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NuSign Supply, Inc. - 11/10/2006

NuSign Supply Presents d-gen Teleios Digital Direct Textile Printer

NuSign Supply, Inc. and d-gen International, Inc. are proud to announce that NuSign Supply will be the master 
distributor for the d-gen line of printers in the United States and Canada. NuSign showcased the d-gen Teleios
Digital Direct Textile Printer at the SGIA 2006 Expo in Las Vegas and the IFAI 2006 Expo in Atlanta. 

The d-gen Teleios printer is a unique advancement in technology because of its patented synchronized cylinder 
media feeding system and a built-in heat fixation unit that is managed by an integrated controller. The Teleios 
prints directly to polyester fabric using eight Epson print heads and dual CMYK textile ink at resolutions up to 720dpi.  

The machine's ability to print directly on fabrics means there is no need to buy transfer paper. The built-in heat 
fixation unit means there is no need for two separate machines. The d-gen Teleios will save time, labor, and 
consumables by allowing unattended synchronized printing and fixation of polyester fabric at speeds up to 409 
sq. ft per hour. 

"The sky is the limit with the d-gen Teleios digital direct textile printer," says Melissa Ackerman, Marketing 
Coordinator for NuSign Supply. Proprietary technology ensures bright, saturated colors on both sides of the 
fabric and makes the d-gen Teleios a perfect solution for flags, banners, trade show graphics, awnings, 
umbrellas, table cloths, interior decoration, and more. Available in 74-inch and 102-inch models, a built-in bulk 
ink system and d-gen version of Wasatch SoftRIP are bundled with the Teleios printer.

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