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Graphtec America, Inc. - 8/30/2006

The Introduction of the CE5000; Bringing Graphtec's Quality and Reliability within Everyone’s Reach

Graphtec America, Inc., a leading manufacturer of precision imaging products for the signage, graphics and 
computer-aided design industries, announces the introduction of the new CE5000 Series engineering-class 
cutting plotters. The CE5000 is Graphtec’s leading price/performance cutter, providing an ideal solution for 
cutting a wide variety of materials for the sign and screen graphics industries. This new series incorporates the 
new Advanced Registration Marks System (ARMS), a superior feature that is typically available only with higher-
end cutting plotters, such as Graphtec’s professional level FC7000 series. Now, joining that caliber of registration 
mark sensing, the CE5000 Series allows for precise cutting of long lengths because of its ability to track a 
continuous series of registration marks that run the length of the image. The work of ensuring accurate long 
cuts is taken out of the hands of the user, and is now managed by this improved registration tracking system. 
The CE5000, which has a standard 2 year service warranty, is available in 2 model sizes CE5000-60 (24"), 
CE5000-120 (48") and has the list price of $1,795.00 and $3,295.00 respectively.

The new ARMS sensor detects the registration marks not only on the four corners of a pre-printed image, but 
now detects registration marks along the sides of digitally produced images - not only compensating for material 
expansion/contraction in both the X and Y axis, but also compensating for any skewing occurring in the center 
section during the printing process. This results in greater contour cutting accuracy on longer pre-printed images. 
Additional intelligent features such as our patentpending first mark auto-sensing, makes the CE5000 print and 
cut operation undeniably unsurpassed in accuracy, reliability, and user-friendliness for the most difficult contour 
cutting applications. 

The CE5000 series reaches maximum cutting speeds of 24 ips (-60) and 39 ips (-120), with a maximum cutting 
force of 300g (-60) and 450g (-120). Noteworthy innovations include an easy-touse menu navigation system. 
Eight user-settings/conditions facilitate instantaneous recall of prePage programmed job-specific plotter setups. 
Tangential Control enables unsurpassed cutting quality for highly intricate designs on a variety of materials. The 
Graphtec’s proprietary SmartFeed (a system where material is automatically pre-fed), and a precisely crafted 
media supply system that is integrated as part of the rugged floor stand (standard for both models) contributes 
to better tracking for your longer-length and repetitive jobs. The 2MB buffer and Dual-port connectivity (USB 2.0 
Full Speed and Serial) makes the series compatible with virtually any modern computer configuration, making 
connectivity a snap.

New Software Integration Saves Time and Money
The CE5000 includes three software applications that will enhance sign making operation. Cutting Master 2 
(a plug-in software that is included with all CE5000 Series models), is designed to allow customers to operate 
their cutter from the two most popular graphic and illustration software: Adobe® Illustrator® and CorelDraw®. 
Cutting Master 2 enables users to output their favorite designs created on their own favorite illustration software 
directly to the CE5000 cutting plotters. This software provides the opportunity for new users to integrate an 
economical sign making system without a large investment or the need to learn a different software application. 

Secondly, the CE5000 Plotter controller has allows direct control of a wide range of CE5000 functions from a 
PC, including cutting speed, cutting pressure, pen movement, and ARMS control. The ability to control various 
plotter settings from a PC dramatically improves work and operating efficiency. This includes the ability to set 
up an infinite number of conditions for accommodating every type of cutting application. Each of these 
conditions has its own user-defined labels for easy identification, taking the guesswork out of choosing the best 
settings for each job.

Finally, the CE5000 includes a simple yet effective design package - Robo Master Pro. With this application, 
users can create and edit simple lettering, as well as produce decals, by placing registration marks specially 
recognized by the Advanced Registration Mark System (ARMS). Robo Master Pro is able to import DXF files 
and bitmaps, and includes a small library of clipart to facilitate the making of creative sign designs and graphics. 
The fundamental system architecture embodied in the new CE5000 Series shares its engineering concept with 
Graphtec’s high end products, thereby making the CE5000 a higher caliber compared to other competitive cutters 
of the same price point, and thus a protected investment for a new sign business operation. The CE5000 will 
effectively assist graphics professionals by improving productivity and streamlining their sign making operation, 
putting Graphtec’s quality and reliability within reach of all customers regardless of their budget. Graphtec is 
confident that the addition of the new CE5000 Series models will meet or exceed the requirements of industry 
professionals and reinforce Graphtec’s position as leading supplier of quality imaging products. The CE5000 
Series is available for shipment beginning in August 2006.

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