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Graphics One LLC - 10/19/2006

Graphics One Announces Opticoat 6 Level Technology for GO dMax 4 PRO Inkjet Color Separation Film

Burbank, California-October, 2006-Graphics One, LLC (GO), an international distributor dedicated to providing 
innovative, high quality products to digital imaging professionals, is launching its new Opticoat technology with 
GO dMax 4 PRO film for the screen print market. GO's Opticoat technology is comprised of a six level coating 
process, starting with a base 4 mil polyester base make up the six layer process film of the highest quality. Four 
additional steps on the recipient side (density primer, absorption layer for dot control, waterproof layer and 
microporous coating) along with an antistatic coating on the reverse side of the film.

Designed to provide optimum results with piezo inkjets using either dye or pigment based inks, GO dMax 4 PRO 
combined with Wasatch SoftRIP and a piezo inkjet printer, provides an inexpensive way for screen printers to 
migrate to imaging digital color separations.

GO’s dMax 4 PRO film is a direct positive waterproof film with quick drying capability. As the developer of the 
new Opticoat 4 coating technology, GO’s dMax 4 PRO film meets the most demanding requirements of screen 
printers who are interested in using their inkjets for imaging color separations. With a thickness of 4 mils and 
Opticoat coating technology that controls dot gain, UV characteristics, and drying, dMax 4 PRO is perfect for 
color separation. Manufactured for use with piezo printers, GO dMax 4 PRO Film offers a Visual dMax of 4.0, a 
UV dmax of 3.7 and a dMin of .07.

Offered in a variety of sizes in sheets or rolls, including, 8.6"x11"; 11"x17"; 13"x18"; 17"x100’; 24"x100’; 
42"x100’, GO’s dMax 4 PRO provides unlimited usage for the screen print market. Interested parties may call 
Graphics One at +1-877GRAPHS1(+1-877-472-7471) or email to request a catalog. 
Graphics One is offering GO dMax 4 Pro film worldwide.

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