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EFI - 3/12/2007

EFI Raises the Bar on First-Time-Perfect Digital Inkjet Color

Foster City, CA - March 12, 2007 - EFI (Nasdaq: EFII), the world leader in color digital print servers, superwide 
format printers and inks, and print management solutions, today launched Version 3.1 of Colorproof XF, the 
company's industry-leading proofing and large-format production solution. Significant enhancements and 
innovative new functions deliver increased automation, efficiency, cost savings, and include: the new XF Server 
on Macintosh® OS X, delivering a complete cross-platform application for Windows® and Mac environments; an 
enhanced Dot Creator Option for screening contone data; and a superior Fiery® Option, which seamlessly integrates 
Fiery-driven devices into the Colorproof XF workflow. 

"R20;EFI Colorproof XF 3.1 is the unbeatable solution, considering its output quality, performance and flexibility 
in use on different operating systems, and is a milestone for our Mac-based production," said Daniel Ries, 
production manager at Ulrich Studios, an early customer based in Germany, where EFI maintains an engineering 
development center. "The new version of Colorproof XF can be entirely used on Mac OS X and even natively on 
Intel-Macs. Our ability to deploy Colorproof XF on Mac OS X and work in a consistent operating environment 
throughout the whole process is a significant benefit for us."

Using EFI Bestcolor® Technology, the award-winning EFI Colorproof XF transforms inkjet and laser printers into 
powerful proofing and production systems and is renowned for its outstanding performance, color quality, flexibility 
and intuitive interface.  The new XF Server on Mac OS X makes the system a complete cross-platform solution. 
Combined with its client/server architecture and modular concept, Colorproof XF offers an unprecedented level 
of customization to fit individual needs.  

"R20;Supporting EFIR17;s commitment to deliver increased automation, efficiency, and cost savings for our 
customers, Version 3.1 of our industry-leading Colorproof XF solution ensures greater freedom in work style and 
access to more applications," said Stefan Spiegel, general manager, Graphic Arts Solutions, EFI.  "Our technical 
advancements make the system more powerful to achieve higher productivity and significant time-savings; our 
customers will benefit from enhanced ease-of-use, increased customer satisfaction and greater profit potential."

Powerful new features include:

- Support for Mac OS X increases Colorproof XF's flexibility and customer requirements for consistent operating 
- Simple server/printer balancing increases the processing capability and output volume, resulting in increased 
efficiency and profitability
- Soft proof capabilities ensure that colors look the same on all monitors, reducing the costs and time associated 
with unnecessary printouts
- New functionalities, such as font checker and crop to fit, prevent incorrect output, while saving material and 
production time
- Support for the latest UGRA/Fogra media wedge v2.2, including the new media wedge for HP Z Series 
embedded spectrophotometer, and the support of the new ISO profiles (ISO Coated v2/ISI Coated v2 300/ISO 
Coated SC (ECI)) give customers access to the industry state of the art 
- Enhanced Fiery Option delivers increased functionality, productivity and output volume, allowing customers to 
benefit from a multifunctional printer pool with centralized color management
- Improved File Export Option provides an automated workflow to set up a Color Server
- Extended Dot Creator offers an alternative screening method for new application areas

EFI Colorproof XF 3.1 will be available from March 12, 2007, from certified EFI dealers and distributors. Additional 
information is available at

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