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Drytac - 11/8/2006

Drytac's New Blockout Adhesive Allows Re-use of Mounting Substrates

Richmond - Drytac has introduced a new mounting adhesive that saves money by allowing the reuse of mount 
boards without adding significant thickness to the graphic. New BlackTac pressure-sensitive adhesive was 
specifically engineered to mount new graphics over old graphics with no show through. This practice can 
create significant savings when using more expensive mounting materials such as Sintra® and Gatorfoam®.

This innovative new finishing product consists of Drytac’s solvent acrylic pressure-sensitive adhesive coated on 
both sides of a white polypropylene carrier. The adhesive on the exposed side is semi-clear, while the reverse 
side is a deep black light-blocking opaque. The opaque side blocks out the color from previously mounted images, 
while the white side provides a bright backup for newly mounted graphics. The white surface actually intensifies 
the colors of the newly mounted image.

BlackTac is available in 51" x 328’ (1300mm x100m) rolls.

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