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Gandinnovations - 9/6/2006

Gandinnovations has Big Plans for the new 5 Meter UV Roll to Roll

San Antonio, TX - Gandinnovations is introducing the new Jeti 5024 UV Roll To Roll 5.1 meter wide 
(16.8 feet) grand-format printer in August to world-wide customers due to the immense popularity of the Jeti 3324 

"Since some print shops need even more production from a grand-format printer, we wanted to give them what 
they want," says Hary Gandy, CEO of World-wide sales for Gandinnovations.

"The Jeti 5024 UVRTR is designed for speed, and we feel that we have achieved our goal."

The head carriage hosts 24 Spectra print heads, while ink designation is 4 heads per color allowing for 6 color 
combinations. The Jeti® 5024 UVRTR will feature resolution up to 1200 dpi. This newest option available on all 
Jeti UV curable grand-format printers is now available world wide. 

The Jeti® 5024 UVRTR is designed to print on media types such as reinforced vinyl, pressure sensitive vinyl, 
canvas, fabrics, mesh and paper. 

The Jeti® 5024 UVRTR, as with all Jeti models, will be available in 300 dpi, 600 dpi, and now true 1200 dpi format 
options, while maintaining true production of a grand-format printer. "The true 600 dpi option has been wildly 
popular with our customers," says Gandy. "I am glad we are able to offer a 600 dpi option and now a true 1200 
dpi option on all Jeti UV models. This really seems to be direction the grand-format industry is heading, I am glad 
we could lead the way."

The new newest addition to the Gandinnovations product line will continue to treat operators with the easy-to-use 
computer interface. All images ripped to the printer appear as thumbnails. Operators can then drag and drop the 
files to the layout page where they can rotate, flip, scale, and even collage as many files as they like. The Jeti
5024 UVRTR is planning to make its debut at one of the many upcoming tradeshows in which Gandinnovations 
will be exhibiting. 

The highly specialized Jeti printers are manufactured at Gandinnovations 115,000 square-foot plant in Toronto, 
Canada. The worldwide sales and service operation is based out of San Antonio, Texas with satellite offices in 
Mexico, India, United Arab Emirates and Belgium. Since the debut of a 3.3 meter-wide model in November 2002, 
more than 600 Jeti printers have been sold worldwide at cost ranging from $125,000 to $375,000 per printer.

Many Jeti printers produce output at speeds far outmatching any other printer on the market, making it possible 
for high-quantity production with multiple image changes. This gives Jeti printers the ability to turn around typically 
high-cost projects into traditional screen printing and conventional printing press prices.

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