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LexJet - 12/18/2006

LexJet Named Direct Sales Force for FLEXcon’s Imaging Materials for Wide-Format Digital Printing

Sarasota, Florida.-- In their ongoing efforts to provide the widest range of product solutions to wide-format 
printing companies, LexJet and FLEXcon announce that LexJet has been named the direct sales force for 
FLEXcon’s renowned line of imaging products for wide-format digital printing technologies.

“Adding FLEXcon’s imaging films to the LexJet portfolio effectively rounds out our product offering,” explained 
Dean Lambert, LexJet’s vice president. “LexJet now has a solution for virtually any wide-format digital printing 
application and printing technology.”

FLEXcon manufactures graphic films, adhesives, and laminates for use in transit advertising, point-of-purchase 
displays, promotions, graphic advertising for floors, wall murals, window graphics, and more. FLEXcon’s line of 
printable films, including vinyls, are compatible with UV-curable, solvent, and low-solvent printing technologies.

“LexJet brings the wide-format digital imaging industry’s best customer service and overall knowledge to our 
wide-format digital product line,” said Michael J. Kelliher, FLEXcon’s executive vice president of sales and 
marketing. “Like FLEXcon, LexJet is dedicated to quick service response and product delivery, with technical 
and application expertise and support. That makes them an ideal company for FLEXcon to join forces with and
the best choice for FLEXcon’s customers. We’re quite comfortable in the knowledge that our customers will 
continue to receive first-class treatment through a direct relationship with LexJet.”

LexJet will begin selling and supporting FLEXcon’s wide-format digital products in December 2006.

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