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I.T. Strategies - 2/22/2007

WW Digital Color Revenues Forecast to Reach $173 Billion by 2010

Hanover, MA…February 2007… I.T. Strategies forecasts that ink jet (both narrow and wide format) and color 
electrophotography (EP) together generated worldwide revenues from sales of hardware, media and chemistry 
of $103 billion in 2005.  By 2010, total digital color revenues are forecast to reach more $173 billion, a CAGR of 
11%.  Chemistry (ink and toner), with revenues of more than $50 billion, made up almost half (49%) of all revenues 
in 2005.  By 2010, revenues from chemistry are expected to top $100 billion, representing 58% of the market 
and growing at a CAGR of 15%.  Hardware revenues will drop from 30% ($20.3 billion) of total revenues in 2005, 
to 17% ($28.5 billion) in 2010, reflecting the continuing decline in hardware pricing in all segments.

Total Digital Color Market:  Ink Jet vs. Color EP
In 2005, total ink jet revenues of $46.9 billion, made up 46% of total digital color revenues.  By 2010, the 
percentage is expected to drop to 37% ($64.1 billion) as color EP continues to grow by taking more share from 
monochrome EP printer and copier applications, as well as some offset applications.  EP revenue, growing from 
$55.7 billion in 2005 to $108.6 billion in 2010, a CAGR of 14%, is expected to continue to be the largest revenue 
driver in the digital color printing market.  According to Marco Boer, Consulting Partner at I.T. Strategies, “The 
double digital growth of electrophotography reflects the increasing page volumes and the corresponding increases 
in chemistry and media, as color electrophotography continues to replace monochrome laser printers and copiers 
and begins to take some volume from offset applications such as direct mail.”  

I.T. Strategies, Inc. is an established research and consultancy firm dedicated to serving companies in emerging 
digital printing markets.  The company delivers intelligent data, analysis, strategy, and implementation practices 
to vendors in the digital printing industry around the world.  From offices in Boston and Tokyo, I.T. Strategies 
conducts and delivers research data, offers interpretation and advice, identifies specific opportunities, and helps 
organizations implement these strategies to achieve effective solutions.

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