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Dimatix, Inc. - 8/1/2006

Dimatix's Spectra Printing Division Certifies New Ink Formulations

Spectra, a leading developer and manufacturer of piezoelectric printheads has Certified new ink formulations 
from Inkware, a division of EFI, Sericol, a division of Fujifilm, and SunJet, a division of Sun Chemical. These ink 
formulations are extensively tested with specific printhead configurations under the auspices of Spectra's Ink 
Certification Program. These Ink Partners are leading global developers and suppliers of inkjet inks for industrial 
and commercial printing applications. 

These newly Certified Inks range in type from solvent-based to ultra-violet curable. They are designed for 
use in display graphics, packaging and other digital, high speed, printing applications requiring an extensive 
color pallet, good adhesion and efficient ink drying and curing characteristics.

Spectra's Ink Partnership Program brings proven formulations and capabilities to integrators of Spectra printheads 
through key strategic partnerships with world leading chemical companies. Spectra's very strict program criteria 
ensures that its Ink Partners are technically competent with excellent analytical capabilities and tools, proven 
manufacturing capabilities, and formal quality control systems. Ink Partners are subject to ongoing review and 
audit by Spectra.

Under this program, inks are rigorously and extensively tested, both internally and in the field, to ensure optimal 
printing performance and maximum printhead life. Certified Inks meet a comprehensive suite of test requirements 
defined by Spectra. These include material set compatibility and sustainability testing to make certain that inks 
do not damage printheads and perform well when used and maintained in the prescribed manner. 

Ink Partners work in close collaboration with Spectra to develop solutions and provide customer-focused 
problem solving. As testimony to the success of these efforts, Spectra now offers an industry leading, 18-month, 
comprehensive warranty when customers use Certified Inks which are only available from Spectra Approved Ink 

"The choice of Certified Ink is always the preferred solution when identifying an ink formulation or ink provider, 
as Spectra cannot warrant that other inks will perform in a consistent and reliable manner. It is impossible to 
predict what long-term effects non-certified ink formulations will have on printhead reliability and overall jetting 
performance. Through our intensive collaborative efforts with our Ink Partners, users can be confident in their 
choice of inks and that any technical issues that might arise will be acknowledged and resolved through our 
mutual efforts," said Bob Rosenblum, Chief Operating Officer of the Spectra Printing Division.

"Inkware offers a total solution and works with companies who embrace this concept and want to continually 
offer the best printing systems for their customers. Offering inks that are certified by Spectra is part of this solution. 
Together, we provide the printer manufacturer and their customer with a solution that will keep the printer running 
more with less downtime," commented Scott Schinlever, General Manager, Inkware, LLC.

"Uvijet Versa is a general purpose UV ink that forms part of a wide portfolio of UV and solvent-based inks offered 
by Fujifilm Sericol.  The certification of Uvijet Versa is part of an extensive ongoing development program with 
Spectra, which supports the continuing aim of Fujifilm Sericol and its partners in supplying effective solutions to 
the print market" stated Keith Nixon, Business Development Manager - Graphic OEM, Fujifilm Sericol.

"SunJet is proud to continue its lengthy relationship with Spectra by announcing the Certification of another 
two Crystal UV cure ink families: UFE and UDG," said Peter Walshe, SunJet's Business Development Manager. 
"UFE and UDG are formulated in a wide range of colors and offer our customers the ability to print numerous 
substrates, yet achieve a high degree of flexibility. In addition, Crystal UVV Varnish and URW White have recently 
achieved Certification. UVV allows effective highlight and coating of images and URW has the ability to print 
white images and provide a high opacity background for colors on clear substrates. Certification is an important 
stage in confirming that each ink family has been thoroughly tested and performs to the highest standard in a 
given Spectra printhead, giving the best possible assurance to our mutual customers."

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