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EFI - 11/7/2006

SPG Graphics Deploys Suite of EFI Solutions

Foster City, Calif. - Nov. 7, 2006 - EFI (Nasdaq: EFII), the world leader in color digital print servers, superwide 
format printers and inks, and print management solutions, today announced that its integrated solutions play a 
critical role in the success of Indianapolis-based commercial printer SPG Graphics, a member of the Harding 
Poorman Group.  A PSI management system user since 1994, the company was seeking ways to improve 
efficiencies and put more tools in the hands of its customers. SPG Graphics worked with EFI to enhance its 
data infrastructure by integrating a series of applications with PSI, including MyDC for shop floor data capture, 
PrinterSite® Internal to streamline job estimating and order entry, PrintFlow® for dynamic job scheduling, 
PrinterSite Exchange to make it easy for customers to access and customize a catalog of materials, and 
PrinterSite Fulfillment to better manage its growing fulfillment operation.

Having deployed a suite of EFI solutions, SPG Graphics has full access to real-time data which allows it to 
better manage its business on multiple levels: Employees have the information they need to excel in their jobs;
managers can quickly assess a wide range of metrics to make informed decisions; and customers can follow 
the progress of their jobs online 24/7, eliminating the need for multiple phone calls and taking away the mystery I
n the job production process.  As a result, the company has doubled its sales in the last three years and is 
growing same store sales at 30 percent year-over-year, well in excess of industry averages.  Because of its 
ability to efficiently manage every aspect of its operation with the EFI suite of solutions, SPG Graphics is 
comfortable standing by its commitment of on time or it’s free, a truly unique value proposition in the graphic 
communications industry.

David Harding, president and CEO of Harding Poorman Group, comments on the type of customer who can 
benefit from their innovative operations: "The best customers are those who are willing to let us help them sleep 
better at night.  If we have done that, they will be loyal. We believe our model is working as evidenced by our 
growth, and EFI is a big part of that.  EFI has been a great partner, is willing to let us stretch our wings, and is 
quick to resolve any issues that arise."

SPG Graphics points to the reengineering of its scheduling process as a key part of its current success. Mike 
O’Keefe, Harding Poorman’s Manager of Information Systems, says, "Like many shops, we were using a schedule 
board, posting printed or handwritten cards and shifting them every time we needed to make a schedule change.  
That was very labor intensive.  We first utilized PSI scheduling to get a feel for how electronic scheduling would 
work for us, and once we got an understanding, we migrated to EFI’s PrintFlow dynamic scheduling solution.  It 
is a great package from day one, we had no issues at all, and it improved our scheduling, on-time and capacity 
far more than we ever expected."

Harding Poorman Group has 130 employees and anticipates 2006 revenues of $18 to $19 million.  For more 
information about EFI solutions, please visit or contact 800-875-7117.

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