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Sihl Digital Imaging - 8/1/2006

Sihl Digital Imaging Introduces Two New Wide-format Inkjet Films

3533 TransSOLT Frontprint WF 220 satin is a translucent, satin-coated and tear-resistant rigid PVC film with a 
water fast coating designed for backlit applications. Heavyweight with excellent light diffusing properties, it is 
over 9 mils thick for good stiffness and lay flat properties. Extremely durable, TransSOLT offers front printing 
work ease with "DuraTransâ - like" quality, using the simplicity of digital printing. Available in 36" and 54" rolls 
by 100 ft. 

3505 ClearSOLT Film WF 125 gloss is a transparent, clear polyester film for use in eco- and true solvent printers. 
The "water-clear" polyester allows for maximum color pop with high ink limits and short drying time, even in 
double-print mode for increased density. ClearSOLT has the dimensional stability expected from polyester film 
and is ideal for window applications and POP retail applications. Excellent for use with white ink when an entire 
white backdrop is not desired. May also be used for backlit applications with diffuser panels. Available in 36" and 
54" rolls by 66 ft. 

Sample rolls for both 3533 TransSOLT and 3505 ClearSOLT available now from local redistributors.

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