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Xeikon America - 2/1/2007

Xeikon Extends Its Product Family with the Launch of the Xeikon 4000 and 5000plus

Today Xeikon launches two new digital colour printing presses: the Xeikon 4000 and the Xeikon 5000plus. 
With this, Xeikon completes its product family, following the launch of the Xeikon 6000 in September 2006 and 
is ready to approach the market with a fresh twist. During the launch event several customers will emphasise 
Xeikon’s solutions driven approach with a live demonstration of their applications. They will reveal and confirm 
Xeikon’s proven technology and excellent quality. 

The Xeikon family: mastering digital printing.

The Xeikon 4000 - Embark in first class

The new Xeikon 4000 system offers the most affordable opportunity to embark with Xeikon in digital colour printing. 
With higher quality product specifications and with a very competitive market price, this digital press is exactly 
what professional printers need to get going. They can finally meet the increasingly demanding needs of their 
customers, and see their business potential enhanced in an effortless and cost-effective way. 

The new Xeikon 4000 allows printing on a wide array of substrates and formats of 50 cm wide. It boasts 
Xeikon’s unique One-Pass-Duplex™ technology, which minimises total run time and produces perfect prints in a 
single pass. The Xeikon 4000 incorporates the X-800 DFE (Digital Front End) that combines extensive pre-press 
functionalities including a fast RIP with impressive variable data processing and collation capabilities. 
Furthermore the open, scalable and modular X-800 serves as an extra quality assurance tool. The Xeikon 4000 
uses the unique Xeikon FA (form adapted) toner delivering outstanding print quality
Siegfried Trinker, Chief Sales  and Marketing Officer adds: “More and more businesses want to step into digital 
printing, and they are right. The Xeikon 4000 is targeted exactly at those customers that are looking for a high 
class easy access opportunity to digital printing. The Xeikon 4000 is a top quality system and it is very 

The Xeikon 5000plus - Legendary trendsetter

The renowned Xeikon 5000 has been improved with numerous developments to make the Xeikon 5000plus 
continue to set the trend. This enhanced digital press incorporates Xeikon’s One-Pass-Duplex™ technology 
and DFE for high levels of productivity and quality. It also includes the Xeikon FA  toner  range for vibrant 
colours. The Xeikon 5000plus comes standard with a variable web input module, offering customers a unique 
format and substrate flexibility. The Xeikon 5000plus can be upgraded at the customer site to an unbeatable 
Xeikon 6000 whenever a customer feels ready to go for the best.

The Xeikon 6000 - Proven outperformer

Launched in September 2006, the Xeikon 6000 is at the head of the Xeikon family, outperforming competitive 
products in the market in every possible way. This fully featured digital press offers dazzling speeds of 160 pages 
per minute and a never seen level of productivity and reliability. The Xeikon 6000 duty cycle can reach up to 5 
million equivalent A4/month in a 7 day per week operation. With Xeikon’s FA toner, DFE and variable web input 
module as standard, the Xeikon 6000 outperforms in colour, quality, flexibility, variability, and productivity.

The Xeikon 330 - Matchless label printing

Completing the Xeikon family, is the very successful Xeikon 330. It is designed for matchless label printing and 
special applications such as transfer printing. 

Together, these digital colour printing presses form the Xeikon family, all designed and delivered to our customers 
to master digital printing. Siegfried Trinker concludes:  “With the launch of the Xeikon systems family and the new 
Xeikon 4000 in particular, we are responding to a strong request from our customers and prospects to make the 
Xeikon concept available to a broader audience. From whatever perspective, this family of digital presses offers
businesses with growth potential the most opportune solution. The company that enjoys a starting digital growth 
with a need to increase production capacity can appreciate the top quality and very affordable Xeikon 4000. 
The very high volume digital printer will be happy to find all the performance there is on the market compiled in 
the Xeikon 6000. The Xeikon 5000plus as an intermediate solution can be upgraded to a Xeikon 6000 any time 
at the customer’s location. This family of products has a blooming future ahead.”

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