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Graphical Systems USA - 3/25/2007

Graphical Systems USA Releases a New Version of Imagaro Z Software

Graphical Systems USA will be demonstrating a brand new release of Imagaro Z, a powerful graphic utility 
designed to enhance the appearance of low quality artwork, in booth # 5578 at the 2007 ISA Show in Las 
Vegas April 12-14. 

Imagaro Z software helps eliminate problems often caused by low quality art. Imagaro Z dramatically reduces the 
time needed to clean-up poor quality art, increasing the productivity of most graphic design software packages. 
Tasks that typically would take hours to accomplish are reduced to minutes. Low resolution bitmaps or scanned 
images are quickly converted into fully scalable vector graphics. Using advanced "Sensedge" vectorization 
technology, what would be "jaggy" images are converted into vector graphics with nice, smooth curves, angles 
and lines. Control points are placed in much the same way as a professional graphic designer would. Finished 
graphics can easily be transferred into other graphic design software packages.

The "FontEye" typeface recognition tool identifies typefaces right from a scanned image, photograph or graphic 
file. Fonts can be identified  even if they have been compressed or stretched. A one click replacement feature
enables a quick replacement of bad looking text with clean type placed directly into the graphic or logo. This 
tool drastically reduces the time spent in searching font collections for the correct typeface, or cleaning up poor 
quality text.

A set of "smart" editing tools quickly turns imperfect objects into perfect shapes, eliminating many of the endless 
hours spent in node editing, deletion, and line adjustment. Imagaro Z quickly exports the newly vectorized graphics 
to: ai, eps, dxf, and plt formats. Illustrator or Corel users can move files seamlessly from Imagaro Z into their project 
with a one click transfer tool.

Imagaro Z is intuitive, making it quick and easy to learn so users are productive from day one. Available for 
Macintosh OS 10.2+ and Windows 98- XP and Vista,

This is a "must have" software tool for any amateur or professional graphic designer.

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