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The Industry Measure - 10/24/2006

The Industry Measure Printing Forecast 2007 Examines The Past Year

New York - October 24, 2006 - The Industry Measure today released its special report, "Printing Forecast 2007: 
The Industry Measure Perspective on the Challenges and Opportunities for the Printing Industry in the Next 12 
Months and Beyond," the Industry Measure's annual look at the year ahead for printers, their clients, and their 
suppliers. The 193-page report analyzes the prevailing economic environment, the current state of the printing 
industry (drawing on both U.S. government data as well as The Industry's Measure's own 12-year historical 
database of survey results), and details the major forces the industry will have to contend with in the next year. 
"Printing Forecast 2007" also takes a close-up look at the most resent Industry Measure survey results on such 
hot industry topics as workflow automation, off-shoring of print, digital and variable-data printing, and more. The 
report also presents The Industry Measure's latest investment projections for more than 200 equipment, 
hardware, and software categories.

"Printing Forecast 2007" supplements its analysis of the printing industry with snapshots of the print-buying 
markets-graphic design and production firms and publishing companies-that The Industry Measure surveys 
regularly. The detailed examination of the creative markets puts the printing industry snapshot data in perspective, 
as the business and media trends and changes taking place in print-buying markets naturally affect the potential 
health of print providers. "Printing Forecast 2007" also provides a comprehensive look at current media trends 
and how new media technologies and platforms, and an increasing emphasis on multi-channel marketing, will 
likely impact the demand for print in both the near term and the long term. 

Upcoming special reports will provide The Industry Measure's annual forecasts of the design and production 
and publishing markets.

Industry Measure reports are available for online purchase at the Industry Measure eStore in PDF format 

Researcher's Comments

"Business conditions for the printing industry have stabilized in the past two years, but more turmoil lies ahead. 
What trends are driving these business conditions? How will these trends play out in the next year? What 
can-and what should-companies in the industry do to better cope and succeed? The Industry Measure is in 
the unique position of being able to draw not only on data on the markets that produce print, but also data on 
the markets that buy print. It's this '360-degree' view of the entire market for print media that gives the 'Printing 
Forecast 2007" its complete picture."


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