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MacDermid ColorSpan, Inc. - 10/16/2006

MacDermid ColorSpan Announces Price Reductions on World’s Most Popular UV Inkjet Printers

Minneapolis, MN - MacDermid ColorSpan, Inc., an innovator and leader in the wide-format color inkjet printer 
market, today announced significant price reductions for their mid-range, 72-inch and 98-inch UV-curable inkjet 
printers, the DisplayMaker 72uvr, DisplayMaker 72uvx and DisplayMaker 98uvx. These new prices, effective 
October 16, 2006, are a result of volume-based reduction in materials costs and improved efficiencies in 
manufacturing processes. 

                                                U.S.A. MSPR 
        Previous        New Price                         
DisplayMaker 72uvr        $74,995        $69,995 
DisplayMaker 72uvx        $89,995        $79,995 
DisplayMaker 98uvx        $104,995        $89,995         

Bruce Butler, director of marketing, stated, "Since we began shipping our first UV-curable inkjet printers just 20 
months ago, we have been very pleased with their adoption rate around the world. With over 800 units installed, 
they eclipse any other manufacturer, even those who had a few years head start. It is that popularity that has 
allowed us to reduce the prices of these printers making them an even better value to our customers."

The 72-inch and 98-inch wide UV-curable printers feature award-winning 600-dpi quality, fast print speeds (up 
to 438 square feet per hour) and low cost of operation. The printers are configured for roll-to-roll operation for 
unattended printing and flatbed printing for printing directly to rigid sheets. 

Each of the DisplayMaker printers include in their selling price; a start up set of 4 liters of SolaChrome-UV inks, 
600 square feet of banner vinyl, installation, training and a one-year on-site warranty. Prices are valid in the U.S.A. 
only will vary in other territories.

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