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UV Curing in Pressure-Sensitive Adhesives
A White Paper by MACtac Distributor Products
Ultraviolet (UV) curing offers many benefits compared to traditional solvent-based drying methods in a range of applications now...
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Versatility Driven
Cutting capabilities add efficiency in the shop. When it comes to finishing rigid materials, flatbed routers and cutters are called into action...
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We are W2P
Web to print (W2P) is all over, whether one realizes it or not. Both businesses and consumers benefit from retail storefronts that enable ease of...
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Looking at W2P from Both Sides Now
Web to print (W2P) is moving into the graphic arts at a rapid pace. With the advent of digital technologies that allow for one-offs and personalization...
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More than Stands
Trade show environments provide substantial sales opportunity for the print service provider (PSP). Today’s brand owners are savvy to innovative...
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The Canvas Bunch
Canvas has come a long way from the traditional cotton, linen, or hemp fabric historically associated with oil paintings, sails, and tarps...
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If Picasso Had a Printer
Under the close eye of an artist or art connoisseur, details matter. The art world represents a growing demand for textiles that...
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Lamination Solutions
Laminators represent a core element in the print provider’s finishing portfolio. In part one of this series on wide format laminators, we looked...
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We're Not in Canvas Anymore
With flatbed media handling advancements, chemical enhancements in ink, and new material compositions, rigid board is being used in new ways. Santa Ana, CA-based Canvas Express’ product line—Photo Linen Canvas—is an ideal example...
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An All-Star Lineup
Every November, Digital Output honors leading innovators in the graphic arts. The Top 50 Readers’ Choice awards are determined by readership response to editorial and advertisements found in print and online throughout the year...
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Vehicle Wraps Get Personal
In addition to commercial uses, vehicle wraps are now a method for consumers to express themselves. Solid color wraps provide the ability...
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Everything's Comings Up Textiles
Fabric is everywhere you look. Digitally printed textiles are a popular option for apparel, décor, backlit displays, and soft signage. Manufacturers are...
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Working with Windows
Window media provides versatility. Options include clear films, perforated material, and static cling. Depending on the environment...
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For a Limited Time Only
The various substrates now printable via digital challenges print service providers (PSPs) to educate buyers on where and how the...
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Applications that Stick
In addition to popular wide format graphic applications printed to pressure-sensitive media, such as window graphics, vehicle wraps...
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Mount Up
You’ve slaved over the graphic, font, paper, and ink. Yet there’s a final step in presenting your printed display—the mounting. Ill-suited...
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Substrates Provide New Opportunities
Typically, corrugated display and box packaging is handled by screen and/or offset equipment. With the maturity of inkjet technology, new devices...
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