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DuPont - 8/30/2006

DuPont Cromaprint Boosts Productivity at FASTSIGNS

 When FASTSIGNS Delaware recently installed a DuPont Cromaprint 22UV flatbed/roll digital printing system, 
shop owner Mike Levitsky was impressed even beyond initial expectations.

"This system is so flexible, simple to use and fast that we now do 30 percent more work than with our previous 
solvent printer without hiring additional staff," he says.

Fast turnaround and quality customer service are major components of this firm’s offering, with roughly 75 
percent of its output completed the next day for its growing customer list that includes regional banks, 
construction, and service industry companies. Regular customers can even access a secured page on the firm’s
Internet server to view past jobs and quickly review pdf proofs of current ones. These attributes are why 
FASTSIGNS Delaware has thrived for 18 years near Wilmington, this American state’s largest city.

Said Levitsky, "While speed is our forte, so is print quality and getting the job right the first time. One of our 
biggest challenges was constantly switching from printing roll-type signs, like vinyl banners, to printing on rigid 
substrates like foam or corrugated boards, metal, wood or acrylics. Our previous system could not easily 
accommodate rigid substrates, so we had to perform additional steps like printing to vinyl, and cutting/mounting 
the finished job to the substrate using various adhesives very time consuming, messy and error prone.

Overcoming this drawback was among the main reasons for selecting the Cromaprint 22UV," he added, "because 
it lets us easily switch back and forth between roll and rigid media all day. It only takes minutes to reset the system, 
and it ac_cepts wide format graphics (up to 2.2m or 86-inches wide) making it ideal for large signs or point-of-
purchase displays."

Another key reason for selecting the system is the longstanding DuPont reputation for quality color.

"DuPont means exceptional color," Levitsky said. "It’s a well-deserved legacy because color output from this 
digital printer is far superior and more brilliant than units costing twice as much.

"And the system’s price includes all software and support materials with nothing left out," Levitsky says. "It’s 
completely turnkey. When the DuPont installation team left, the system was fully operational and ready for 
immediate use no hidden costs or need to add critical accessories."

FASTSIGNS Delaware is open seven days a week, with nearly half of its 15 employees trained to operate the 
Cromaprint system. "It looks imposing, but it’s actually very easy to use," said Levitsky. "Both our senior computer 
operator and numerous production staff learned it quickly. The operating software is well written and extremely 
intuitive, making it simple to run."

And run it does, "almost constantly every day," he adds. "That’s why dependable service and technical support 
are vital should a special need arise. DuPont technical people are excellent. They treat their customers like we 
treat ours responsive and eager to keep the business running smoothly. I wish more companies were like that."

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