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Kodak - 10/4/2006

Kodak’s Graph Expo Exhibit Features Innovative, Comprehensive Portfolio for Partnering with Print Providers

Rochester, N.Y., Oct. 4 - At Graph Expo and Converting Expo, Kodak (booth #400) will demonstrate how 
Kodak innovation, coupled with the power of print, helps companies achieve marketing and business results. 
Print service providers will see how the industry’s broadest and most innovative portfolio enables them to offer 
the services and capabilities that meet their customers’ needs and expectations. Graph Expo takes place Oct. 
15 - 18 at McCormick Place in Chicago.

A combination of product introductions and proven solutions in workflow, digital printing, inkjet printing, thermal 
computer to plate (CTP), and color proofing technologies will be highlighted in Kodak’s booth. Kodak will feature 
innovative new solutions in commercial print, packaging, direct mail and TransPromo, as well as exciting new 
capabilities in the KODAK MARKETMOVER program. As visitors move through the exhibit, they’ll learn how 
KODAK solutions can enable print service providers to produce industry leading marketing services and collateral 
through the use of an illustrative campaign for a typical retailer named Sport Shop.

"At Graph Expo, we’ll spotlight applications that emphasize why print endures stronger than ever as a highly 
effective medium for meeting a range of marketing, communication and business challenges," said Kevin Joyce, 
Managing Director, United States and Canada Region, Kodak’s Graphic Communications Group. "Through the 
Kodak exhibit, print providers will see how print can help their clients create marketing campaigns that are 
unique and relevant to recipients, and therefore deliver results. And Kodak’s innovative solutions make it easier 
and faster to produce these jobs, increasing their shops’ volume, productivity and profitability."

Commercial Print

The commercial print area of Kodak’s booth features products, solutions and ideas for making print more dynamic. 
The section highlights KODAK Unified Workflow solutions, which provide an end to end digital infrastructure for 
printing that integrates business, production, color, and data workflows using innovative software tools, open 
standards and intelligent automation. Workflow product launches include the KODAK PRINERGY 4.0 workflow 
system, which delivers unprecedented control and automation to Unified Workflows, and KODAK PROFILE 
WIZARD 4.0 color management software for effectively controlling accurate color throughout the workflow. 
KODAK Web-to-Unified Print software, an exciting new web to print solution, based on KODAK InSite and 
PRINERGY technologies, will be introduced as a technology demonstration at Graph Expo. 

Other Unified Workflow solutions include: KODAK PREPS 5.2 imposition software; KODAK UPFRONT 
production planning software; KODAK InSite software, a Web portal for prepress; the KODAK MATCHPRINT 
Virtual proofing option, a SWOP certified color proofing solution for extending color process control throughout 
InSite workflows; and KODAK Prepare software for PDF creation. 

Kodak will also launch the KODAK COLORFLOW technology architecture for seamlessly communicating, 
controlling, and confirming color across multiple devices through enhanced connectivity, improved predictability 
and the elimination of errors.

The KODAK NEXPRESS 2500 digital production color press will be featured prominently in the commercial print 
area. The NEXPRESS 2500 press, which offers the highest levels of modularity and flexibility, will be shown with 
the new inline booklet maker, KODAK NEXGLOSSER glossing unit and the KODAK NEXSTATION Front End. 
There are also several NEXPRESS press family enhancements that will help customers increase the range of 
applications they can produce, improve workflow efficiency, and reduce operating costs. A new family of digital 
production black and white printers, as well as a new speed model, the new KODAK DIGIMASTER EX138 digital 
production system will also be on display.

Special activities celebrating the tenth anniversary of thermal CTP technology will take place in the commercial 
print area. The KODAK THERMAL DIRECT non process printing plate will be among a range of featured thermal 
CTP plates. The KODAK THERMAL DIRECT non process plate eliminates the need for a processor and 
chemistry, and has a traditional grained and anodized aluminum substrate, creating a true drop in plate product 
with the familiar look and feel of a presensitized aluminum plate. The KODAK SWORD Excel thermal printing plate, 
which cuts processing time and allows prepress managers to utilize smaller processors by eliminating the preheat 
and postbake cycles, will be shown with the KODAK MAGNUS 800 platesetter. Also at the Kodak booth will be 
the KODAK VIOLET PRINT digital plate, which combines high productivity and cost effective platemaking with 
the Kodak experience to deliver a state of the art violet photopolymer plate. 


A KODAK Packaging workflow and proofing bundle, offering an easy to implement solution for package printers 
looking to reach new levels of customer service and business growth, will be featured in this section of Kodak’s 

The KODAK APPROVAL NX digital color imaging system with the KODAK PRINERGY POWERPACK workflow 
system combines the only digital halftone proofing system that allows printers to produce dot for dot color accurate 
packaging mockups and proofs on any substrate their customers demand with modular, easy to use PDF digital 
front end software tailored to the needs of the packaging market. The PRINERGY POWERPACK workflow 
system delivers specialized prepress tools needed to build and preflight files. The system creates a predictable, 
reliable manufacturing process that helps reduce production errors and optimize material usage.

Other solutions for package printers will include KODAK PANDORA Step-and-Repeat 2.9 software, which further 
automates the process for creating packaging layouts. Users can dynamically modify applied step and repeat 
parameters, saving time on such tasks as positioning 1-ups on the layout or changing the step amount, or placing 
registration, color bars or other production marks. It also includes a job management feature to track jobs from 
receipt of files through to proofing, approval and platemaking. 

Proofing and Color Center

The commercial print and packaging areas will feature a proofing and color center, with solutions for consistent 
communication and delivery of accurate color across a full range of proofing technologies including the KODAK
VERIS digital proofer, the KODAK MATCHPRINT Inkjet proofer, the KODAK APPROVAL digital color imaging 
system and KODAK COLORFLOW technology architecture. 

The next generation KODAK VERIS digital proofer, which helps customers achieve superior color accuracy 
and proofing productivity, will be shown for the first time in the United States at Graph Expo. Major enhancements 
to the VERIS proofer include an inline spectrophotometer, an improved gamut ink set, new high performance 
proofing media, and a new Certified Process for confirming color. Using KODAK MULTI-DROP ARRAY imaging, 
the VERIS digital proofer serves as a premium inkjet solution for prepress professionals who need the utmost in 
color precision and proofing accuracy.

Direct Mail and TransPromo

KODAK VERSAMARK inkjet printing solutions are featured in the Direct Mail and TransPromo areas of the booth.

High volume and variable data print applications for direct mail, transactional documents and TransPromo 
applications will comprise another area of Kodak’s booth at Graph Expo. All of the applications will be produced 
using process color in a 4/4 configuration driven by the KODAK VERSAMARK CS600 system controller - the 
latest V series controller with support for PostScript, PDF and PPML. 

Transactional and TransPromo applications will be generated as PPML documents and will be sent to the 
KODAK VERSAMARK CS600 system controller. The KODAK VERSAMARK VT3000 printing system offers 
affordable, high volume production printing and is available in a range of configurations from monochrome to 
process color. Incorporating Kodak’s rugged and reliable Continuous Inkjet Technology, the VT3000 printing 
system is designed to meet the rigors of high volume output while providing low cost per piece.

Additional products on display will include the KODAK VERSAMARK D-series printing systems featuring the 
new KODAK VERSAMARK DS5222 printing system, which delivers unparalleled speed, reliability and print 
quality. The VERSAMARK DS5222 printing system offers 2.13" of print width with 120 dpi resolution at speeds 
up to 1000 fpm. It also offers ultra high data throughput, universal Ethernet connectivity, and allows for 
alternative business models. The DS5222 printing system can be configured with a Usage Tracking System 
(UTS) that offers a low capital investment with a usage charge based on the amount of ink used. 

Innovation Center      

At the heart of the Kodak booth lies the Innovation Center. This area illustrates how the various applications 
and technologies from throughout the booth can be used to provide unique and tangible business results. This 
area also features KODAK MARKETMOVER business development services that provide information on 
programs that help customers market new services and capabilities. 

The KODAK MARKETMOVER services further enable customers to maximize their return on investment in new 
technologies and achieve dynamic business growth. MARKETMOVER services deliver an expanded range of 
innovative tools, resources, and support. MARKETMOVER service professionals work directly with customers 
in developing marketing plans, training senior management and sales representatives on new business 
opportunities, and supporting marketing and sales programs. MARKETMOVER service support also includes 
educational materials, marketing and sales tools, application samples and customizable templates available 
online at the MARKETMOVER premier resource center ( 

KODAK STACCATO screening technology will be demonstrated in the Innovation Center. STACCATO 
screening provides consistent, high fidelity imaging while maintaining a stable and efficient production process. 
KODAK SQUARESPOT thermal imaging technology enables the fine dot structure of STACCATO screening to 
be a reliable and practical solution for printers. Kodak will also demonstrate samples of the new STACCATO DX 
screening for digital print.

Beyond the Exhibit Hall

Speakers from Kodak will provide professional development presentations at Graph Expo. Jeff Hayzlett, Chief 
Marketing Office, Kodak GCG will deliver the keynote address at the GASC Teacher’s Conference at 9 a.m. 
Sunday, Oct. 15; Jon Bracken, Worldwide Product Director, Workflow Solutions, will speak on unified workflow 
at 12:30 p.m. and 1:30 p.m. Monday, Oct. 16 in Room S405ab, South Hall, Level 4.; and Pat McGrew, Director, 
Transaction Industry Marketing, will speak on business growth through digital printing at 12:30 and 1:30 p.m. 
Tuesday, Oct. 17 in Room S404bc, South Hall, Level 4. In addition, Sankarshanan, Product Manager, Digital 
Printing Solutions, will showcase the power of the NEXSTATION Front End and its adoption of Adobe PDF Print 
Engine at the Adobe booth from 12:30 to 1:00 p.m. Sunday, Oct. 15.  

"We look forward to meeting with customers, learning about their challenges and opportunities, and providing 
solutions that will help them enhance and grow all aspects of their print businesses," said Hayzlett. 

KODAK products are backed by KODAK Service and Support, Kodak’s worldwide service organization. Named 
Best Support Organization at the 2006 International Business Awards, KODAK Service and Support includes 
more than 3,000 professionals in 120 countries. These professionals are fully qualified to help customers control 
costs, maximize productivity, and minimize business risk.

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