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Pantone - 11/27/2006

Pantone View Colour Planner Indicates a Shift to Simplicity for Summer 2008

Pantone, Inc., the global authority on color and provider of professional color standards for the design industries, 
today announced the release of the summer 2008 edition of the PANTONE View Colour Planner, its cross-
discipline color forecasting tool, titled “Letting Go.” 

Summer 2008 embodies gradual transformation and a shift toward minimalism. While there are no rules in the 
traditional sense, next season will offer designers escape from fear of plainness and a new acceptance of the 
power of nothingness. Simplicity isn’t a trend, it’s a necessity.

According to Pantone’s research, the world of design and merchandising is reacting to a new need for social 
responsibility and mindful spending. As consumers move away from conspicuous, flamboyant expenditure, they 
are embracing an attitude of caring, consciousness and relaxation. 

“The design industry depends on Pantone to provide color direction,” explains Tod Schulman, vice president of 
the Fashion, Home and Interiors division at Pantone. “The PANTONE View Colour Planner forecasts color 18 
to 24 months ahead of each season. For 2008, Pantone recognizes that a new sense of consumer refinement 
and enlightenment will be reflected in color choices across all product areas. Understatement will be in.”

PANTONE View Colour Planner showcases eight palettes for use in women’s wear, menswear, active wear, 
cosmetics, interiors, industrial design and graphics. Each palette expresses independence from the others, but 
all contain elements that complement one another and work in a melodious manner:
? Escape into the magical worlds of botany and tropical vacations where sea, sun and mountains help us 
explore ice-like blues with a summertime feel. 
? Running away from fear of Emptiness and letting the power of nothingness and simplicity free us to enjoy a 
natural minimalism in color. 
? Meditation reflects the feeling of comfort, purification and peace. A mystical palette of hybrid blues is full of 
? Avoid rush and just Rest. Reach for refreshment and regeneration through green shades related to aniseed, 
chlorophyll and menthol. 
? A palette whose inspiration is found in the world of Dreams offers unrealistic pleasure derived from decorative 
yellows, orange, russets and gold. 
? A diverse mix of ideas arises from Re-energized, semi-bright shades evocative of citrus fruits and summer flowers. 
? Take time to contemplate the beauty of fine objects and rare paintings. Relax and enjoy Thoughtful moments 
of quietude amid Asian spice shades. 
? An ecstatic feeling of well-being and Euphoria soothe the soul with pale pastels giving way to a childlike, 
minimalist interpretation.
The PANTONE View Colour Planner is based on the PANTONE for fashion and home color system, the most 
widely used and recognized color standard in the world. It is produced by a team of leading visionaries from all 
over the world with expertise in different disciplines, providing a comprehensive color forecasting service for 
multiple design areas, including men’s and women’s apparel, beauty, interior and industrial design. Within each 
of the season’s most directional color palettes, a general introduction outlines the colors included and the 
philosophy behind them. In addition, a specific breakdown of each palette covers harmonies, suggested color 
combinations, and suitable patterns and fabrics according to end use. Individual 2”x2” color swatch cards for all 
60 colors are also included.

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