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EFI - 8/17/2006

EFI Introduces Ground-Breaking New VUTEk Superwide Format Printer

Foster City, Calif. - Aug. 16, 2006 - EFI (Nasdaq: EFII) today introduced its new VUTEk® QS2000 UV-curing 
digital inkjet printer this fourth-generation UV printer bridges the gap between superior image quality, productivity 
and connectivity, opening the door to new applications and increased profitability for EFI customers. The VUTEk 
QS2000 is the first in an all new category of printers that combine EFI’s production and workflow management 
technologies with the market-leading digital print capabilities of its VUTEk superwide format printers. 

In today’s dynamic, highly competitive marketplace, quality and productivity are the critical success factors for 
print-for-pay superwide format print shops and commercial printers. As one of the world’s leading providers of UV 
printers, EFI has leveraged its expertise to meet these challenges. With the introduction of the VUTEk QS2000 
digital superwide printer, EFI introduces its High-Definition Print (HDP) capability with high production speeds, 
making it the superwide printer of choice for the real world of tight deadlines and demanding customers.

With HDP, EFI takes superwide printing to new levels of image quality by delivering:

- Print resolutions up to 1080 dpi 
- Proprietary image smoothing technologies
- Brilliant six-color imaging and a special seventh white ink channel for new and creative applications 
- EFI Fiery® XF image processing

Along with dazzling images, sharp text and impressive production speeds, the VUTEk QS2000 offers:

- Superior image quality on both rigid and flexible substrates up to two inches (5.08 cm) thick and up to 80 inches 
(2 meters) wide
- The ability to print white ink in six different variations, including overprint, underprint, spot, underspot, fill and 
overspot, to provide new and nearly limitless application possibilities
- Crisp, clear four-point text to satisfy customers who demand the highest image quality for close viewing of 
applications such as point-of-purchase advertising displays
- The ability to change between rigid and flexible substrates in less than a minute to produce output up to 800 
square feet (74 square meters) per hour or up to 16  4’ x 8’ boards per hour allows users to meet demanding 
turn-around times while producing greater quantities of high quality product than ever before

The VUTEk QS2000 printer will be available with the EFI Fiery XF production RIP or optional Colorburst RIP. 
EFI Fiery XF delivers high productivity and excellent color management today and allows the integration of 
additional business processes in the future through the extensive and proven EFI portfolio of software workflow 

"The introduction of the VUTEk QS2000 printer and Fiery XF production RIP combines full productivity, 
unmatched quality and a sophisticated, yet intuitive RIP," said Ghilad Dziesietnik, chief technology officer for 
EFI.  "This is the first step in realizing EFI’s vision of fully integrated business processes throughout the print shop."

"Focusing on the print engine as well as business processes has helped us deliver the industry’s most advanced, 
most innovative superwide format printers, and integrated business management systems that drive business 
success beyond the printer," Robert W. Raus, Jr., vice president of VUTEk marketing for EFI, said. "With our 
integrated print and workflow solutions, print shop owners will simplify business processes from job submission to 
job estimation, inventory and shop floor management through pre-press, RIP, proofing, and production."

Other unique productivity features of the VUTEk QS2000 printer enable print-for-pay superwide format print shops 
and commercial printers to produce and sell more premium-priced jobs faster than ever before. It includes a 
feed-side control module to eliminate wasted steps by initiating print from both sides of printer. A multi-job layout
function through the VUTEk graphic user interface allows users to combine separate jobs into one print run, 
reducing costly substrate waste. In addition, valuable floor space is saved by being able to perform roll-to-roll 
and rigid printing on one machine.

The VUTEk QS2000 from EFI will be featured at the VISCOM trade show in Paris, France, September 20-22, 
and at the SGIA trade show in Las Vegas, Nevada, September 26-29. The VUTEk QS2000 will be commercially 
available at the end of September, 2006. Additional information is available at

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