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Fujifilm - 2/21/2007

Fujifilm Javelin 8300 CTP Keeps Curry Printing Up and Running

Valhalla, N.Y. (February 20, 2007) - Very few things are more daunting to printers than downtime in their prepress 
department or pressroom. Business moves so quickly that minutes are important and hours can be crucial. Cody 
Curry, owner of Curry Printing in Texas, knows that all too well. 

A general commercial printer, Curry Printing serves a number of companies in a variety of industries from Dallas to 
Ft. Worth. "We do a little bit of everything," says Curry. "From business cards to annual reports and everything in 

So when the company's CTP device went down, Curry knew it was time to make a change. "Our CTP device 
went down on us one morning and we couldn't figure it out. We got it fixed the next day, but we were incredibly 
backed up," he says. That's when Curry decided to add the Javelin 8300E CTP device from Fujifilm. 

"We were so dependent on that one machine that we decided that we had to have some redundancy," explained 
Curry. "Machines will go down. It's not a question of 'if,' it's 'when.' And we just couldn't take that chance. We do 
a lot of time sensitive work and we have to make sure things run smoothly. We'd lose clients if we weren't able 
to deliver their jobs on time."

In addition to redundancy, the new Javelin 8300E also allows Curry Printing to add a 40" format to its prepress 
mix and allows for more flexibility to supply the company's five presses. 

Fujifilm's Javelin 8300E is an 8-up thermal platesetter that produces eight plates per hour at 2,400 dpi. Fujifilm's 
thermal CTP device offers a number of advantages, including sharp dots, superior run lengths and easy daylight 

"The Javelin makes an incredibly sharp dot and our clients often comment on how sharp their images are," 
Curry says. "We're extremely happy with the images that the device puts out."

The Javelin supports plates ranging from 12" x 14-9/16" to the oversized 37" x 45-21/32", including Fujifilm's 
Brillia HD processless thermal plates. The Javelin series also features an advanced, automated, lightweight 
clamping and vacuum system, which keeps plates fully secure even as the drum spins at up to 900 rpm. This 
series of CTP devices also features a large 8-up format and is able to image plates up to 37" x 45-21/32". 

Six resolution levels, ranging from 1,200 dpi to 4,000 dpi, enable users to accommodate a wide variety of jobs 
and the unique two-tray system for semi-automatic plate loading and unloading makes switching between plate 
sizes even easier. 

The Javelin series of platesetters is also compatible with Fujifilm's screening options, including both Co-Res 
Screening and Taffeta FM Screening. 

"We've been very happy with the Javelin," says Curry, "and so have our customers."

Curry Printing purchased the Javelin 8300E at the end of last year, working closely with the Fujifilm sales and 
technical teams to get the device installed, up and running. "It was a smooth process," says Curry. "In fact, it 
was a non-event, which is a VERY good thing."

A longtime Fujifilm customer, Curry Printing nominated Fujifilm as the company's vendor of the year for 2006. 
"During the holidays, we had clients sending us cards and thanking us for our hard work and that made us think 
that the situation should really be the other way around," he says. 

Curry says he and his colleagues starting discussing who they would thank and honor and, he says, "the only 
supplier we could come up with was Fujifilm."

"They just bend over backwards for us. They solve our problems, they're always here and they're always willing 
to do whatever we need. They were a unanimous decision for us."

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