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Hewlett Packard Company - 10/31/2006

King Displays Creates Broadway Buzz with the Broad Portfolio of HP Large- and Super-wide Format Printers

Palo Alto, Calif., October 31, 2006 - HP today announced that New York City sign shop King Displays has 
expanded its offerings by adding new super-wide-format printing technology from HP’s postcard-to-billboard 
graphic arts portfolio.  The company has installed a new HP Scitex XL1500 printer, which joins the firm’s HP 
Designjet 9000s and two HP Designjet 5000 printers, all used to create the traffic-stopping pieces on Broadway 
that captivate show-goers and tourists alike.

"HP’s portfolio of graphic arts technologies, including HP Designjet and HP Scitex printers, are designed to 
help customers make a big impression with top-quality images, high productivity, and outstanding value," said 
Stephen Nigro, senior vice president, Graphics and Imaging Business, HP.  "King Displays in particular is a great 
example of how HP technologies help our customers build their businesses for the future."

King Displays produces as much as 90 percent of Broadway show signage, meeting a growing need for the
cost-effective production of high-quality large format graphics.  Founded in 1938 in New York City, King Displays 
has become a successful family-owned and operated commercial sign shop, capturing the vast majority of 
Broadway theaters’ business with the creation of theatrical marquee displays, front house posters, cast pictures 
and more.  

"HP has been very responsive to our input on both the large-format and grand-format equipment. I’ve been 
very pleased with the quality, reliability and durability of all of our HP printers," said Wayne Sapper, president 
of King Displays.  "As a company we are always ready to deliver any job, and with HP printing equipment we 
are consistently able to meet our clients’ expectations for top image quality and turnaround time."

Proven printing technology from HP

Excellent print quality remains a top priority for King Displays to withstand the intense scrutiny of the entertainment 
industry experts.  With tight turnaround deadlines on theatrical print jobs, print equipment reliability is another 
critical concern to the firm.  

King Displays relies on two HP Designjet 5000 printers with pigmented HP ink for the production of top quality 
indoor pieces.  Cast photos are printed on the HP Designjet 5000 and then mounted on boards located in a 
theater’s foyer or in display cases at the front of the venue. 

HP printers reliably deliver top image quality

In early 2006, the company acquired an HP Designjet 9000s series printer, which enables fast delivery of durable, 
high-quality signs and banners that resist fading for up to three years, even in adverse conditions. The HP 
Designjet 9000s’ low-solvent inks and media produce vivid colors for a robust, comprehensive solution.

"The HP Designjet 9000s is perfect for producing the lobby wall graphics or barricade graphics because it prints 
so well on pressure-sensitive vinyl, which can withstand rain and lots of handling," said Sapper. "We print a lot 
of straight vinyl banners on this printer too, and we’re delighted with its ability to handle fabrics. It has opened 
up a lot of options for us to offer our Broadway clients new eye-catching, robust displays."

King Displays recently purchased the HP Scitex XL1500 for printing stage scenery onto canvas because the 
printer’s intense colors can withstand powerful lighting and do not fade.  The HP Scitex XL1500 digital printing 
system offers easy switching between four, six, and eight colors; long-lasting vibrant color; fine text; zero gap 
between files; and a high quality-to-speed ratio. Printing in high-quality or draft mode, in almost any size, format 
or media, the HP Scitex XL1500 enables the production of virtually any close- or long-viewing application.

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