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A.T Inks - 11/15/2012

A.T Inks Announces New Multi-Platform Solvent Ink Set

A.T Inks announced today that it is launching a new solvent ink set in the Americas called A.T Inks – Quattro, which will work on printers using the 
following printheads:

Konica Minolta - 42pl heads
Konica Minolta -35 pl heads
Seiko SPT510 - 35pl heads
Spectra Polaris – 35pl heads
Xaar Proton – 35pl heads
Spectra Nova heads

This ink has been widely tested and is being sold commercially in Asia and is now being introduced in the Americas. 

Nitin Goswamy, President, A.T Inks said “Basically this Ink set has been formulated to work on multiple platforms so that our distributors do not need to 
maintain inventory of multiple inks lines. Inventory management is a critical problem for most distributors and we hope that having an ink work on 
multiple printheads will help with that”

A.T Inks is a leading manufacturer of Digital Printing Inks and is a Xaar ink partner. Some of their inks are approved by Fujifilm Dimatix for use in 
Spectra printheads. They manufacture solvent and eco-solvent inks for multiple platforms. They can be reached at

Konica Minolta, Seiko, Spectra, Xaar, SPT510, Polaris, Proton and Nova are the trademarks of their respective owners and all names are being used 
here for illustrative purposes only.

A.T Inks - 10/18/2010

A.T Inks Announces Record Interest at SGIA

A.T Inks saw record interest in their products during SGIA 2010 that concluded in Las Vegas last week. This was a well attended show and the A.T inks booth 
was very busy throughout as visitors got an opportunity to see their eco-sol range of inks printing on a Roland RS-640 as well as a Mimaki CJV 30 – 160 at 
their booth.

“We decided to have a Mimaki as well as a Roland machine at our booth so that visitors could see how well our inks performed on both of these printers” says 
Nitin Goswamy, President, A.T Inks “also, we ran our cartridges on one printer and a bulk system using our inks on the other printer to highlight the fact that 
A.T Inks perform equally well using cartridges as well as bulk inks. Bulk inks are the most economical and effective way to run inks on these printers. 
However, as many customers have a preference for cartridges we decided to highlight both bulk inks and cartridges at the A.T inks booth”

A.T Inks also had some special discounts for first time buyers at the show and they have decided to extend these discounts to the end of the month for those 
customers who visited their booth at the SGIA show.

A.T Inks - 7/23/2010

A.T Inks Celebrates Successful Shows in Munich and Shanghai

A.T Inks announces record interest in their products at both the recent Fespa show in Munich, 
Germany as well as the APPPEXPO in Shanghai, China.

In the Munich show A.T inks had installed a UV printer using A.T Inks at their booth and they were making prints 
on rigid substrates as well as roll to roll prints. Visitors were impressed with the color gamut of A.T Inks and how it 
compared favorably with prints being made by other companies at the show.

In the Shanghai show, A.T Inks displayed the entire range of their products in their bi – level booth where their 
distributors from the 52 countries they do business in were able to meet and discuss A.T inks with customers 
from around the world.

A.T Inks is a Xaar ink partner and their inks are approved by Fujifilm Dimatix for use in Spectra printheads. A.T 
Inks also manufactures inks for Konica, Seiko and Epson printheads. Their range of inks includes Bio Inks, UV 
Inks, Eco-Solvent Inks and Solvent inks. They have offices and warehouses in the Americas, Europe and Asia.

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