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Sawgrass Technologies Inc. - 7/26/2006

Sawgrass Technologies ChromaBlast System

Sawgrass Technologies Inc. has launched the ChromaBlast extreme digital color imaging system. Through its 
patented ink and media, and driver software, the ChromaBlast System creates customized images on cotton 
with a softer hand, superior washability, and Sawgrass’ signature vibrant colors.

The key to the ChromaBlast Digital Color Imaging System is the chemical bonding between the ink and the 
coating on the media. Where the ink chemistry and the media coating chemistry touch, there is a cross-link 
reaction under heat and pressure that chemically bonds the image to the cotton. The cross-link creates a very 
strong and nearly permanent bond. Remove the paper and the image area is tattooed into the shirt itself. The 
overprint area from the media does physically transfer, but washes away because it has no ink to react to in the 
non-image area. The area around the image has a very light feel that becomes nearly imperceptible after one 

"The ChromaBlast system is a prime example of our goal at Sawgrass to continue to deliver innovative products 
to the entire marketplace. With a low cost of entry, the ChromaBlast system allows businesses of all sizes to enter 
the continually expanding cotton decorating market," said Nathan Hale, CEO of Sawgrass.

The ChromaBlast system is currently configured for three printer models: the Epson C88, R1800, and 4800. It runs 
from a standard PC and utilizes off the shelf graphics software to create instant personalized images. Because the 
system is driven by the ChromaBlast driver software, users are able to control their color and quality output.

The ChromaBlast system is now available for purchase through an authorized network of distributors.

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