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CADlink Technologies - 8/2/2013

CADlink Release Latest Version of FilmMaker

CADlink is pleased to announce the release of FilmMaker v4, RIP software that specializes in producing inkjet films for screen printing and also includes 
dye sublimation production support.

FilmMaker v4 provides precision screening as well as the ability to print ideal density levels using most standard printer manufacturer inks as well as 
third-party inks on a wide variety of available film media.

“The release of FilmMaker v4 raises the bar when it comes to ease of use and versatility for an inkjet film production RIP software” says Michael 
Chramtchenko, CADlink Director of Marketing. “Screen printers will be amazed at how quickly they can get up and running as well as how easily 
they can manage production using multiple queues.”

CADlink Technologies - 12/8/2011

Pro Vehicle Outlines Launches 2012 Vehicle Template Collection and New North American Website

Pro Vehicle Outlines is pleased to announce the release of its 2012 vehicle template collection and its new, North American 
website, . The new website provides a much easier product download and navigation for current and potential customers.

All currently subscribed PVO customers are encouraged to visit the new PVO site, update their username and password and download any required 
vehicle templates.

“Pro Vehicle Outlines has now been restored to it's former excellence, both in terms of service and product and will be available shortly as a new book 
and DVD set, as well as an online service” states Christian Van Schepen, PVO Sales Manager. “Our templates are unmatched in accuracy and precision, 
saving you time and money in the vehicle graphics process! We still offer the same amazing technical support and service, and we look forward to 
doing business with you in the near future.”

Highlights of PVO 2012
• Over 9,000 vehicles and specialty templates specifically for the North American vehicle graphics specialist.
• North American sales and support.
• The original vehicle template library. 20 years of expertise in precision and accuracy.
• +300 page, hard copy vehicle template guide book.

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