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Hewlett Packard Company - 6/5/2006

Rastar Adds Two HP Scitex Printers to Offer Postcard to Billboard Digital Printing

Palo Alto, Calif., June 5, 2006 - HP today announced that Salt Lake City-based marketing communications 
firm Rastar has become a true one-stop digital print shop featuring HP’s complete graphic arts portfolio.  The 
company has just added the HP Scitex FB6700 flat bed printer and the HP Scitex XL1500 super-wide-format 
printer to its existing suite of HP products, which includes HP Designjet large-format printers, 11 HP Indigo 
digital presses, and inkjet solutions incorporating HP Specialty Printing Systems (SPS) OEM technology.

With the new HP Scitex installations, Rastar can now offer its customers completely integrated, high-quality 
marketing campaigns, encompassing everything from customized direct marketing material and in-store signage 
and displays to billboards and building wraps.  Through this approach, Rastar eliminates cookie-cutter marketing 
programs that are less relevant to consumers, replacing them with 100% customized, on demand campaigns that 
generate a greater return on investment.

"Rastar is clearly at the forefront of the digital printing revolution raising the bar to new and exciting levels," said 
Stephen Nigro, senior vice president, HP Graphics and Imaging Business.  "This progressive company is the 
perfect example of the HP graphic arts advantage in action.  By offering virtually every application on the market 
with consistent high quality and color accuracy, Rastar is enhancing its profitability and strengthening its customer 

After having executed hundreds of CRM-based direct mail campaigns leveraging HP Indigo technology, 
Rastar identified an emerging need for more tightly integrated in-store and direct mail programs.  Adding the HP 
Scitex FB6700 and XL1500 printers to its HP portfolio now enables Rastar to bring a new dimension of 
localization capabilities to its highly successful dealer/distributor marketing solutions in the automotive, beverage 
and other industries.  

"Our clients value us for marketing ideas that make them successful," said Kevin Despain, CEO of Rastar.  
"The ability to cover any given geographic market with personalized, relevant direct mail that brings consumers 
in-store, where they experience a localized in-store campaign, creates a consistent brand experience and custom 
approach that no other technology portfolio can offer."

Rastar’s large- and super-wide-format offerings work in tandem with HP Indigo digital publishing and HP SPS 
inkjet solutions.  The firm’s complete list of HP graphic arts solutions exhibits its ability to work in nearly any 
printed medium:
- With the purchase of the 63-inch HP Scitex FB6700 flatbed printer, Rastar gains versatility in using a range of 
substrates for the production of vibrant in-store panels and other point-of-sale marketing items.
- Rastar’s new 17-feet-wide HP Scitex XL 1500 roll-to-roll super-wide-format printer provides a new range of 
product applications, including building and vehicle wraps. 
- The company’s HP Designjet 5500 Printers complement the new HP Scitex equipment, producing in-store 
marketing and display materials in sizes up to 42" wide.  
- Rastar maintains one of the industry’s most advanced HP Indigo pressrooms with 11 HP Indigo commercial 
and specialty digital presses:  four HP Indigo press 5000s, two HP Indigo press w3200s, two HP Indigo press 
3000s, two HP Indigo press 1000s and an HP indigo press s2000.  This extensive lineup combines offset quality 
with digital intelligence to produce virtually any personalized piece of material on demand.  Rastar officials are 
also considering the addition of four more HP Indigo press 5000s by the end of 2006.
- HP SPS-enabled inkjet equipment takes Rastar’s one-to-one direct mail offerings a step further with highly 
visible, imprinted repositionable notes.  With this unique solution, a customer’s campaign is carried to the outside 
of a direct-mail envelope to increase response rates. 

Customers Experience High Rate of Return
Rastar’s customers rely on the company’s print marketing capabilities as a significant source of revenue leads.  
One client, a network of luxury automobile dealerships, obtains $59 in revenue for every marketing dollar spent 
with Rastar.  

With its complete HP graphic arts portfolio, Rastar expects the high rates of return for its customers to continue.  
"Now we can tie an entire campaign together, leveraging the HP graphic arts portfolio to print on a wide variety 
of media," said Despain.  "The bottom line is that we are helping our customers build stronger and more profitable 
relationships with prospects, customers and employees and that’s why we are in business."

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