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Punch Graphix - 7/7/2006

Three basysPrint UV-Setters for China

CtP service provider Shanghai Sanken Printing Co., Ltd has already been working successfully with a 
basysPrint UV-Setter since last year. So much so, that the company placed an order for three more Series 7 

Sanken is one of the very first plate service providers in Shanghai. After an extensive series of plate tests, an 
8-page UV-Setter was installed at the company in August 2005. The plates exposed for customers are generally
locally produced UV-sensitive plates. The high volume of business soon led to the decision to purchase three 
further basysPrint UV-Setters of Series 7. Managing director Mao XunYi explains: "The clinching moment came 
when a customer to whom we had also offered thermal and violet plates as a test rejected these plates because 
of their inadequate process and run stability. With the UV-Setters, we can handle all the UV-sensitive plates 
used by the customers, and are absolutely flexible with regard to plate format. At the same time, we are able to 
offer a really favorable price and are thus extremely competitive! With a monthly plate production of 8.000 sqm 
we will achieve cost savings up to 200.000 € compared to the use of thermal-, silver- or photopolymer plates. 
We are certain that our investment in additional UV-Setter systems will drive our expansion still further."

The basysPrint UV-Setter is the only digital exposure system available for UV-sensitive offset printing plates. 
Punch Graphix, the manufacturer behind the brand name basysPrint, has tested more than 50 plates from 15 
manufacturers worldwide. Users are thus able to remain independent in their individual choice of plates, and 
profit from both the favorable price and the reliable international availability of UV plates. The open concept of 
the basysPrint UV-Setter, with a 1-bit TIFF interface, provides for simple integration into existing infrastructures. 
At the same time, nevertheless, Punch Graphix is able to create tailored overall solutions geared specifically to 
individual user requirements.

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