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GCC America Incorporated - 11/8/2006

GCC Introduces New Flatbed Printer

GCC America used the recent SGIA show in Las Vegas to introduce its newest UV flatbed printer to the North 
American market.  The StellarJET 183 is a 72-inch flatbed printer capable of printing four colors on rigid media 
up to 1 inch thick or on role media with the optional roll feed and take-up module.  It has two native resolutions: 
360 x 360 dpi and 720 x 720 dpi with production speeds up to 460 ft.² an hour.  The StellarJET 183 will also be 
field upgradeable to include new production features that will be available in early 2007.  These include two 
additional color channels for printing Lc, Lm, white, spot, varnish, etc.  The additional color channels, when 
used for Lc and Lm, will produce an apparent resolution of 1440 x 1440 dpi at the same production speed as 
the 720 x 720 dpi setting.

The StellarJET 183 is priced at $70,000 and is currently available for sale.  Shipments and installations will 
begin in January 2007.

In addition to the StellarJET 183, GCC America introduced the StellarJET 250 earlier this year.  The StellarJET 
250 is a 98 seven-color combination UV printer that prints on rigid media up to 2-inches thick as well as roll media.  
The suggested list price of the complete StellarJET 250 system is $200,000.

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