide range of paper substrates, from thin calendared 
and clay-coated bases to heavy, resin-coated photo papers.

The Colorado facility boasts several features for production of premium inkjet papers, including machines that can put down heavy and/or multiple layers 
with its ultra-high-precision curtain coater, and a four thousand-foot dryer that can dry very thick coatings efficiently. Multi-zone temperature and humidity 
control also prevents drying defects, such as mud cracking, associated withcertain formulations and heavy coating weights. “As a mud surface dries in 
the sun, the surface shrinks while the layer beneath remains moist, causing cracks to form. The exact same thing can happen on a smaller scale with 
heavily coated inkjet papers. If the drying rate and conditions are not properly controlled, if it dries too fast, ‘mud cracking’ can occur, and it will show 
up in a printed image as a mottled or cracked appearance,” explained Todd Arndorfer, Carestream Tollcoating’s Account Manager, Manufacturing 
Business Development. Multi-zone controls for temperature and humidity along the drying cycle ensure defect-free final product. This drying 
capability can also be leveraged to create products with lower binder–to-solids ratios, reducing product cost.

“Carestream Tollcoating provides comprehensive toll coating services for inkjet products. A customer needing coated inkjet product can come to us 
with a finished formula or a concept in process. Our engineers will work with them to bring about a successful, high quality product at a scale that 
allows for profitable commercialization by the customer,“ said Rick Daniels, Carestream Advanced Materials’ and Carestream Tollcoating General Manager. 
“The combination of our product development, testing, and commercialization expertise, with technology and equipment that’s designed to run at high 
speeds with optimal quality control, makes it possible for us to do this on any scale, at minimal cost and time-to-market.”

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