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Fujifilm - 1/16/2007

FUJIFILM Dimatix Introduces New Corporate Brand Identity and Logo

Santa Clara, Calif., January 16, 2007 - FUJIFILM Dimatix, Inc. today introduced its new corporate brand
identity and logo. The FUJIFILM brand has been incorporated into the Dimatix brand and logo following the
acquisition of Dimatix, Inc. by FUJIFILM Corporation in 2006. FUJIFILM Dimatix combines FUJIFILM's materials 
science and printing know-how with Dimatix's distinguished heritage of developing and manufacturing
innovative ink jet printing solutions. 

"FUJIFILM Dimatix is accelerating the use of ink jetting across a broad range of markets and 
applications," said John Batterton, CEO of FUJIFILM Dimatix. "We are continuing our more than 20-year 
tradition of providing the industry's most reliable and robust ink jet printing solutions. Now we have FUJIFILM's 
endorsement and solid foundation to help take our technology and products to the next level. We will continue 
to address the printing and imaging markets through our SpectraT printhead products, and the electronics, 
electronic displays, RFID, bioscience, and other markets through our Dimatix materials deposition micropump

On May 16, 2005, Spectra, Inc., changed its corporate name to Dimatix, Inc. and introduced its corporate 
brand. The Spectra name is well-respected worldwide for its industrial piezoelectric ink jet printheads, 
assemblies, components and systems used in a variety of industrial and commercial printing and imaging 
applications. Its name change, after 20 years of operation, reflected the significant expansion of Spectra's 
business into ink jet solutions for high-performance precision deposition of traditional and nanoparticle fluids for 
emerging applications. Spectra remains as the brand name of ink jet printheads and components for industrial 
printing applications from FUJIFILM Dimatix. 

The FUJIFILM Dimatix brand name and logo were carefully chosen to reflect ideas, themes and colors to 
depict various aspects of the company and its business. The name Dimatix is a compilation of several words 
used to describe both imaging and materials aspects of the Dimatix business. The name Dimatix is specifically 
derived from: Direct Imaging Transfer (Printing) or Direct Materials Transfer (Deposition).

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