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EFI - 10/31/2006

EFI Ensures the Best Color for Smithsonian Photography Exhibit

Foster City, Calif. - Oct. 31, 2006 - EFI (Nasdaq: EFII), the world leader in digital color print servers, superwide 
format printers and inks, and print management solutions, today announced that Reston, Va.-based visual arts 
consultancy Prestige Graphics Inc. relied on Colorproof XF, EFI’s Bestcolor®-driven, scalable and versatile 
client/server- based proofing platform, to create the Nature’s Best Photography Awards Exhibit. At the 
Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History in Washington, D.C. from Nov. 10, 2006 through Mar. 25, 
2007, the 5000 square foot exhibit features 87 individual full-color photographs with dimensions ranging from 
two by three to four by six feet.

The quarterly Nature’s Best Photography magazine offers a showcase presentation of nature recorded by the 
world’s leading photographers, naturalists, and adventurers. For the 2006 Nature’s Best Photography Awards 
annual competition, photographers of all ages, cultures, and levels of experience from 28 countries submitted 
more than 12,000 images. Using Colorproof XF software and the Canon imagePROGRAF iPF9000 large format 
color production printer, Prestige Graphics showcases the 87 winning photographs with brilliant color fidelity at 
the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History. Last year, the museum welcomed more than 5.6 million 
people, making it the most visited natural history museum in the world.

"I rely on Colorproof XF to accomplish Prestige Graphics’ mission with every project - to provide a gateway for 
people to enjoy the beauty and serenity of nature by engineering a superior product to showcase the work of the 
most talented photographers and conservationists in the world," said Mark McCall, president and owner of 
Prestige Graphics. "The Nature’s Best Photography Awards exhibit at the Smithsonian is a crowning achievement 
for Prestige Graphics and EFI’s Colorproof XF is the only proofing solution I would trust for it the color fidelity I’m
able to produce is amazing; far surpassing what I could do with anything else."

An adept professional, McCall has more than 19 years of direct hands-on experience in pre-press with an 
emphasis on color correction. He has produced some of the finest images and publications on the market today, 
utilizing his extensive background in color, combined with today’s color management technology. 

"This is the fourth consecutive year I’ve been contracted by Nature's Best Photography magazine to print the 
winning photographs for their Smithsonian exhibit, and I’m sure that Colorproof XF is a large part of the reason 
Prestige Graphics has been asked back," added McCall. "With strong features that enable us to accurately and 
efficiently control color profiles, Colorproof XF empowers us to meet the rigorous demands, and in fact exceed 
the expectations of, the world-class publication for this prestigious exhibit." 

Awarded a coveted Must See ‘Em award at the 2006 Graph Expo conference, Colorproof XF is designed for 
print and prepress professionals, publishers and creatives. Colorproof XF Version 3.0 includes a new output 
option for gravure printers, a new production option for wide format production environments and the Fiery 
Option, fully integrating Fiery controller technology, which is used by more than 14 million customers worldwide. 
The Fiery Option readily incorporates color values from Colorproof XF into a Fiery workflow, ensuring that 
consistent color is delivered across any Fiery-driven output device. 

Prestige Graphics found the Colorproof XF Color Manager Option invaluable as the company executed this 
project. This feature enhances RGB workflows for photographic applications and allows the creation of device 
link profiles based on up to three different ICC profiles (including Version 4 of the International Color Consortium 
standard). The Color Manager Option supports multi-color profiles for inkjet printers for example CMYK + orange + 
green, so McCall was able to accurately depict precisely the colors that the award-winning nature photographs 
captured.  Colorproof XF also allows printing an entire picture only in black ink. Using the pure black of the printer,
Colorproof XF achieves high quality greyscales, avoiding black shades from a mixture of cyan, magenta and yellow. 

Colorproof XF can also process six-color input and simulation profiles.  EFI Colorproof XF enabled Prestige 
Graphics to create proofs that closest match ‘real-world’ press output.  McCall was able to define the first 
printable dot, according to the characteristics of their specific press, and also simulate the ‘noise’ intensity 
arising from their particular ink/paper/press combination.  

"Prestige Graphics use of Colorproof XF technology to create the Nature’s Best Photography Smithsonian 
National Museum of Natural History exhibit, illustrating and celebrating the beauty of nature certainly supports 
EFI’s intent for the platform," said Stefan Spiegel, general manager, Graphic Arts Solutions, EFI. "Our goal is to 
continually empower our customers with increased automation, efficiency, and cost savings, and it’s gratifying to
be a part of Mark’s success as he delivers the highest quality for his clients."

Colorproof XF is sold through certified EFI dealers and distributors. Prestige Graphics works with Chromaticity, Inc., 
based in Grand Rapids, Mich., a value-added distributor specializing in providing best-in-class print technologies.  
More information about Chromaticity is available at or 616-361-7773.

More information regarding Prestige Graphics Inc. is available at and 703-435-5540.

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