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3P InkJet Textiles - 10/30/2006

3P's SubliDirect line - fabrics for maximum output quality

Produce high quality display and signage prints up to 122 inches wide easily and absolutely reliable with the 
SubliDirect line of 3P InkJet Textiles Corp. SubliDirect Flag FR (IQ-IJ619), SubliDirect Flag (IQ-IJ 621), the 
crease-resistant SubliDirect Display FR (IQ-IJ 625) and the lightweight SubliDirect Taft FR (IQ-IJ 629) can be 
printed directly with water-based sublimation inks. All fabrics are qualified for indoor as well as outdoor use. For 
use in public buildings or during events however textile advertising displays shall meet the requirements according 
to DIN 4102 B1 or NFPA 701. The fabrics, which are marked with "FR" are flame retardant and passed the 
German or the US fire tests for flame-resistant textiles. 

The perfect combination of 3P textile and sublimation printing technology allow for complete control of output 
quality. Therefore printing results are simply repeatable and reproducible. 3P InkJet Textiles Corp. developed the 
unique SubliDirect coating especially for high-speed sublimation printers like DuPont Artistri 3320 & 2020, d.gen 
Telios and TexPress DSS 1800 II distributed by LexJet. These printers need optimized fabrics for optimal and 
efficient production. The SubliDirect fabrics accept full ink coverage and offer a wide color gamut. Because of 
its high color saturation the print results show deeper and richer tones. The coating ensures also clear contours, 
fine lines and accurate color reproduction.

3P InkJet Textiles Corp. recommends this new line for point-of-purchase advertising, banners, exhibition graphics, 
wall murals, stage graphics and flags. All these media are available in 61 or 98 inches width.

In extensive trials 3P realized with their SubliDirect line first class quality prints and could demonstrate their 
expertise. The appearance, feel, durability, and quality will satisfy anyone's needs.

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