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Mutoh - 3/7/2007

Mutoh Printer Working like a Dream for Green Bay Packaging Inc.

Tulsa, OK - March 2007 - Green Bay Packaging has found the printer they were looking for with Mutoh 
America’s LT Board Printer. Mutoh is a leading manufacturer of large format printers. Green Bay Packaging 
Inc.’s Tulsa, OK division prints on corrugated displays for their customers that sell directly through suppliers 
such as Sam’s Club, Wal-Mart and Home Depot, just to name a few.  

The LT Board printer has enabled Green Bay Packaging Inc.’s Corrugated Division to complete projects in
 just 17 minutes compared to a timely two hours these print jobs had formerly taken. 

"I have had Mutoh’s LT Board Printer for over a month now, it works like a dream! I couldn’t find anything else 
that was non-toxic and that completed projects 5x’s faster than the printers we used to use," said Rick 
Goleman, Design Team Manager. 

Green Bay focuses on channeling advanced, affordable packaging solutions and has been very successful 
in achieving this goal with Mutoh’s LT Board Printer. 

Green Bay Packaging Inc. is a privately owned diversified manufacturer of paperboard packaging with 14 
corrugated box plants located throughout the central United States. Several of these divisions have already 
blocked time out to visit the Tulsa, Oklahoma location to see first hand how the LT Board Printer operates 
and saves time. 

The standard LT Board Printer can print on media up to a ½" thick, using water based dye ink with speeds up 
to 202 square feet an hour in production mode. The application process starts with printing onto the corrugated 
cardboard stock to produce the packaging and box prototypes. Then the stock is placed onto a specialty cutter
 to cut the box and perforate the bends. The box is then assembled into the proper shape and sent out for 
pre-press evaluation. The LT board printer can print on white and brown corrugated surfaces. 
For more information please visit www, or

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