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ASLAN Schwarz GmbH and Co. KG - 11/5/2014

ASLAN's Self-Adhesive Premium Blackboard Film

With its unique blackboard film ASLAN offers another innovative product: The Premium Blackboard ASLAN BB 910 can be written on over and over 
again - even with liquid chalk - and still keeps its flawless appearance.

As the only self-adhesive film on the market, the PremiumBlackboard ASLAN BB 910 can be written on with chalk and liquid chalk pens, without leaving 
any ghosting or shadows when removing the writing. Therefore, it is the perfect choice for applications in restaurants, cafés, schools, offices or 
private households, where changing writings are daily routine.

The blackboard film for long-term applications is extremely scratch-proof and resistant to solvents. It can be cut into any desired size or form. An easy 
application onto any smooth surface, indoors and outdoors, is guaranteed.

ASLAN Schwarz GmbH and Co. KG - 9/23/2014

Turn Asphalt into a Unique Advertising Space

At the Open House event of the Karl Gröner GmbH in Germany the creative possibilities of ASLAN floor graphics films were impressively displayed: With 
the digital printing film for applications on asphalt, the floor was turned into a unique and authentic looking swimming pool.

The WrapTheStreet ASLAN DFP 46 is a white PVC-film for digital printing with all solvent, eco-solvent, latex, UV-curable and screen printing inks. A 
water-resistant special adhesive makes it ideal for outdoor applications. In combination with the Outdoor FloorProtect ASLAN MP 326 it has a minimum 
outdoor durability of six months, depending on mechanical pressure. The PVC laminating film is slip-resistance tested and insurance certificated against 
possible personal injuries.

The floor graphics film for rough surfaces is the first to be fire rated according to DIN EN-13501-1, even when it is printed and laminated. The compound 
film has to be applied with a heatgun to ensure that it sticks well on rough surfaces. The floor graphics film can be removed easily.

ASLAN Schwarz GmbH and Co. KG - 9/9/2014

Aslan's Premium-Quality Whiteboard Films

With ASLAN's glossy whiteboard films every smooth surface can be turned into a writable dry erase board.

The premium-quality, self-adhesive films are extremely scratch-resistant, can be written on over and over again and whiteboard markers can be wiped 
off dry without leaving any shadows or ghosting. All types of whiteboard markers are suitable for writing. The roll width of 1.37 m is ideal for applications 
onto large surfaces.

The white Whiteboard Dryapply ASLAN WBL 995 is the only whiteboard film on the market with air release channels for an easy application without water. 
The application is fast, clean and efficient.

Creating individually designed whiteboards is possible with the Clearboard ASLAN CB 90:
The clear laminating film is made to cover prints, digitally printed or coloured films and transforms them into writeable whiteboards.

ASLAN's whiteboard films are the optimal solution for applications in offices, schools, nurseries, hospitals, hotels, restaurants and even private 

ASLAN Schwarz GmbH and Co. KG - 7/14/2014

Glass Decoration Films with Air Channels and Fire Safety Classification

ASLAN's successful portfolio of self-adhesive glass decoration films offers a unique range of effects that allows an effective and high-quality decoration of 
glass surfaces for the interior and exterior.

Fine air channels in the adhesive allow even inexperienced users a fast and easy dry application. Due to its special composition and unique adhesive, the 
glass decoration films are not comparable to any other product in its quality and application technology. This prevents that the film is damaged during 
the application (causing white lines) and ensures that it can be corrected and repositioned easily during application. The application tape can be 
removed immediately after applying the film.

For a safe use of the glass decoration films in public areas, ASLAN now also offers an additional fire safety classification according to Euroclass DIN EN 
13501-1. Thus the glass decoration films are classified as hardly inflammable on glass.

The ASLAN glass decoration films have a long outdoor durability of at least seven years and still can be removed after several years. They are available in 
a large variety of effects including a frosted, dusted, milk glass and different etched glass effects.

ASLAN Schwarz GmbH and Co. KG - 6/10/2014

Excellent Print Quality: New Metal Effect Film

The new printable metal effect film of ASLAN has a special top coating that ensures excellent printing results. It stands out by its brilliant high-gloss surface 
and is available in gold und silver. With a durability of 3-5 years it is perfectly suitable for medium term outdoor applications.

The PrintMetall Dryapply ASLAN CPL 22 is ideal for exclusive decorations of signs, glass and other smooth surfaces and is, with its ideal printing width of 
1.37 m, printable with solvent, eco-solvent, latex and UV-curable inks as well as screen printing inks.

Fine air channels in the adhesive allow even inexperienced users a fast and easy dry application. The application tape can be removed immediately 
after applying the film.

ASLAN Schwarz GmbH and Co. KG - 6/2/2014

Simply Different: Aslan Presents Numerous Innovative Self-Adhesive Films

Following its motto "simply different" the specialist for self-adhesive films presented a very special stand at the Fespa 2014. Numerous visitors were 
informed and inspired by the innovative new products of ASLAN in a cosy coffeehouse atmosphere.

The printable metal effect film PrintMetal Dryapply ASLAN CPL 22 in gold and silver was launched. This film is equipped with a special top coating and is 
thus perfectly suitable for the cutting plotter and for digital printing and impresses by its brilliant surface structure. Fine air channels allow an easy and 
fast dry application even for inexperienced users.

In particular the unique memoboard films received attraction. Unique self-adhesive films such as the premium blackboard film for liquid chalk and school 
chalk, the printable ferrofilm that is suitable for applying magnets and various clearboard films are ideal products for creation of surfaces that are 
individually writable.

ASLAN Schwarz GmbH and Co. KG - 4/8/2014

ASLAN’s New Double-Sided Self-Adhesive Film with Perfect Flatness for Sheets

Transparent double-sided self-adhesive films offer a wide range of applications: they are perfectly suitable for the self-adhesive finishing of maps, prints, 
plans, posters and more and allow a simple application.

ASLAN complements its product range by another double-sided self-adhesive film, which is perfectly suitable for sheets: ASLAN DK 1.

The film has got an equally strong, permanent adhesive on both sides. The initial adhesive strength is delayed, which facilitates the application.

One side has a reinforced 120 g cardboard liner that is marked with a centimetre division and therefore ideal for sheets. The reinforced cardboard makes 
the handling of the thin double-sided self-adhesive film easier and guarantees a good flatness. The other side has a flexible PE release liner.

ASLAN Schwarz GmbH and Co. KG - 3/4/2014

ASLAN Presents Extensive Floor Graphics Program

So far, fire safety certificates are only valid for unprinted films and are no longer valid as soon as they'll be printed and laminated.

As the first manufacturer ASLAN offers a fire safety certification for the already printed films in combination with floor graphics laminate according to 
DIN EN 13501-1.

The fire rated floor graphics solutions from ASLAN are therefore ideal for applications in public areas such as airports, train stations and at trade shows.

The ASLAN floor graphics programme consists of self-adhesive films for various surfaces such as smooth floors, rough asphalt and carpets, which are 
combined with the corresponding laminates in the slip-resistant classification R9 or R11.

With these solutions made by ASLAN you'll be walking on the safe side - considering fire safety as well as slip resistance.

ASLAN Schwarz GmbH and Co. KG - 1/30/2014

New Scratch Resistant Blackboard Film

ASLAN, the manufacturer of self-adhesive films for special applications, complements his range of memoboard films with a new high quality blackboard 
film (ASLAN CR 62).

Writings with chalk can be wiped off easily with a wet cloth without leaving residues. A highly scratch resistant surface ensures that no ghosting or 
shadows remain even after long-term usage.

The black self-adhesive pvc film is ideal for daily changing menus in restaurants or coffee shops. Also in offices, schools and children's rooms every 
smooth surface will turn into a writable blackboard.

ASLAN Schwarz GmbH and Co. KG - 11/21/2013

New ASLAN Color Film Series

The German specialist introduces a new, self-adhesive colour film with 100 µm thickness, being especially designed for exhibitions and shop-fittings as 
well as for wall decorations.

Thanks to its low-reflective surface, a roll width of 102 cm and flame resistance according to DIN EN 13501-1, this film provides ideal characteristics for 
stand building at fairs and shop- fittings. The thickness of 100 µm ensures easy and fast applications, saving time and effort, even in hectic exhibition 
works. A high opacity allows applications on coloured surfaces. The film is removable without leaving residues, which makes it also ideally suited for 
wall decorations.

The range ASLAN CM 100 (DCUM) includes 23 colours and will become available as from January 2014.

ASLAN Schwarz GmbH and Co. KG - 9/30/2013

ASLAN Presents New Self-Adhesive Matte Whiteboard Films

The manufacturer of self-adhesive films for special applications expands his range of whiteboard films by two new matt versions. These can be applied 
fast and easily onto smooth surfaces and create high quality whiteboards. This makes them ideal for changing letterings in schools, seminar rooms, 
hospitals and in private homes.

The new matt films are available in white and transparent, ASLAN WB 975 and ASLAN CB 75, and have a special surface that avoids any reflections. 
Writings can be easily wiped off dry without leaving any ghosting. This makes them ideal for creating long lasting whiteboards, individually printed or 
designed whiteboard surfaces and for projecting videos or pictures onto the vinyl.

ASLAN Schwarz GmbH and Co. KG - 6/6/2013

ASLAN Presents New Floor Graphics Laminating Film

Floor graphics are an effective means of advertising. However due to the risk of slipping they underlay certain safety regulations depending on surface, application and the environment.

ASLAN offers a new and unique self-adhesive laminating film for floor graphics applications, ASLAN MP 300, which fulfils the requirements of the non-slip
 safety class R11.

This safety class is mandatory for floor applications such as entrance areas, outdoor stairs, kitchens or barefoot walkways. A detailed list of all applications 
and surfaces that require an R 11 certificate is available on the ASLAN website. 

The new laminate is the first laminating film that fulfils the requirements of the non-slip safety class R11 according to DIN 51130 and also corresponds to 
DIN 51097 (classification B) for wet barefoot walkways. An insurance warranty covers all possible claims by slipping on the film. 

The polymeric soft PVC film is suitable with all ASLAN digital printing films for floor applications and protects the graphics from mechanical damage. 
ASLAN MP 300 is available in rolls of 25 m x 1,34 m.

ASLAN Schwarz GmbH and Co. KG - 3/12/2013

ASLAN Presents New Rear Projection Film for Glass Surfaces

Shop windows and glass walls provide the ideal basis for visual communication. Now ASLAN, the German specialist for self-adhesive films, offers a new 
rear projection film enabling eye-catching multimedia presentations in shops, offices, shopping malls or at fairs. 

ASLAN RP 35 is a white, self-adhesive PVC film with silk matt surface which, when applied on the inside of the shop window, serves as projection 
surface that is viewable from the outside. The highly translucent surface ensures brilliant reproduction of pictures, videos and presentations even in 
bright conditions.

The rear projection film is suitable for any customary projectors. For best results a projector with high luminosity is recommended.

The film is available at 1,35 m x 50 m with further sizes offered upon request. 

For quick and easy applications ASLAN provides a range of tools such as the Transfer-Liquid ASLAN TL 10 for wet applications and squeegees 
with felt edge (ASLAN KRF1 or KRF2).

ASLAN Schwarz GmbH and Co. KG - 2/24/2009

ASLAN Expands Range of Printing and Laminating Films

Good news for users of high-quality printing and laminating films: ASLAN, manufacturer of innovative self-
adhesive films, has updated its range of digital printing films and laminating films to offer added benefits for 
digital print applications combined with the quality that has become synonymous with the ASLAN brand.

The wider assortment benefits customers in three ways. All standard digital printing films and laminating films are 
now available in widths of up to 1.60 m, some of them have had their prices cut and there are innovative products 
for special applications to complete the well-rounded range of digital printing films and laminates. 

ASLAN’s brand new speciality films make out-of-the-ordinary applications possible. One example is the ASLAN 
DFP 45 façade film, which, with a digital print, creates additional advertising space on any building wall or façade. 

The ultra-removable digital printing films, which can be repositioned repeatedly, are another original idea. They’re 
a really quick and flexible way to change the look of interior walls, making them a perfect tool for short-term sales 
promotions. These films come in white, glossy or transparent.

ASLAN has three special products for glass applications. The ASLAN DFP 25 double-sided white blockout 
film is ideal for use on glass panels and doors. Its high opacity ensures that digital prints don’t shine through. 
The film has a special white reverse, enabling different designs to be displayed on the two sides, thus “doubling” 
the advertising space available on the glass. One way vision film and etched look glass decoration films round 
off the range.

ASLAN Schwarz GmbH and Co. KG - 8/28/2008

ASLAN Presents Self-Adhesive Façade Film

In addition to the company’s established range of self-adhesive films, ASLAN Schwarz GmbH & Co. KG will be 
showcasing on their stand (C 020, Hall No. 7.2) at VISCOM Europe 2008 in Paris, new speciality film products 
that almost no other manufacturer offers.

At this year’s fair, ASLAN will premier digital printing films for short-term applications on outdoor façades and 
interior walls. Easily removable without leaving any residues, these self-adhesive products are particularly 
suitable for use in short-term sales campaigns and promotions. 

The highlight will be the brand new façade film ASLAN DFP 45 - a glossy white, opaque self-adhesive digital 
printing film. Removable in one piece without leaving residues guaranteed up to three months, it is an excellent 
choice for promotional applications on building façades. For this film ASLAN has developed a unique adhesive 
allowing it to be fixed into place quickly, without requiring any special tools. It is therefore an ideal alternative to 
textile banners. It also offers an innovative and creative way of working with exterior walls. For example, shop-
window designs can be applied to any part of the building façade. With all of these features, this façade film is 
a trendsetting product that sign makers and designers working in the event, promotion industry and shopfitters 
will love. ASLAN DFP 45 façade film can easily be printed with any standard solvent, eco-solvent or UV ink 
and comes in a 25 m x 1.37 m rolls.

The second innovation to make it’s debut on the stand of the family-owned, German company will be ultra easy 
removable digital printing film, available in glossy white opaque (ASLAN DFP 40) and glossy transparent (ASLAN  
DFP 41). These two self-adhesive films give surfaces a temporary new look. They can be applied directly to, for 
example, interior walls as part of promotions and can be removed whithout any residues after use. By launching 
these films, which can be printed with any standard solvent, eco-solvent or UV ink, ASLAN is embracing the 
continuing trend for wall transfers and stickers. These films are also an ideal way of temporarily decorating
 furniture, vehicles or music equipment. In a nutshell, they’re perfect for any application where a quick and easy 
makeover is required. ASLAN DFP 40 and ASLAN DFP 41 are available in 25 m or 50 m x 1.37 m rolls.

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