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Caldera - 10/28/2014

Caldera Announces New Version, V10

The tenth edition of Caldera's feature packed printer control software will liberate today's print houses through productivity, connectivity and modernity, 
the French developer reveals today. Leading on the freedom to develop and create dynamic new applications, V10 of the popular suite doubles 
previous average RIP speeds to provide printers of all sizes and types with the independence to print what they wish without having to sacrifice 
speed or complexity.

V10 unleashes the power of smart algorithmic processing, APPE 3.3 and new remote management capabilities within a svelte yet fully-featured new 
interface. Designed for ergonomy and efficiency, it allows users to streamline their screen to focus only on live tasks, while icons and markers have 
been standardized throughout in a modern style. Caldera's use of HTML5 provides cross-platform, cross-OS support for remote management via new 
module VisualRemote which recognise the nature of today's print room by providing different levels of off-site access to operators.

"In the latest version of Caldera, we have considered at length the way companies deploy their RIP, both now and also over the course of the 
product's lifetime," explains Caldera's Chief Technical Officer, Frédéric Soulier. "V10 marries new usability concepts with major advances in raw 
speed, making it, we believe, the RIP of choice for this exciting era of applications development within and outside the graphic arts."

Caldera's vision of interoperability recognizes that the RIP must work in tandem with the other software business owners have researched and 
selected to facilitate their operations. Its new version frames task automation and data connectivity in single-click pathways from within the Ul: for 
example, QuickPrint allows a user to push a job to print using a preset configuration. V10 can also be used in conjunction with Caldera's JDF toolkit, 
Nexio, to create connections with MIS, accounting and logistics software, enabling simplicity through advanced data management and the 
foundations of a unified workflow. Users may add QR Codes alongside the print, with an automated cut path where required, to facilitate this 

The inclusion of APPE 3.3 marries this upgrade with the benefits of 64bit data handling. Users can now RIP massive files which, previously, were limited 
by a lack of onboard memory, leveraging their processor's full active memory to provide additional efficiencies across the full job queue. Files with 
transparency and overprinting benefit particularly by processing consistently three times faster than previously in live production environments, although 
this increases to a blistering 50 times for some files. 

In line with customer polling, other features have been recontextualised within Caldera to support operator logic and ease of use. Production overview 
tool PrintBoard – formerly an application of Variable Display – now becomes an intrinsic element of the RIP, allowing users to see job and production 
status at a glance through a web-based application and extending its use into the realm of remote monitoring. Smaller but nevertheless nifty features 
have been reallocated within the RIP; grommets and eyelets can be added to artwork from within the Print module, while advanced wall graphics 
visualisation is accessible through a new Tiling+ module. Update notifications have been gathered in a single area and are automated, ensuring 
that critical updates reach the user rapidly, while, in a similar vein, profiles can be accessed from within a new library directly within EasyMedia.

Version 10 now integrates various successful modules within the heart of its interface. Contour Nesting and Tex&Repeat, which transfer printers' skills 
into the textile, wallpaper, ceramics, glass, wood and CAD areas, are now embedded within the RIP, while PrintBoard has been converted into a one-
look browser-based snapshot of operational status, extending it beyond digital signage into the realm of remote monitoring.

"Finally, ink-jet technology is starting to realise its full potential," explains Joseph Mergui, Chief Executive Officer, Caldera. "We can now print to more 
surfaces, in more situations, than ever before. The most exciting areas of print are those yet to be brought to life, but the technology required to 
create them starts here. For our users, that is with V10 of Caldera."

Caldera - 10/17/2014

Mutoh and Caldera Announce Smart Mac Package for North America

SGIA Las Vegas will be the commercial launch of a new Mutoh printer + printing software package which will include a Caldera Mutoh Special Edition 
RIP solution. This new package for the American and Canadian market is aimed at offering a turnkey solution for sign and graphics houses that want to 
use Apple devices to control their print engines. Mac Users who purchase a new Mutoh ValueJet printer can choose between a RIP only or a RIP + 
pre-installed MacMinis configuration. 

Built for speed, reliability and flexibility, the Caldera RIP represents the cutting edge of wide format production software. Incorporating key features such 
as automatic nesting (both true shape and regular), advanced tiling, ICC color support and task automation, Caldera is a powerful tool for print operators 
looking to achieve consistent color output and save ink and media on all their prints.

Mutoh Special Edition RIP solution is based on Caldera’s VisualRIP+, an industry award winning solution for Print-and-Cut Workflow. It includes one print 
driver, one roll-cutter driver, APPE, CostProof and EasyMedia.

“Mutoh America is excited to partner with Caldera to offer a Macintosh RIP solution for our ValueJet line of printers”, says Brian Phipps vice president and 
general manager of Mutoh America, Inc. “The full featured RIP will allow all Mac based users to simply and effectively drive the Mutoh printers and will 
expand our reach to the market place for complete RIP coverage on all platforms”.

“We see more and more Mac platform users looking for a productive turnkey printing solution for the graphic arts” says Ben Amor, sales and operations 
manager for Caldera in North America. “This outstanding printing software package offers an alternative to PC solutions”.

Caldera - 10/7/2014

Caldera Addresses Demand in North America with New Regional Headquarters

Caldera’s North American customer base will now benefit from its new regional headquarters in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Selected for its excellent 
geographic reach in what is proving to be a burgeoning territory for the print software developer, the offices will become the focal point of its 
operations in the continent and provide support and training to a growing number of clients, as well as certification and sales education for resellers.

The modern, accessible space, measuring some 4,300sq ft (400sq m), includes a demonstration suite packed with Caldera’s popular RIP, workflow and 
digital signage solutions, and a training center focusing on their application. As the headquarters for Caldera Inc., the manufacturer’s dedicated regional 
division, it will also serve as a base for resellers, providing access to a new certification program that will ensure all printers are able to take full advantage 
of the extensive features and benefits of the software suite.

“Caldera has been active in the US market for more than five years now and, while some of our sales and support staff are still based locally across the 
country, we needed a central hub from which to base our operations,” says Ben Amor, Sales and Operations Manager for North America at Caldera. “Not 
only will this improve our support and helpline services, it will also allow us to deepen our presence in the market and offer a much broader service to our 
reseller network and end users.”

Two appointments have been made to complement this structure, adding another reference point for user support. Working with the existing team, they 
will extend the company’s training and certification. “We consider the training center to be a vital part of our US facility,” explains Amor. “Our experience 
n meeting the extensive demand for Caldera here is that education is paramount to supporting our customers’ business models, and that, via resellers, we 
can open our customers’ eyes to the incredible value our software can bring to their business.”

“The US certification program that we are developing will allow us to ensure that our resellers don’t just sell, but also support the client,” he explains. “We 
want to make it clear to the end user that they can expect a certain level of support, while also strengthening the relationship between the reseller and 
the client.”

The facility’s full unveiling is anticipated for Q4 this year, although visits to the demonstration suite are available to book immediately.

Caldera - 9/25/2014

Caldera and Highcon Enable Packaging in a Flash

Printers and converters looking to move into the exciting area of short- to medium-run packaging will soon be able to set up a complete start-to-finish 
business system in no time at all thanks to a new strategic partnership between Caldera and Highcon. By pairing Caldera's new POW! Packaging 
Online Workflow software suite with the Highcon Euclid direct-to-pack digital finishing system, graphic arts printers and converters are able to leap from 
out-of-the-box to onto-the-box, creating opportunities based on the key trends in packaging: shorter runs, streamlined production and personalization.

The Highcon Euclid digital cutting and creasing system puts finishing in line with pre-press and printing, enabling a purely digital workflow with low 
overheads, reduced waste or reprint implications and excellent efficiency. POW!, built by Caldera for Highcon, and including Color Alliance technology, 
opens new sales and business potential for its users, combining a web order portal with an automated software system and taking a job from concept 
to high-value finished package with a minimum of intervention.

The POW! front end – which the printer can rebrand, customize and deploy either as a B2C or B2B2C portal – allows a brand owner to pick a package 
design from a broad library of templates and add their own graphics, text, cutting and marking elements. They preview their package in 3D and hit order 
when satisfied, at which point it transfers to a hotfolder within the back office to be included within the print workflow. This system could be used in 
e-shop format for a variety of consumer products, from packaging to shaped folders or giftware, or to streamline customer order processes and simplify 
the sales process.

Once passed into the print workflow, the owner benefits from the gamut of Caldera's experience in color management, automation and media optimization 
and can have the confidence that a wholly accurate job will pass through their production floor. The Caldera RIP and workflow suite ensures that true 
color and raster data reach the printer in the appropriate format, and generates a DXF file for the Euclid engine which indicates the cut and crease 
paths, creating the high-margin embellishment enabled by a digital packaging set-up. 

"Digital packaging production is an inventive area that is developing rapidly and building on its market share year after year," comments Caldera's 
Joseph Mergui, Chief Executive Officer. "We see how Caldera's vision and expertise will enable printers to make full use of the exciting technologies 
that are shaping this sector, such as Highcon's, and to lead innovation in new customer models and creative opportunities."

"More businesses in the packaging world are realizing that the new frontier in digital technology is after the print process," explains Eitan Varon, 
Executive Vice-President at Highcon. "Web-to-pack is the natural extension of the abilities of this new logic, pulling together shorter run lengths, 
just-in-time ordering and personalization into a complete, creative commercial structure. By combining Euclid and POW! from Caldera, our users will be 
able to explore new avenues for their business while making their sales process significantly more efficient."

Caldera - 9/19/2014

Caldera Puts Partnership at Center of Color-Driven Tecnargilla Presence

Caldera will lead on its scalable solution for digital printing onto ceramics at Tecnargilla, Europe's premier event for the sector, taking place next week 
between September 22nd and 26th in Rimini, Italy. Its established Caldera Ceramic Special Edition encompasses the software developer's vast 
learning from leading technology partners, existing customers and extensive research and development, and represents the manifestation of its 20 
years' experience in digital print applications of all flavors.

Recognizing the diversity of applications now created by ceramics specialists world-wide, Caldera's Ceramic Special Edition enables businesses to grow 
from simple, push-button production environments to totally customizable workflows. For market entrants, attention has been provided to ensure that 
control is combined with ease of use; an out-of-the-box product with limited training necessary, it nevertheless provides all features required for 
professional results, including image scale and manipulation, resizing, pattern replication, spooler management and color enhancement. 

Ceramic Special Edition users can scale up into extensive customization formats as required. Key to this is the software's custom ink set management, 
which allows for the allocation of any ink to any print channel. This enables support for the specific process colorants used throughout ceramics 
production through up to 16 channels simultaneously – especially the brown, beige and blue tones popular within the ceramics world, as well as white, 
gloss, matt and relief effects.

Caldera's partnerships and ink-jet heritage are at the center of this product, and will be embodied in the technical expertise of its staff at the show. From 
key platform developers including Durst, Scami-Intesa, System and Teckwin, to technology specialists Xaar, Konica Minolta and Dimatix, via ink 
manufacturers Torrecid, Esmalglass-Itaca, Colorabia and Fero, Caldera ensures that it works with a combination of providers to develop its product to 
meet the diverse requirements of the market.

"Key players are driving innovation in this exciting new area of ink-jet production; Caldera is proud to enable their developments, and those of their 
customers," explains Frederic Soulier, chief technical officer, "Caldera sits at the middle of innovations in ink, print-head and printer platform evolution, 
and realizes that the ceramics world is now hungry for new levels of color control and predictability. We are looking forward to welcoming our visitors, 
customers, technology partners and press to explore these new opportunities with us at Tecnargilla, and in the future."

Caldera - 7/11/2014

Caldera Quick to the Scene for Roland VersaExpress RF-640

Following last week's release of the Roland DG VersaExpress RF-640, Caldera has released a set of drivers to support the machine. Compatible with all 
products in its suite of wide-format print control software, including GrandRIP+ and CopyRIP, the drivers ensure seamless operation, meaning that print 
houses can take full advantage of the 1.6m roll-to-roll engine's high throughput speeds and broad color gamut immediately.

The drivers available for the VersaExpress RF-640 are for both its eco-solvent and water-based ink sets, ensuring that color management and other RIP 
data is translated error-free to the machine. The print modes co-operate with Roland Intelligent Pass Control at certain print speeds, which controls 
dot placement between passes to enhance quality at high speeds, while advanced operators will be able to override certain print mode parameters. 
Caldera's controllers also guarantee optimized speeds for its fast-four eco-solvent configuration and excellent color control when using the extended 
six- and eight-color sets available with water-based ink models.

The RF640-ESOL driver is suitable for use with Roland Eco-Sol Max2 inks and can help users attain the full output capability of up to 48.5sq m per hour 
at single-pass 360dpi in draft mode, or 3.6sq m per hour at 1,440 x 720dpi ten-pass production. The Roland-RF640-WBASE-4C fast-four driver, which 
handles Roland FPG Aqueous inks as well as third-party products, offers speeds of up to 56.8sq m per hour for 360dpi one-pass draft and 5.4sq m per 
hour for 1,440 x 720dpi twelve-pass printing.

Caldera's drivers offer support for Mac, a crucial factor for the growing number of Roland users using Apple devices to control print engines. The RF-640 
drivers are likely to suit sign and graphics houses looking to complete high-productivity jobs that require a rapid turnaround. With a range of options for 
different ink configurations, a wide variety of applications become available, including vinyl graphics, banners, billboards and back-lit posters.

"The Roland VersaExpress RF-640 is a powerful machine that can truly benefit from an equally powerful RIP engine," comments Frédéric Soulier, 
chief technology officer, at Caldera. "With our drivers, users can be sure that they will be able to push their printer to drive not only productivity but also 
quality, while reducing machine downtime. This is sure to be a popular model amongst Roland users, both new and old, and we anticipate that Caldera's 
support for it will be similarly appealing."

Caldera - 5/26/2014

Caldera's High Velocity RIP

A new high-speed RIP and hardware solution from Caldera is receiving its worldwide launch at FESPA Digital 2014, Munich, where it can be seen in action 
on Stand B2-114. As the leading developer of productivity software for wide-format and industrial applications, the company's C4 platform incorporates 
a comprehensive set of advanced features to facilitate high performance, with a new set of algorithms designed to take full advantage of modern 
programming and hardware innovations. 

At the heart of the C4 hardware and RIP combination is the use of Caldera's unique approach to extract the maximum from the powerful resources now 
available from the board. Its engineers have leveraged a unique algorithm to take full advantage of both the GPU for extended performance and Intel's 
latest chipset technology. This combination optimises the powerful capabilities of multicore architecture employed in the latest family of Intel core processors 
and the GPU to bring flawless, fast data handling to the high-end digital ink-jet platforms.

Configured to be up to four times faster than previous iterations, the new Caldera C4's high velocity software is designed to facilitate fast and fluent processing. 
It accommodates the demands generated by the latest series of digital ink-jet print engines, including textile platforms, which require high volume throughput 
and need support from a powerful front-end and workflow.

Engines that need to have multiple PCs to RIP print jobs in order to keep up with print speeds can now benefit instead from a single front-end that 
takes advantage of multi-core computing with heavy thread programming for optimum processing power. The inclusion of vector processors 
significantly improves performance on production workloads, driven by a master Intel CPU which utilises AVX2.

Supplied complete with the necessary hardware, Caldera's C4 high velocity RIP offers full support for variable data printing using the PDF/VT standard, 
with workflow controls that guarantee consistent quality and constant precision and stability. The hardware platform incorporates multiple CPUs that 
optimise the use of full multicore 64-bit architecture, with generous RAMdisk support. The PCie 3.0 high-speed serial computer expansion bus provides 
x16 bandwidth, and there is 10GB Ethernet connectivity aggregation support.

"At the heart of our latest RIP products lies immense power at the demanding levels that are essential for the efficient operation of today's high-speed 
digital devices. This is vital in order to remove the likelihood of unwanted bottlenecks and allow users the flexibility to run their engines at maximum 
throughput rates," explains Frédéric Soulier, Chief Technology Officer at Caldera. "Today's production printers are hungry for data and need a powerful 
front-end and workflow to enable them to work to their optimum capacity. With Caldera's C4 we have catered specifically for businesses with high-end 
machines that want to increase their levels of productivity with the help of flawless processing capabilities."

Caldera - 4/2/2014

Caldera to Show Native Industrial Talent at InPrint

Caldera's software for industrial print workflows will be at the fore of InPrint 2014, the new, dedicated exhibition for which it is a founding member. With a 
marked heritage in driving a wealth of functional and decorative applications using all common digital technologies, Caldera will show how its native 
functionality is already at the heart of industrial production, integrating various processes into a single user-focused solution.

At booth C36, Caldera will demonstrate how its rich feature set can drive and optimize the custom workflows found throughout the industrial print 
world. Upgrades in version 9.2, such as contour nesting and extensive PDF and color standards conformity, will be of particular interest to those 
looking to move into or expand their work within this area – as will its unique productivity offerings for the non-print elements of a factory, such as Zünd 
Cut Centre.

Crucially, Caldera's modular architecture allows owners to expand their software's functionality as dictated by production requirements. Options such 
as CostView, which provides carbon footprint calculations and cost visualization, can be downloaded and plugged in seamlessly to provide a scalable 
solution that grows in line with the business. All modules also integrate with Caldera's Flow+ workflow suite, product specialists for which will be 
available to explain how holistic oversight and efficiency are vital for this type of output.

Many of Caldera's OEM partners – including Durst, Thieme, Xanté, Zünd and Dubuit – will be in attendance and are certain to confirm its influential role in 
the adoption of digital technologies for industrial print. Often included at the research and development stage, Caldera has focused on delivering speed, 
color reproduction and process optimization with absolute precision, making it an indispensible and versatile partner for those in the industrial space.

"It's well documented how analogue industrial print is set to grow by 20 percent over the next eight years, but we are focusing on the capabilities that 
digital can extend into this burgeoning territory," explains Sebastien Hanssens, vice-president marketing and communications, Caldera. "Caldera users 
are already employing our software to produce onto materials as varied as ceramics and glass to specialist sporting equipment and wallpapers.

"Commentators are noting that, in industrial print, no two workflows are identical," he continues. "Caldera is experienced in that: no two of our customers 
are the same, either, making us exceptionally well positioned to guide experience or novice adopters in the field. We're confident that InPrint will be a 
superb showcase for the diverse and original role that digital print – and Caldera – can play in industrial production."

Caldera - 2/26/2014

Variable Display Boxes Clever in v3.0 Update

With the appeal of its digital signage suite now extending beyond the print houses it was designed for, developer Caldera has announced a powerful 
new version upgrade. Variable Display 3.0 represents a major functionality boost for adopters, adding remote hardware monitoring, screen layout features 
and a Flash customization service to help deliver hard-hitting campaigns.

Many wide-format printers are already combining digital screens with printed point-of-sale materials and wall coverings to make convincing, integrated 
graphics content spanning print and digital. Users can now specify and place widgets on the screen, each containing live or static content to be 
run simultaneously within zones in the visual area. With Caldera's much-liked drag-and-drop interface, v3.0 owners can create sophisticated 
templates for quick-service restaurants, retail and a variety of internal communications applications with a few clicks.

Development feedback from previous versions indicated that uptime was a key concern in digital signage installations. Caldera has converted this worry 
into a major positive in v3.0, adding a remote monitoring tool that observes behaviour across all networked players. Vital hardware statistics – including 
usage and temperature for the CPU, hard drive and motherboard – are collated within a simple interface that allows users to identify, pre-empt and 
resolve problems before they occur. This ability to provide superior client support and remote system administration is expected to be popular across the 
Variable Display user base.

An online, form-based template will also make it easier for novice operators to include the visual dynamism of Flash content within their installations, 
adding to existing HTML5 capability. An algorithm allows simple animations to be created using templates and saved within Variable Display as an 
asset, removing the complications of using cumbersome external Flash creators. Animated creative is broadly acknowledged to be more eye-catching 
than static for captive audiences, and Variable Display owners can now take advantage of this to improve dwell time and reactivity. 

"Variable Display is now crucial to many installations, from exhibitions and retail to corporate communications," comments Sebastien Hanssens, 
vice-president marketing and communication, from Caldera. "Our development team continues to address the most important market shifts with each 
upgrade. While Variable Display was originally conceived as a way to help wide-format printers fight their way into new revenue streams, its 
sophistication is now making it one of the punchiest out-of-the-box options in the wider digital signage market."

Commercially available as of today, Variable Display 3.0 can be downloaded from the Caldera extranet, purchased through Caldera partners or 
updated via the software's upgrade panel.

Caldera - 1/14/2014

Caldera Enhances Print Standard Verifier Tool with IDEAlliance G7 Standard

Print Standard Verifier, the Caldera tool that ensures standards conformity across printing processes, has been augmented with the addition of support for 
G7. Published by international organization IDEAlliance, G7 integration is the latest step in Caldera's continuing mission to help digital print service 
providers achieve a certified process standard and is available for users of GrandRIP+, GrandTEX+, VisualRIP+ and VisualTEX+ immediately.

"Repeatability and cross-platform colour delivery are now critical commercial pressures for printers, and guaranteeing each across different substrates, 
gamut and chemistries is mission-critical," explains Frederic Soulier, chief technical officer, Caldera. "Whether customers are demanding conformity with 
the major ISO, Fogra or G7 standards, this addition to the Caldera EasyMedia module will keep them consistent and competitive."

G7 is a definition of the appearance of greyscale and a methodology for applying this to CMYK-based print machinery. The device-independent process 
uses a neutral print density curve to create faithful comparisons and enable shared appearance of output when cross-process colour management 
is unavailable. Caldera's implementation is anticipated to be particularly popular in the North American market, where IDEAlliance's standards are 
widely adopted, and features compatibility with G7 Greyscale, GRACoL, SWOP3 and SWOP5, which define characteristics across different types of 

Caldera simplifies the complex process of hitting these standards by handling conformity calculations within EasyMedia in the RIP suite. Operators select a 
print configuration in Print Standard Verifier and confirm the standards their output must meet, as well as the targets the colours are expected to hit. The 
Caldera engine then measures print colours against the required chart to verify if the print settings will enable meeting the color standard requirements.

"Universal standardisation has existed in offset for some time, but the variables incumbent to digital print have made it difficult to establish a global 
standard," explains Joseph Mergui, chief executive officer, Caldera. "However, print buyers expect homogeneity of colour regardless of application 
and substrate, be it signage, packaging or paper. Our continuous upgrades to the Caldera suite are driven by these pressures and keep our printers at 
the leading edge of dependable, colour-faithful production." 

The IDEAlliance G7 protocols join a number of other specific international standards within Print Standard Verifier. ISO 12647-2 for offset litho, 12647-7 
for proofing from digital data and 12647-8 for validation processes from digital data are all included, as are Fogra's Process Standard Offset and 
Process Standard Digital. RIP owners can receive the addition of G7 to the suite with purchase of a software update.

The following terms are registered trademarks of IDEAlliance®: G7, GRACoL, SWOP3 and SWOP5.

Caldera - 8/13/2013

Caldera Brings the Power of Online to Wide Format with WebShop Launch

Wide-format software specialist Caldera has announced the launch of a new web-to-print solution developed specifically to meet the needs of sign and 
display printers. WebShop will help large-format PSPs promote their products online, reduce the time spent on the sales process and increase the number 
of jobs coming in. 

"Web-to-print has been gaining momentum for commercial printers for some time now, and we realised that wide-format PSPs could benefit from this new 
sales channel too," explains Joseph Mergui, chief executive officer of Caldera. "Many potential customers turn straight to the web when they are looking 
for the best deal, and with Caldera's WebShop solution print providers will make themselves more visible and accessible than their competitors without an 
online presence. This is a development that could be a real game-changer for wide-format." 

Based on the popular Magento e-commerce solution, Caldera WebShop is a full-featured solution that allows PSPs the freedom to tailor their online store 
to their individual needs. The SaaS product can be integrated with Caldera's Flow+ and RIP solutions to provide a complete sales-to-production system. 

Highlights include the ability to create multiple shops, with different products and prices for specific customers or target markets, and various 
product categorization features with unlimited numbers of categories and sub-categories supported. 

The Simple Product listing is the basic format, and this can be expanded with several additional options. Grouped Product allows the customer to purchase 
a pre-defined selection of products with one click, while Configurable Product offers the ability to fix a price for a combination of Simple Product 
purchases. Sales of intangible services are catered for with the Virtual Product type, and PSPs can also offer a Downloadable Product. Lastly, the 
Variable Size Product, designed especially for wide-format print houses, is an option allowing the customer to choose the size of product they want, 
with a more complex pricing mechanism that can calculate a price according to factors such as the number of items or the total printed area. 

A Dashboard interface offers direct access to important information for production and sales teams, such as the average order value, the most recent 
orders, the best sales, most popular products and new customers. Orders, invoices and shipping are managed via a sales portal, and WebShop also 
includes a customer database management system, which allows customers to be grouped. 

In addition, a newsletter function helps PSPs to keep in touch with their web customers, offering templates and subscriber management. A number of 
reporting options are also available, such as sales, shopping cart, product and customer statistics. 

"Caldera is once again blazing a trail with the introduction of the industry's first dedicated web-to-print solution for wide-format PSPs," says Sebastien 
Hanssens, vice-president of marketing and communications, Caldera. "We know that our customers will find this a really valuable addition to the 
Caldera family of products, and that their customers in turn will enjoy the convenience of ordering their print at any time of the day or night."

Caldera - 6/12/2013

Caldera Set to Impress at FESPA 2013

Internationally renowned wide-format software developer Caldera is preparing to launch a raft of new and updated products at FESPA 2013, taking place 
at the ExCel exhibition center in London, UK, from June 25th to 29th. Among the highlights on Caldera's stand will be a brand new web-to-print 
solution dedicated to wide-format PSPs, specialist textile printing software and the latest versions of its award-winning RIP software, v9.20, and 
workflow system Flow+ 2.0.

"Since our last major launches, we have been gathering feedback from our customers about our products, and while we have been delighted with 
the overwhelmingly positive response, we know we can always do more," says Sebastien Hanssens, Vice-President of Marketing, Caldera. "The 
eyes of the world will be on FESPA 2013, so it is the perfect opportunity to demonstrate how listening to Caldera users drives us to keep improving 
our offering. Everything we are launching is as a direct result of finding out what our customers really need to keep their businesses a step ahead of 
the competition."

To complement its new products at FESPA, Caldera will produce a magazine, Gamut, which will include informative, original articles written by industry 
experts. With educational and inspiring articles exploring key topics of interest for wide-format houses, plus customer case studies, visitors will 
understand how products from Caldera and its partners can help them take advantage of any new direction they choose for their business.

One of the most exciting new products from Caldera is WebShop, a standalone web-to-print solution that has been developed to specifically meet the needs 
of wide-format print houses. Incorporating features such as a Variable Size Product listing, designed exclusively to sell wide-format print by number of items 
or total printed area, and able to integrate directly with the Caldera RIP and Flow+, WebShop is an ideal opportunity for PSPs to reap the benefits of 
selling online. 

VisualTEX+ has been created to help wide-format houses enter the lucrative textile printing market. Based on Caldera's established RIP 
architecture, VisualTEX+ additionally boasts special tools for tiling pattern repeats, creating multiple colorways, colorbooks and creating custom 
inksets. With demand for bespoke printed textiles for interiors and new wallpaper-type applications on the rise, VisualTEX+ allows PSPs to apply 
their existing skills to take advantage of this new market.

Following the release of v9.10 of Caldera's flagship RIP package last year, v9.20 contains even more customer-requested improvements. Among the 
new features is a True Shape Nesting tool aimed at print-and-cut workflow users, which helps save ink and media by eliminating any need to print 
beyond the cut contours and more efficient nesting according to the external outline of each individual element to be printed and cut.

A new preflight tool will be available as part of Caldera's v9.20 VisualRIP+ and GrandRIP+ products as well as WebShop and Flow+. Utilising Callas 
technology, the preflight feature is able to check each PDF against ISO standards at various stages of the workflow.

Flow+ 2.0 boasts a sleek, ergonomic new user interface that is better organized and customizable with shortcuts. The cost management feature previewed 
in v1.6 has been extended to improve production costing and with the addition of new reporting options. Other updates include a new calendar function, 
drag-and-drop job management, improved RIP interaction and the ability to create quote templates, manage jobs in several parts and add QR codes to 
quotes, orders, jobs and stock elements.

As well as these new offerings, FESPA visitors will also have the chance to see Caldera's innovative Variable Display digital signage solution in action 
[with production monitoring plug-in PrintBoard]. The Caldera team will be on hand to explain how Variable Display can easily be provided as an 
additional product by wide-format PSPs and sign-makers, as well as promoting efficiency in their own businesses using PrintBoard.

"With these new and improved products, we are putting Caldera at the forefront of wide-format digital production software," says Joseph Mergui, 
Chief Executive Officer, Caldera. "FESPA 2013 is a major event for us, especially with our recent push into more global markets such as South 
America and Asia, and we will demonstrate on this world stage that we are committed to creating market-leading solutions. Now our customers, 
both current and prospective, will know that Caldera is behind them from making the sale to the final delivery."

Caldera - 5/31/2013

Caldera Opens Up the Printed Fabric Market with VisualTEX+

Pioneering software developer Caldera will once again highlight its innovation in print technology at this year's FESPA Digital show with the launch of its 
latest product, VisualTEX+. Created as an easy-to-use entry-level solution for PSPs looking to diversify into printed fabrics, as well as an indispensable 
tool for pattern designers, VisualTEX+ is expected to be a highlight of this year's FESPA in London.

With custom-designed textiles in higher demand than ever, the potential for digital printers to capitalise on this market is huge, and with VisualTEX+ 
high-margin markets like interior décor are put within easy reach. VisualTEX+ comprises two key features to help PSPs break into the lucrative arena of 
digitally-printed fabrics: Step&Repeat, which streamlines the process of creating an accurately-repeating pattern, and a Custom Inkset tool for creating 
and managing new inksets. 

Harnessing Caldera's in-depth technical knowledge of digital printing technologies, VisualTEX+ gives designers an accessible yet powerful textile 
printing solution. Where in the past side-by-side pattern repetition on textiles has been difficult to produce cleanly, VisualTEX+'s Step&Repeat 
module automatically optimizes the pattern layout by applying a shift, pivoting or inverting to ensure precise pattern matching. 

The Colorations plug-in for Adobe Photoshop component of the new VisualTEX+ software simplifies the process of creating multiple color options from the 
same pattern. For pattern designers, this feature presents a compelling opportunity to increase revenue by offering a single design in a whole spectrum 
of color schemes, and for printers, Colorations is an ideal tool for the effortless creation of swatch books or printed fabric samples in multiple colors. 

Commenting on the ground-breaking new software, Sebastien Hanssens, Vice President of marketing and communication at Caldera, says: "VisualTEX+ 
is a real first for the wide-format printing market. Until now fabric printing has been a highly specialized area, but with many manufacturers of digital ink-jet 
printers now developing machines specifically for textile printing, it's clear that the sector is there to be taken advantage of. With VisualTEX+ and 
GrandTEX+, Caldera aims to facilitate entry into this market for everyone."

Caldera - 5/29/2013

Caldera Unveils New Global Strategy for 2013 and Beyond

Following on from a highly successful 2012, wide-format software developer Caldera is refocusing its sales strategy for 2013 to capitalize on its growth in 
Europe and explore new markets. A number of senior and international appointments have been made in order to meet demand, as well as the 
incorporation of a US branch of Caldera.

"Caldera has reached an excellent level of market penetration somewhat organically, and we're now able to turn that into a global strategy," says 
Joseph Mergui, CEO, Caldera. "Our year-on-year growth has been consistently strong and has put us in a position to take the challenge our 
international competitors with this new approach. Already 80 percent of our turnover comes from outside of France, so we are responding to that 
demand with a strengthened sales and service plan." 

Florence Pierre has recently been appointed Vice-President International Sales at Caldera, having spent more than 15 years with the company 
managing its business development in France, Scandinavia, Eastern Europe and the UK. She will now take responsibility for promoting Caldera's 
growth in regions the company has identified as strong propositions, in particular Latin America, Asia and the USA. 

"The realignment of our sales department is a critical step at this point in Caldera's growth," Pierre says. "2012 was a very big year for us in Europe, 
and we're aiming for 2013 and beyond to be as important for us throughout the rest of the world. We have many opportunities to increase our global 
presence and there has never been a better time for Caldera to expand. I am very much looking forward to this new challenge."

In addition to Pierre's appointment, Caldera also took on a dedicated Business Development Director for Latin America last year, Gaston Giudice, and 
now has two technicians in the region, located in Brazil and Mexico. These countries have shown strong demand for Caldera's products and now 
benefit from the training and support to complement them. Caldera Inc, based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, is the recently incorporated US arm of the 
company which employs a sales representative, a business development manager and three support specialists in order to better service Caldera 
customers in the USA.

Parallel to its business expansion plans, Caldera will also pursue a program of product development including print-and-cut workflow, business 
management, digital signage and web-to-print software. This broadened focus reflects the transition of print from analogue to digital processes 
and the growth of the industrial printing sector. Glass, ceramic and textile printing are becoming increasingly important markets, and Caldera will 
look to grow its presence in these areas with strategic partnerships. A new OEM Director for industrial markets, Jeremy Spencer, formerly of Xaar, 
has been appointed to lead Caldera in its expansion into the industrial printing market.

"Caldera's core competences of highly accurate image rendition for all types of wide-format print are now reaching into new areas," Mergui continues. 
"In the applications sense, that's reflected by our pioneering moves into digital signage and the extension of our process control and color management 
handling for print, while in the geographic sense it's seen in the formalization of our sales and support at the global level. For Caldera it's always been 
about marrying practical innovation with superb customer support, and we're excited to amplify that on the world stage."

Caldera - 2/26/2013

Caldera Launches PrintBoard Production Monitoring Display Package

Pioneering wide-format software developer Caldera has revealed a new software and hardware bundle that allows PSPs to harness the power of digital 
signage on their own production floors. PrintBoard, launched last year as a plug-in for Caldera Print & Cut solutions, interacts directly with a Caldera RIP 
Version 9.10 to display real time output statistics on-screen.

The standalone PrintBoard package will include the Variable Display media player with a 'light' Variable Display software licence, the PrintBoard 
plug-in for just €995. This will enable the user to monitor up to five contents per server, plus the PrintBoard session, with the option to upgrade to 
the full version of Variable Display for €495.

PrintBoard displays information such as the daily square metre production rate, the rate per printing device, the percentage of production per printer 
and per type of printer and the number of errors per day, alongside the sequence of jobs lined up for each device. This allows for an at-a-glance 
overview of the workload, and makes it easy for production managers to order jobs for optimum efficiency and productivity.

"Our customers told us that they wanted a more visible monitoring solution that would enable them to be more proactive in driving efficiency, so we 
came up with PrintBoard," explains Joseph Mergui, CEO Caldera. "It makes use of data that is already generated by the RIP and displays it in an 
intuitive format that can be shown anywhere: on the print shop floor, in the office – even in their reception area. Once again Caldera is 
demonstrating the forward-thinking approach to printing that we know our users value highly."

The web-based platform-independent PrintBoard solution can be accessed from anywhere, including mobile devices like the iPad and Android tablets. 
The Variable Display management software is easy to use, even for those with no previous experience of using digital signage systems, and the 
hardware is able to drive any kind of digital display while its compact design allows it to be installed discreetly almost anywhere. Caldera is confident 
that when PSPs experience the ease of using Variable Display with PrintBoard for themselves, they will realise the value of being able to offer 
Variable Display as an add-on product to their own customers.

"Variable Display was initially developed as a digital signage solution for wide-format PSPs to offer alongside their printed products," Serge Clauss, 
Product Sales Manager, Caldera. "That it is also offers a great way to monitor production with the PrintBoard plug-in is a bonus. We see great 
potential for PSPs to expand into digital signage with Variable Display, and we're sure that once they see how powerful the technology can be in 
their own businesses, they will want to capture a slice of the market for themselves."

The PrintBoard package is now available from Caldera partners.

Caldera - 9/20/2012

Caldera to Debut Flow+ 1.6

Leading wide-format software developer Caldera will reveal the latest version of its comprehensive workflow solution, Flow+ 1.6, at SGIA Expo in 
Las Vegas between October 18th and 20th. Flow+ 1.6 boasts major enhancements to the quoting system, customer relationship management 
and user interface, as well as a number of new tools and a faster processing engine.

The Flow+ team, which recently welcomed Serge Clauss as its new Workflow Sales Manager, has been working to improve and fine-tune Caldera's 
flagship workflow software based on customer feedback and believes the additional functionality in the latest version offers one of the most 
comprehensive solutions available to the industry in a sleek and updated interface.

"We know that simplified end-to-end sales and production processes are becoming more and more important to wide-format businesses as raw 
materials costs rise and margins are squeezed," says Serge Clauss. "For many of our customers, Flow+ is a business-critical investment. That's 
why the additions to the latest version make it work harder for them on every level."

Improvements in the quoting system include a more flexible quotation builder, designed to assist companies implementing an MIS for the first time by 
allowing the creation of quotes with a free text field. This will enable sales teams to learn and adjust to the Flow+ system more gradually, whilst also 
making for a smoother and quicker integration. In addition, the quoting wizard has been enhanced, meaning that groups of finishing processes can 
be added to a job. For example, a 'Banner Finishing' group could contain 'pocket sewing' and 'eyelet positioning', helping to prevent work being done 
without being invoiced.

The CRM module has also benefited from a number of improvements, including better filtering of customer information to help the sales team identify 
existing clients and leads to be followed up. A list of pending quotes can be called up easily and also exported in a Microsoft Excel format for sales 
team meetings. Information filtering options have been extended throughout Flow+, putting the right information in the user's hands when they 
need it.

A host of new tools have been introduced for Flow+ 1.6 to make planning resources and monitoring production even more intuitive. The daily inventory 
report can now be exported for analysis, as can overviews on production load, showing how many of which types of job have been scheduled, filtered 
by device. Similarly, a Job Life Cycle report summarises a job from start to finish and helps production managers identify potential efficiency savings. A 
further new reporting tool offers the ability to track the amount of time a job spends in pre-press, helping pre-press managers improve productivity.

Another invaluable new tool is the Installation Planning feature, which helps users schedule installations for each job in the system. Deadlines can be 
set and sub-contractors assigned for each project, and jobs can be grouped together for improved efficiency.

The entire user experience has been given an overhaul too, with a completely modified engine built for faster responses even when the system is 
overloaded, a sleek, modern new user interface and added Spanish language support. The Spanish version is the fifth language to be supported 
by Flow+ after English, German, French and Greek. The Portugese, Italian and Korean versions are pending.

"Our mission at Caldera is to make printing easier for everyone and this newest release of Flow+ is a great example of our commitment to this," says 
Sébastien Hanssens, vice-president of marketing for Caldera. "Collectively, these small improvements will make a huge difference to our customers 
using Flow+, by providing the tools and systems they need to become more efficient as simply as possible."

Caldera - 12/27/2011

New Caldera V9 Sets New Standard

Caldera has brought to market a new edition of its pioneering RIP software, Caldera V9, which harnesses the latest version of the Adobe print engine, 
APPE 2.5, to deliver additional productivity features and refinements. Enhanced colour options, improved transparency handling and faster previewing 
join with practical additions to provide Caldera's world-wide user base with the broadest functionality available in this market.

Recognising the need for increased control over the print environment, Caldera V9 brings two significant updates to its already advanced Spooler 
module. Operators can now double-click a job within Spooler to reopen it within the Print window, allowing them to verify parameters or resubmit it 
with modified settings. LiveSpooler, meanwhile, introduces a new XML exchange protocol which allows for the monitoring of offline devices within 
the print environment, thereby improving workflow management – especially for owners of Caldera's popular Flow+ package.
Users will also discover significant developments in colour control and correction in Caldera V9, specifically engineered to save time and improve 
accuracy. Amongst these is the ability to make last-minute adjustments to contrast, luminosity and colour balances within the main Print window, 
avoiding the need to jump between modules for minor alterations. The operator can also save the current Print window configuration in a named file, 
allowing for rapid switching between different workflow options. Color Books of swatches are also generated on-demand by V9, providing a multi-
page PDF file of reference colours so that operators can more easily match desired brand colours with those available within the given print 
Implementations of the Caldera RIP with the EasyMedia profiling module will also be able to take advantage of i1Prism V2, now integrated within 
Caldera V9 to provide excellent smoothness in colour rendering and more fine-tune settings, such as contrast and saturation control. EasyMedia 
users will also note a new function allowing them to report on ink density and resynchronise ICC profiles if required, correcting linearisation curves 
to compensate for current printing conditions, such as head changes and remaining ink volume.

Memory management, font support and Xobjects are significantly better supported by the new APPE 2.5 integration, which also provides smaller fixes, 
such as more consistent direct colour substitution and the ability to replace spot colours in RGB mode. The primary advantage for Caldera V9 users, 
who have (own) the APPE option, is the improved RIPping speeds, especially for files with transparent elements, which will see 20% of the RIP time 
shaved off on average. In tandem, the new Global Rasterisation option allows for the preview of more complex documents, such as those with 
transparency or overprint information.
A totally new option in V9 is the fruit of Caldera's partnership with colour management specialists Alwan, InkPerformer. This module, which requires a 
special license key, calculates new levels of black ink to reduce the use of other inks while reproducing faithfully the hues intended from the original 
file. While vastly increased black laydown produces more graininess, InkPerformer allows print providers to use their professional judgment and take 
control of their ink costs – especially for situations where exceptional quality is not necessarily required, such as applications with long viewing 

"Each release of Caldera brings with it a new generation of upgrades which understand the pressures of modern wide-format production properly and gives 
print houses the tools to streamline production and improve quality", states Sebastien Hanssens, Vice President Marketing at Caldera. 
"This ranges from broader innovations, such as advanced colour control options, to productivity-orientated measures, like the creation of 
reconfigurable, automatic print gutters to avoid density variations and nozzle clogging and, therefore, the expense of head strikes. Ultimately, 
we believe that Caldera V9 continues to offer the most comprehensive, feature-heavy option on the print software market today."

Caldera V9 also brings Turkish and Chinese language speakers into the fold, in the latter case by incorporating Pinyin input, with text also rendered 
anti-aliased for better readability. This increases the number of languages supported by Caldera to 10, including English, French, German, Spanish, 
Italian, Russian, Portuguese and Polish, amongst others.

Caldera - 12/5/2011

Caldera Joins Forces with Alwan

Innovative French software manufacturer Caldera has teamed up with Alwan Color Expertise, the colour management and standardisation specialists, 
to create an innovative ink saving module for the latest edition of the Caldera RIP (v9). Named InkPerformer, the option promises users the power to 
monitor and optimise their ink comsumption, giving commercial printers a significant environmental and economical advantage over their competitors.

Caldera InkPerformer harnesses Alwan's award-winning profiling technology within the context of the adaptable and powerful Caldera RIP engine to 
provide an average 20 percent reduction in ink consumption across all types of wide-format production. At a time when raw materials costs, and 
therefore ink prices, are rising dramatically, this significant saving allows all types of wide-format digital print house to decrease their expenditure 
significantly, typically achieving ROI within weeks.

InkPerformer sits in the workflow before the file is RIPped and does not require the creation or adjustment of output profiles to implement cost savings. 
The intuitive user interface allows for the control of two key variables: the BlackStart level, which is the threshold at which black is allowed to replace 
other ink colours, and the level of ink economy required. The operator can choose the desired setting from Low, which offers a modest ink saving 
with practically unnoticeable effect on the colour reproduction, Medium, and High, which provides a considerable reduction in lay-down. There is 
also a Maximum option to prioritise economisation completely over colour, which, while losing some gamut in shadows, is nevertheless suitable for 
applications to be viewed at distance.

The module, which can be provided with licenses for three, five or more than five devices, calculates a new combination of colours for ink lay-down to 
retain visual fidelity within the user's chosen threshold. A supplementary feature in InkPerformer allows the user, if desired, to RIP and then compare the 
original image with the adjusted, ink-saving image, and even send both jobs to print. This working mode allows for the rapid comparison of jobs and 
calculates the percentage of ink saved, giving businesses the power to decide for themselves how much lay-down is required for each job. 

"With the strong development of digital ink-jet printing systems and applications, we decided that it was time to extend our technology in this market, 
where we see ink consumption and costs becoming a critical matter for print service providers," explains Elie Khoury, President and CEO of Alwan 
Color Expertise. "Caldera is an undisputed leader and innovator in the wide-format print sector and already incorporates very powerful technology in its 
software, such as the Adobe Print Engine. This collaboration allows Caldera users to join Alwan customers in saving tons of ink and millions of dollars 
every year for the benefit of the planet and of their profits."

"InkPerformer joins EasyMedia, EasyColour, CostProof and CostView as one of the many optimising functions offered across the Caldera suite," adds 
Joseph Mergui, Caldera's CEO. "Alwan's leadership and experience in the field of colour management and ink optimisation is the perfect complement for 
Caldera users who are seeking to control their overheads and improve their margins."

Caldera - 4/21/2011

Caldera Launches the First Eco-Print Calculator: Costview 3.0

Caldera will launch the first carbon footprint calculator dedicated to the wide format printing industry. The fully redesigned and upgraded version of its 
cost visualization software for wide format printers, CostView 3.0 has been improved with new features, a brand new design and an industry premier 
module for carbon footprint monitoring.

Calculate your printing’s carbon footprint

Positioned as a dashboard for a manager sensitive to production costs, CostView now has an eco-sensitive dimension. Its newest and most important 
feature is the addition of a carbon footprint analysis tool. Users can now indicate the CO2 rejected by each of the elements of the job: ink, media, 
electricity, additional costs. 

According to Joseph Mergui, Caldera CEO “By introducing eco-responsible data into out RIP solutions, Caldera ambitions to keep its leadership in 
innovating the wide format printing industry“ 

CostView 3.0 : cost visualization to improve business profitability

The new 3.0 version is above all a tool intended for printers to monitor all costs pertaining to printing. It is a fully integrated production management tool 
which extracts information about jobs directly from the RIP spooler, thus enabling a production manager to control, modify, study and export all costs 
pertaining to a job.

With CostView 3.0, any production manager can view all jobs in the spooler, monitor ink and media costs add optional or automatic costs to each job 
and export the job listing with all relevant costs as a spreadsheet ready for further analysis. Its web driven interface can be accessed by any user in 
your company network using a simple web browser. 

“As Green Printing is becoming increasingly important, it was evident for us to start to imagine new tools that would not only calculate a carbon 
impact (CO2 footprint) on the environment but enable Eco-Sensitive Printers to show with data their implication on printing with concern of the 
environment.” says Sebastien Hanssens (VP Marketing of Caldera).

Caldera - 12/1/2010

Caldera Releases Version 8.01 with Debian

Caldera, the award winning RIP software editor leader in large format imaging and production workflow, is launching the new version 8.01 of its range of RIP 
products which includes many new features and devices.

Caldera is now shipped with a new, Debian-based, Linux distribution, which replaces Kubuntu 8.04. This distribution is highly customized for fitting the 
Caldera requirements, and also includes a very easy installation procedure. The choice of Debian, which is considered by many as the most stable and 
flexible distribution, will allow more reactivity in terms of hardware support.

The new V 8.01 version has integrated Pantone Plus, an upgrade to the classical PANTONE Color System, released recently by PANTONE. In Caldera, it is 
implemented with 5 new color files available in the Spot Color editor: PANTONE+ Solid Coated, PANTONE + Solid Uncoated, PANTONE+ Premium Metallics 
Coated, PANTONE+ Pastels+Neons Coated and PANTONE+ Pastels+Neons Uncoated.

A complete N-Color Printing workflow is also a new addition. This feature has as key components an N-Color printing engine, able to process any type of ink, 
like additional process inks (Orange, Green, Blue, etc...) as well as additional spot inks like Silver, fluorescent inks, etc.. and an N-Color calibration procedure, 
including linearization and Ink limitation in EasyMedia. It also includes an InkSet editor, which allows the user to create custom Inks and InkSets and an 
enhanced Spot Color manager, allowing to type output color directly in N-Color. 

All printer drivers now support the media compensation mechanism. This allows users to define correction factors for the width or the height of the media to be 
used when the printer prints a little bit bigger or smaller than expected.

New Printer Drivers

·         Agfa : Anapurna 2500 LED, Anapurna Mw

·         HP-Scitex TJ 8600, LX600, LX800, FB500, FB700

·         HP Designjet Z5200, Z6200

·         Oce Arizona 550GT, 550XT

·         Fujifim-Sericol Acuity Advance HS

·         Canon IPF 6300, 6350, 8300, 8310, 815, 825

·         KIP Color UJV 180j

·         Durst Tau 150i, Rho 750, 162 TS, Rhotex 320

·         Gerber CAT | UV

·         Mutoh Viper 100 TX, Viper TX Extreme, ValueJet 1304W, ValueJet 1604W

·         Océ ColorWave 600

·         Grapo Manta, Octopus II, Shark

·         Roland VS640, VS540, VS420, VS300, RS-640, LEC-300, LEC-330, LEC-540

·         Epson Stylus Pro 7890, 9890

·         Teckwin TeckPro-H5000, TeckProUV-3200, TeckStar, TeckStorm-TS, Minoteck

·         Vutek GS3200, GS5000r

·         swissQprint Impala

·         d.gen Artrix-GT, Teleios-GT

 New Cutter Drivers

·         GCC: Expert 24, Expert 24 LX, Expert Pro

Caldera - 6/18/2010

Fespa 2010 : A Massive Presence of Caldera Solutions on Many Partners Booths Showing the Largest Spectrum of Applications

Besides the  Caldera official booth (#379), Fespa 2010 will allow visitors to see the largest spectrum of machines 
and applications ever, driven by the widely known and many times awarded caldera solutions. It is unique in the 
recent history of that market that so many manufacturers are relying on Caldera range of products in order to run 
their respective printer range.

-          On booth B1-260, Durst will display a high-end Rho 1000, a new Rho 750 recently released and a brand 
new printer model that will be officially released on fespa 2010, all driven by Caldera GrandRIP+ including the 
new APPE rip engine

-          On booth B2-360, Epson Europe will run an eco-solvant Stylus Pro GS 6000 printer for high quality vinyl & 
textile printing driven by Caldera VisualRIP+, including the new n-color engine for the support of Orange & Green
inks. (il faudrait lui trouver un nom !)

-          On booth 2B-145, Fotoba, the Italian X&Y cutter manufacturer will run a Mutoh Blizzard and a HP 
DesignJet L25500 with VisualRIP+, including the exclusive Nest-O-Ba option that is nesting jobs in an optimized 
way for the fotoba cutter and adding the adequate registration marks on the fly for a fast and efficient job 

-          On booth B1-449, Gerber will show an integrated print-to-cut workflow made of the new Gerber IonZ 
and the M-Class flatbed cutter driven by GrandRIP+ and GrandCut option

-          On booth B2-460, Grapo will show for the first time the Manta White & the Shark printers driven by a 
Caldera GrandRIP+ solution

-          On booth B2-120, HP Scitex will show the new UV flatbed HP Scitex FB500 recently released on Ipex, 
the new HP Scitex LX800, the XP, TJ all driven by Caldera GrandRIP+

-          On booth B1-169, Inktec, the Korean ink & printer manufacturer, will run the UV Floatbed Jetrix 2513RQ 
and a new printer model to be released for Fespa with GrandRIP+ using the exclusive feature for the management 
of extra channels such as White, Varnish & Primer.

-          On booth B1-360, INX International will run some eco-solvant printers using Triangle inks with Caldera 
VisualRIP+. All calibration process will be done through the integrated ICC profile builder EasyMedia, involving 
the brand new i1Prims technology from Xrite.

-          On booth B1-371, Kip Europe will display the unique large format color laser printer Kip Color KC 80, driven 
by Caldera GrandRIP+ for billboard applications, and a brand new printer to be released on Fespa.

-          On booth B3-627, Matan will show the new Barak HS, taking full profit of the Caldera GrandRIP+ strength 
of processing in order to output at the top speed of 353 m²/hour. 

-          On booth B3-320, MTL Print will propose the Meital 304/D, a UV Flatbed printer with a remarkable dual 
table architecture, driven by Caldera GrandRIP+ taking full profit of the unique grayscale management developed 
by Caldera.

-          On booth B2-165, Mutoh will drive every printers available on the booth with Grip+, the exclusive OEM 
Version of Caldera VisualRIP+. Visitors will be able to see regular eco solvent & UV printers made by Mutoh 
such as ValueJet, Zephyr, Blizzard, Spitfire, Viper. Recent textile printers will be driven by the special Grip-TX 
edition, including Viper TX & Viper TX SoftSign.

-          On booth B1-140, Seiko Instruments Infotech will run a total of seven mild-solvant printers with Caldera 
VisualRIP+ on a set of vinyl and banner medias. 

-          On booth B2-175, SwissQprint will show the high end UV flatbed Oryx printer driven by Caldera GrandRIP+

-          On booth B3-467, Teckwin will show the new TeckPro UV 3200, a roll-to-roll UV printer, and a TeckStorm 
TS300 UV flatbed printer, all driver by Caldera GrandRIP+ :

-          On booth B3-184, Sun-Nsk will display for the first time some of its UV Led printers driven by a Caldera 
GrandRIP+ solution

-          On booth B3-120, Zund will display the new ZCC cutter contoler in connection with the integrated 
print-to-cut workflow made of Caldera GrandRIP+ and the GrandCUT option. It is illustrating the natural 
integration of the print –to-cut workflow from Caldera to the leading flatbed cutter manufacturers controllers.

“The Caldera presence through so many different partners proves the highest value proposal of Caldera solutions 
when it is about to drive high level printers on a wide range of application. “ says Valery de MARCH, OEM Director

Caldera - 6/15/2010

Caldera Launches New Caldera EASYCOLOR Spectrophotometer at FESPA 2010

Caldera will be launching a new improved spectrophotometer at the FESPA 2010 in Munich. 

The Caldera EASYCOLOR, an OEM version of the Barbieri SWING, has a new design, is faster and will be 
positioned under 3 000 euros. Thanks to several improvements the new device is approximately 30% faster 
than its predecessor.  

“The EasyColor is the ideal measuring device to enter into the professional world of color management. Measuring 
a wide range of media (as long as it is flexible and thin) and getting most accurate color is a breeze. Once started, 
a measurement it does it fully automatically. This is for both, reflective and transmissive media” says Wolfgang 
Passler, Marketing & Sales Manager of BARBIERI electronic.

The Caldera EASYCOLOR, an affordable, easy to use, versatile and reliable calibration automatic device is 
built to achieve top quality prints from digital output devices. It is a solution for linearization and profiling of 
photographic and wide format output devices for flexible reflective AND transparent materials with a thickness 
up to 0,7mm.Target markets for the device are aqueous and solvent large format inkjet printers, entry to mid 
range UV flatbed printers, packaging, proofing, fine art printing and prepress.

“We believe the EasyColor corresponds to what our clients need: an easy to use yet powerful color calibration 
tool at a nice price. It is a complete solution for automated profile creation.” says Sebastien Hanssens, Vice 
President Marketing at Caldera.

The Caldera EASYCOLOR is driven by EasyMedia, Caldera’s integrated color management, color calibration 
and profile making solution.

Caldera - 6/10/2010

Caldera launches Costview software powered for APPLE iPad at FESPA Munich

Caldera users will now be able to monitor their printing jobs on the newly launched APPLE iPad. The CostView 2.0 
solution is positioned to be the ultimate dashboard for a manager sensitive to production costs.  

Fully integrated within the Caldera RIP, COSTVIEW 2.0 enables production cost management and monitoring as well 
as the set-up of a pricing policy. It is a production management solution which extracts information about jobs directly
from the RIP spooler, enabling a production manager to control, modify, study and export all costs pertaining to a job. 

With this module users can calculate all costs pertaining to a job: printing costs, finishing, shipping, machine 
amortization or other overhead costs.  Users can also export their job listings with all relevant costs as a 
spreadsheet ready for further analysis in other “csv” compliant software.

The Costview 2.0 portable solution on iPad and the full blown FLOW+ Wide Format Business Workflow Solution 
will be presented on the Caldera Booth N°379 Hall B1 at Fespa.

Caldera - 2/16/2010

Caldera Announces New Strategic Partnership with SwissQprint

Caldera Graphics, the French software editor leader in large format imaging and production workflow has 
announced a strategic partnership with SwissQprint for the supplying of production RIPs with the wide format 
SwissQprint Oryx printer. SwissQprint is a young company having more than 10 years of experience in the 
business of UV printing and it brings to the market a new level in quality standards thanks to its Oryx offer.

Naturally, the company has investigated different RIP solutions to be proposed to Oryx end-users, and it appears 
after intensive tests that the Caldera solution is the only one to deliver such productivity and quality based on 
Linux or Mac platforms.

"It is important for SwissQprint to rely on a professional and quality driven solution that we provide the best of 
the potential of our printer" says Kilian Hinterman, Senior Product Manager in SwissQprint. "Even more, the 
new features like APPE gives another advantage to become the caldera -swissQprint package to an unbeatable 

The GrandRIP+ solution from Caldera ensures applications oriented on Added Value for every SwissQprint Oryx 
end-user in the field. Users are optimizing their printer output with the award winning Caldera solutions, which 
include exclusive features such as Tiling, Layout, Color Management, Multitasking & Automation.

"GrandRIP+ is today the reference solution when it is comes to UV applications. The SwissQprint Oryx printer 
represents a step forward in the recent evolution of that segment as it is strongly rising the level of quality and 
flexibility for print producer thanks to its scalability in the ink configuration that goes from simple CMYK over the 
additional Light colours up to White & Varnish; applications. Only GrandRIP+ from Caldera can cover such a 
spectrum" says Valery de March, OEM Manager of Caldera.

The SwissQprint Oryx + Caldera GrandRIP+ solution already counts more than 50 installations in France,  
Scandinavia, Germany, Austria; Czech Republic; Slovakia, Poland; Spain; UK, Italy and Switzerland. And this 
just in the first starting year!

Caldera - 11/18/2009

Caldera Wins SGIA 2009 Software Product of the Year Award with RIP Solution

Caldera was awarded DPI Best Product of the Year Award for its RIP product line with the Adobe Print Engine 
at the SGIA 09 in New Orleans. This award identifies the pre-eminent products in the digital graphics field, 
those that clearly provide new definition of the industry technology and recognizes outstanding products that 
have impacted 2009 and will impact 2010.

“We are very excited to have won this year the DPI "Best Product of the Year" award.  By awarding us, the 
SGIA corroborated our vision that Wide Format Imaging needs to move forward to more industrial printing 
output and move closer to the pre-press standards. Our strategic partnership with Abobe for the APPE is the 
first building block towards bringing our clients towards faster and better workflow through quality consistent 
software.” says Joseph Mergui, CEO and President Caldera.
The Caldera’s new RIP software solution powered by Adobe PDF Print Engine allows PDF files to be rendered 
natively, without conversion to postscript, helping to ensure that complex designs and effects, even variable 
content (PDF/VT) elements and transparencies, are efficiently and reliably reproduced. Caldera is the first 
dedicated wide format solution to integrate Adobe PDF Print Engine technology.

“Adobe values its technology partnerships with leading vendors such as Caldera, and takes great satisfaction 
when they earn industry recognition. I congratulate Caldera on winning the SGIA 2009 award for Best Software 
Product” says Mark Lewiecki, Senior Product Manager of  Adobe PDF Print Engine”.

With this new Adobe PDF Print Engine, Caldera simplifies upstream PDF workflows and unifies prepress 
production. It empowers designers to create leading-edge content with confidence, knowing that it will be 
reproduced as expected by print producers. 

Caldera has built the technology into its new generation of RIP solutions and will be available in Caldera’s V8 
software edition.

“The fact we won the award two years in a row is recognition of constant search for innovation and our desire 
to improve our client’s everyday printing environment. Having the SGIA recognize this implication in helping the 
industry move forward is important and shows we are on the right track.“ says Sebastien Hanssens, Vice President
Marketing Caldera.

Caldera - 9/28/2009

Caldera Announces Collaboration with Adobe to Improve Wide Format Printing

Caldera extends its partnership with Adobe and announces the integration of the Adobe® PDF Print Engine 
(APPE) into its RIP solutions. The association of the two technologies will guarantee for production printing fast 
and reliable reproduction of files in the Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF), including complex images and 

Caldera has built the technology into its new generation of RIP solutions and will be available with Caldera’s V8 
software edition which will be released at the end of 2009.

The Adobe PDF Print Engine enables integrated, end-to-end PDF workflows for printing graphically rich content, 
including variable content for personalized publishing.  The Caldera print solutions powered by Adobe PDF Print 
Engine allow PDF files to be rendered natively, without conversion to PostScript, helping to ensure that complex 
designs and effects, even variable print elements with transparency, are efficiently and reliably reproduced.

Guillaume Muller, R&D Director, "With the Adobe PDF Print Engine, the Caldera RIPing speed is not only 
increased for all PDF files, but the output is much more consistent with the design and editing products of the
Adobe Creative Suite. Adobe PDF Print Engine eliminates the need for flattening transparency, maintaining 
content in a device-independent state right up until final rendering."

With this new Adobe PDF Print Engine, Caldera simplifies upstream PDF workflows and unifies prepress 
production. It empowers designers to create leading-edge content with confidence, knowing that it will be 
reproduced as expected by print producers. 

The combined technology also streamlines print production by enabling a single workflow for all job types, 
maximizing reliability and flexibility while providing new opportunities for growth. It provides printers with an easy 
on-ramp to add personalized publishing to their existing workflows.

"Caldera is proud to be the first dedicated wide format solution to integrate Adobe PDF Print Engine technology.  
This new solution delivers straightforward outstanding quality and speed from Caldera solutions on complex PDF 
files. It will also build breakthrough innovative solutions using the PDF/VT format for Variable Data wide format 
printing," says Joseph Mergui, Caldera CEO and President.

"Ongoing innovation in wide format printing has enabled new graphic possibilities and business opportunities 
for printers participating in this segment," said Raman Nagpal, senior director of Adobe Print and Scan Division 
at Adobe. "By incorporating the Adobe PDF Print Engine into its solutions, Caldera continues to demonstrate its 
leadership role in the wide format market."

The beta version of the new embedded technology will be presented at SGIA in New Orleans in October.

Caldera - 9/9/2009

Caldera launches SnapRIP+

Caldera, the award winning French leading software editor specialized in large format printing solutions, 
will be launching its new product SnapRIP+, a complete printing solution for digital imaging professionals. 

SnapRIP+ is Caldera‘s printing software for PHOTO professionals looking for a productive RASTER printing 
solution for their Epson, Canon and HP printers. It packs the same power and features as Caldera’s RIP 
solutions for printing wide format jobs with eye catching colours and contrast. 

It includes Layout with Compose; a feature which lets you layout multiple file elements to create a single 
project page or JOB. Merge, nest, rotate and combine different file formats, with manual or numeric 
positioning. It also includes Step & Repeat and Nest-o-Matik features for optimizing media usage.

SnapRIP+ is upgradable to our productive printing solution VisualRIP+, with a Postscript/PDF engine for 
producing posters, kakemonos, advertisements, POS… VisualRip+ is Caldera’s software solution for 
professional large format Print and Print-to-Cut workflow and includes Tiling+, a feature enabling users to 
split up prints into various panels (with bleed, trim marks and grommet placement..) for bigger format jobs.

Caldera - 7/7/2009

Caldera announces new strategic partnership with KIP

Caldera Graphics, the French software editor leader in large format imaging and production workflow has 
announced a strategic partnership with KIP Europe for the supplying of production RIPs with the wide format 
KIP Color KC80 color laser printer for imaging applications.

With this printer, KIP has the ambition to revolutionize wide format color printing in large quantities, a domain 
where inkjet technology is a slower and more expensive solution. The KIP Color KC80 and its 4 color laser 
technology are unique on the market, and targeting not only blue-black poster applications or posters in ppc or 
glossy coated. Many substrates are being validated which will increase of the range of possible applications of 
this printer.

"It was important for KIP to rely on a professional RIP like Caldera for better targeting the graphic art potential 
of the KIP Color 80. This innovative product will revolutionize wide format printing on problems such as client 
print delays (210m/hour) and printing costs (4 to 5 times less than ink jet)" says Patrick Gomez, Sales and 
Marketing manager KIP Europe

The GrandRIP+ software solution from Caldera ensures application oriented added value to Kip Europe clients, 
which rests on the strong experience of the French editor in the domain of imaging: color management, tiling, 
layout, spooler management, task automation…. This enables the printer to offer its clients an extended panel 
of features.

According to Valery De March, OEM Director of Caldera Graphics, "We not only address clients who want to 
print maps and blueprints, but rather those that want to do color imaging in large quantities. To respond to the 
technical specifics of the KIP Color KC80and its laser technology, we have developed a specific screening for 
this machine. The output results and feedback from clients are excellent."

The Caldera GrandRIP+ - KC80 solution has already been set-up with success at many European digital printers, 
such as Pixart in Italy, who were searching for a solution which would enable them with one single RIP to manage 
their production on various types of machines, including solvent and UV technologies, as well as the new KIP 
Color KC80.

Caldera - 6/11/2009

Caldera Develops 8 Eeparations Workflow

During the FESPA 2009 in Amsterdam,  Matan Digital Printers presented new features available for the fastest 
and most versatile Barak line of Super Wide Format Hybrid printers 5 and 3.5 meters wide.

Matan developed together with Caldera, a specific set of transition curves for light and dark inks optimized for 
the new 8 color printing Barak. Caldera then implemented these curves and settings within the OEM edition of 

With this innovation, Matan customers can now print in a higher resolution at the faster print modes and benefit 
an improved print quality without sacrificing speed.

"These new features, enhancements and options allow customers to be even more competitive in addressing a 
wider gamut of applications from PE billboard printing all the way to high quality flatbed jobs." Says Hanan 
Yosefi, Matan’s President & CEO.

"Working with OEM partners to improve the RIP - Printer performance ensures customers even more quality 
and productivity, because the new features are developed specifically for the machine’s characteristics" says 
Joseph Mergui President and CEO of Caldera.

Caldera - 4/9/2009

Caldera Integrates New N-Color Print Engine

Caldera Graphics, the French software editor leader in large format imaging and production workflow has 
implemented full featured N- Color management to its RIP software portfolio for Epson and Canon printers. 
The new Caldera N-Color print engine manages both orange and green inks in addition to the CMYK and 
light inks.

The new print engine enables printers to exploit the full gamut potential of their N-Color printer devices. 
With variable-size droplets management through Caldera, printers will achieve more accurate colors, 
better color gradation and resolution with all those combinations.

The Caldera RIP is Pantone licensed for accurate spot color matching and offers full support for ICC output 
profiles, thus ensuring precise color output predictability and a wider color palette.  

EasyMedia, Caldera's integrated color management, color calibration and profile making solution, is now also 
N-Color optimized.

Caldera - 3/20/2009

Caldera First Official Third Party RIP to Achieve HP Scitex FB950 Certification

Caldera has achieved official certification as an HP development partner for its Raster Image Processor (RIP) 
Certification Program supporting the HP Scitex FB950.

Caldera was judged on an extensive set of criteria to verify the compatibility and integration of the Caldera 
products with the HP Scitex FB950 Printer, to provide an optimal printing performance. 

Only products that have undergone testing by HP and have met the necessary performance requirements are 
awarded Certified for HP Scitex FB950 Printer, status.

Certification tests for the new HP Scitex FB950 Printer, include print quality, productivity, and the range of HP 
and custom media profiles that can be supported.

Caldera - 3/12/2009

Caldera Achieves L65500 RIP Certification

Caldera has achieved official certification as an HP development partner for its Raster Image Processor (RIP) 
Certification Program supporting the new HP L65500.

Caldera was judged on an extensive set of criteria to verify the compatibility and integration of the Caldera 
products with the HP Designjet L65500, to provide an optimal printing performance. 

Only products that have undergone testing by HP and have met the necessary performance requirements 
are awarded Certified for HP Designjet L65500 status.

Certification tests for the new HP L6550 0 include print quality, productivity, and the range of HP and custom 
media profiles that can be supported.

Caldera - 10/24/2008

Caldera Wins SGIA Product of the Year Award for Software

Caldera has just received the DPI Best Product of the Year Award for its RIP product line and new FLOW+ 
Business Automation and Control workflow solution for the Wide Format Printing Market, at the SGIA 08 (The 
Specialty Printing and Imaging Expo, Oct. 15-18) in Atlanta.

This award identifies the pre-eminent products in the digital graphics field, those that clearly provide new 
definition of the industry technology and recognizes outstanding products that have impacted 2008 and will 
impact 2009. 

From quote to invoice, while managing the production process (printing and finishing), inventory analysis and 
planning, automation of the RIP, outsourcing, delivery notes, financial statistics and accounting synchronization, 
FLOW+ is a complete Wide Format Business Workflow solution

The product, an intelligent combination of an MIS (Management Information System), an ERP (Enterprise 
Resource Planning) and a CRM (Customer Relation Management), is the first Workflow software which will 
interact directly with the RIP spooler.

"This reward, which is the recognition of our strong RIP culture, color-science know-how and technological 
experience achieved through the feedback of our customers and partners over recent years, is something 
that we would like to thank them for and share with them. We are convinced that this award and new product 
release will impact the year 2009," Joseph Mergui, Caldera CEO

Caldera - 2/25/2008

Caldera Graphics Launches Full Featured Support for Fujifilm Acuity

The Fujifilm Acuity HD 2504 offers you the latest breakthrough in wide format UV digital imaging technology. 
Specifically designed for print applications requiring fine detail, high resolution images, the Acuity HD 2504 
delivers both rigid and flexible point-of-purchase signage that hold up visually, even at the closest of viewings.

At the heart of the Acuity HD 2504 is a new imaging technology that enables each print head to produce variable 
size dots as opposed to traditional fixed-droplets. The printer's ability to jet droplets as fine as 6 picoleter 
produces sharp, precise images with smoother transitions and quarter tones: while jetting larger droplets up to 
30 picoleter delivers denser, more uniform solid image areas.

Caldera is a measurable asset to the Acuity's productivity. 

The speed of the Acuity is increased by Caldera's Print while RIP feature, with RIP time being ½ of other RIPs 
tested. Caldera enables you to RIP a second file while you RIP and print another job at the same time.

Caldera's software offers superior multi-level screening, meaning that Caldera drives the GrayScale heads with 
proven technology. An essential feature for getting precise color shades, even when it comes to black hues. 

With variable-size droplets management through Caldera, the Fujifilm achieves accurate colors and resolution w
ith its four-colours where other wide-format machines have light versions of their inks.

Caldera's new Tiling+ also gets full potential out of the Acuity for all those tough tiling jobs. The new improved 
interface and new features include : fully configurable grommets (size, shape, color...), manual positioning of 
the grommets, full management of the covering, easy modification of the tiles with the mouse, real time 
modification of the tiles...

And as an Acuity purchaser will have more than one machine in his print house, Caldera's client-serveur 
architecture will enable him to centralise RIPing and PRINTing on one master RIP PC which manages 
unlimited RIP/Printing slave PC’s for scalable distributed computing over the network.

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