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Jetrion - 10/11/2006

Crown and Jetrion to Build A Full Scale Production System Prototype

Ypsilanti, MI - October 11, 2006 - Crown Holdings, Inc. (NYSE: CCK) and Jetrion LLC, today announced the 
launch of a full-scale production system prototype to produce the world’s first high-resolution, full-color UV inkjet 
printed cans.  

The decision to advance the technology to a full-scale prototype follows an intensive feasibility and testing 
phase of the joint development program conducted by the two companies. Over the past 12 months, the 
technology was employed in printing ultra high-resolution color images on coated metal blanks using Jetrion’s
proprietary flexible and formable color UV inkjet inks. The printed blanks were then formed by traditional 
manufacturing processes into three-piece cans that were subjected to Crown’s stringent tests for quality, durability 
and abrasion resistance. In test after test, the printed results consistently met Crown’s rigorous standards at every 
evaluation level. 

Dr. Daniel Abramowicz, executive vice president, Technology and Regulatory Affairs of Crown Holdings, Inc., 
and president of CROWN Packaging Technology, said, "Our tests successfully demonstrated the readiness of 
this exciting new technology for the next move into a full-scale production prototype that will become the first 
commercial unit for UV digital color inkjet printing of metal packaging. We’re on the threshold of offering our 
customers the advantages of a breakthrough technology that enables new consumer marketing strategies by 
providing cost-effective short runs, tighter lead times, faster turnaround and targeted promotions with versioned 
messaging and personalization."

Dr. Kenneth Stack, president of Jetrion LLC, noted, "The decision to build a full-scale production system prototype 
marks a major achievement for the Crown and Jetrion teams that have jointly developed this new high-resolution 
digital UV inkjet technology for can production. The vision, expertise and experience of our two companies have 
combined to produce an extraordinary advance in package manufacturing capabilities.  The commitment to build 
the production prototype underscores Crown’s confidence in Jetrion’s inkjet ink and printer technology, and provides 
a platform for continued research and development of innovative products that open new markets for color digital 
inkjet production."

Jetrion’s prototype for the test phase was a single-pass drop-on-demand (DOD) inkjet system that produced 
exceptionally high quality full-color images on a coated metal substrate. The full-scale prototype capable of 
production speeds will be built by Jetrion in the United States and delivered to a Crown manufacturing facility in 

The joint development project has resulted in a number of trade secrets and patents that are pending on various 
aspects of the technology. Crown and Jetrion expect to review certain additional markets and applications for 
licensing where the technology may have potential. 

The prototype printing system represents one of many advancements in industrial color inkjet printing under 
development at Jetrion. The company is capitalizing on expertise and success in wide-format color printing, 
and has established its position as a leader in inkjet packaging printing.

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