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The Other Solutions - 3/26/2007

New Wide-Format LAN Scanner Improves Bottom Line

Meridian, Idaho - March 26, 2007 - The Other Solutions is proud to announce that it will distribute the new GTCO 
Calcomp wide-format scanner, the ScanPlus 6 LF642 Copy Scanner. With a 600dpi optical scanning system, 
improved lenses and fast digital image processing, this scanner delivers on its promise of high scanning speed 
and uncompromised image quality, easily surpassing other 600dpi optical scanners in the market. Fulfilling the 
needs of reprographic houses, GIS, Quick Print, photo labs, graphic advertisement and in-house reprographics, 
the ScanPlus 6 LF642 has proven is versatility inall major market segments.

The ScanPlus 6 LF642 is more than just a large-format scanner; it has a built-in copy system that allows it to 
scan directly to a printer on the network. Add to that its built-in hard disk and network printing is not going to 
slow this scanner down! The scanner can simply scan to its internal hard disk at maximum speed and spool the 
image to the network printer when time and network bandwidth permit, keeping your productivity high and 
maximizing your time. With both the USB2 and LAN interface it can adapt to different environments either as 
a stand-alone copy system, a true network scanner or as a traditional scanner attached to a local PC via the 
USB2 interface. With a scanning performance of up to 12ips in both Black and White and Graytone scanning 
and up to 3ips in Color, this powerhouse can scan through your stack of drawings, poster and graphic art in a 
hurry. Furthermore, the ScanPlus 6 LF642 is equipped with Accurate Lens Enhancement technology that 
calibrates the position of each pixel to easily meet an accuracy of 0.1% +/- 1 pixel between any two points. 
GTCO Calcomp’s wide-format scanners are based on the latest scanning technologies, yet they are affordable 
to meet every customer’s needs. The new ScanPlus 6 LF642 starts at $21,900 that includes the scanner and 
the WIDEimage scanner software plus two years on-site service warranty in the USA. This scanner can easily 
be justified with scanning and copy requirements of around only 300 drawings!

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