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Ink2Image - 1/3/2007

Ink2Image Named North American Distributor for Nazdar's Lyson

Glenview, IL — Ink2Image, a Glenview, IL-based distributor of digital inks, media, bulk-feed systems, and related 
products to the photography and fine arts industry, has been appointed by Nazdar as the exclusive North 
American distributor for Nazdar’s Lyson branded inks and products for the photography and fine arts markets. 
Shawnee, KS-based Nazdar, the largest manufacturer of screen printing inks in the United States, acquired 
Lyson in the first quarter of 2006.
“The establishment of Ink2Image assures photographers and artists of an ongoing source of products and 
information dedicated to achieving cost-efficiency while maintaining or improving the image quality necessary to 
compete in these demanding markets,” says Tony Martin, Ink2Image’s founder and President, and former head 
of Lyson’s US operations. “For photographers and artists, Lyson is synonymous with the finest quality in digital 
ink and image reproduction. Our partnership with Nazdar assures them that the products they have come to rely 
on will be at hand when they need them, and that they will be quickly apprised as new products are developed. 
Now that Lyson resides in the Nazdar portfolio, the innovation that Lyson is known for should gather even more 
momentum. The times ahead are exciting.”
According to Richard Bowles, Vice President and General Manager of Nazdar, “As Tony is known and 
respected within the photo and fine arts markets—and among our customers in those markets—Ink2Image is 
well-positioned to help us take our Lyson branded products to new heights in these high profile segments. I 
concur with Tony’s statement about the future; we believe it will be very bright for the Nazdar/Ink2Image 

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