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Punch Graphix - 7/13/2006

Punch Graphix introduces rental program in North America for Xeikon 5000

Itasca, IL, July 13, 2006 - Punch Graphix, through its Xeikon brand, has announced a rental program for the 
Xeikon 5000 in North America. The company has undertaken this initiative to help printers overcome barriers to 
entry in digital printing. 

Punch Graphix will offer their flagship Xeikon 5000 to qualified customers at monthly payments similar to those 
of a five year lease with minimum terms as short as one year and no termination penalty. This initiative will enable 
new entrants to benefit from Xeikon's attractive consumable cost structure without making a capital expenditure 
or long term commitment. Based on an April 2006 study by Caslon and Co. that considers the cost of equipment, 
service / maintenance and consumables, the Xeikon 5000 has the lowest cost per page for digital color presses 
offerings graphic arts quality output producing monthly volumes above 400,000 pages. According to Rob 
Mayerson, VP Digital Sales- North America, Punch Graphix Americas, "With a monthly duty cycle of 3 million 
pages, it is quite an accomplishment for the Xeikon 5000 to offer the lowest total cost structure when operating 
at only 13% of its rated capacity. When you combine a best in class consumable cost structure with a simple 
rental program and paper savings realized by purchasing on a roll, Xeikon offers some of the best margins in 
digital printing, and the entire printing industry for that matter." 

According to Patrick Canavan, President and CEO, Punch Graphix Americas, "Xeikon has always been a 
pioneer in the digital printing industry. We have come a long way since our first commercial shipments in 1994. 
Today, we are offering the fourth generation of our digital print technology. From the beginning, we have focused
 on making digital printing economically attractive for our customers. It is an important criterion by which we 
measure our long-term success. This program is another step towards our commitment to digital print excellence."

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