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Markzware - 3/22/2007

Markzware Releases Flightcheck V6 Public Beta For Apple Macintosh

Santa Ana, CA -- March 22, 2007 -- Markzware, preflighting, and data conversion software leader, releases 
today, as a preview of Markzware’s patented world preflighting standard, the public beta of FlightCheck v6 
with QuarkXPress 7.

Markzware's CEO, Patrick Marchese states, "Many print and publishing workflows use and depend on 
FlightCheck as their comprehensive preflight solution for quality control. The FlightCheck 6 beta for the 
Macintosh has been issued to key accounts for testing since last November. We have found their comments 
very helpful. This public beta signifies that Markzware is very close to a release. We expect to ship in early to 
mid-April and welcome any comments and suggestions."

Markzware is delivering a widely available FlightCheck beta to allow customers an early chance to preview and 
test another great Markzware release. 

FlightCheck 6 Features include:

Refined Interface
Includes automatic FlightPlan switching between PDF and Native files. No more setup required to tap into the 
FlightCheck PDF preflighting capabilities. Now when you preflight a PDF file, FlightCheck will automatically switch 
to the PDF rule sets. If you then preflight a native file like an InDesign or Quark job, FlightCheck will automatically 
switch back to the preflight rule sets for native files.

QuarkXPress 7
FlightCheck 6 is now Universal Binary compatible for Native Macintosh Intel machines and allows users to 
preflight QuarkXPress v7 documents from a single and central stand-alone application.

Support for Third-Party Font Applications
FlightCheck 6 supports popular Font Management Tools, such as Extensis Suitcase Fusion, InSider Software 
Font Agent Pro, Linotype FontExplorer and Apple Font Book.

Automatic Subfolder Creation When Collecting
This new version automatically creates Fonts and Images subfolders whenever collecting jobs for print. 

Enhanced Font Searching
Users have the capability to setup customized font paths for prioritizing where fonts should be searched for first.

Enhanced Image Searching
Users have the capability to setup customized image paths for prioritizing where images should be searched for 
first. Additionally OPI detection for Color Central has been enhanced. 

PDF Preflighting
FlightCheck 6 now offers optimized performance and accuracy with PDF (v1.6) files and offers automatic 
switching of preflight rules.

Pricing and Availability
The public beta of FlightCheck Professional v6 is available immediately as a download at http://www.markzware.
com/flightcheck6_beta and is a preview software for use on a trial basis for a limited time. Markzware welcomes 
user feedback on FlightCheck Professional v6 at . 

FlightCheck Designer and/or FlightCheck Professional v6 upgrades will be available free of charge if you have 
purchased FlightCheck 5.x on or after February 1, 2007. The MSRP for Markzware FlightCheck Professional is 
$499, FlightCheck Designer is $199.

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