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MGI Digital Graphic Technologies - 4/24/2006

MGI Announces their Newest line of Digital Presses

MGI's New METEOR DP 40 Pro, The METEOR DP 40 Paper, The METEOR DP 40 Smart, and the 
METEOR DP 40 Junior, all for either Paper and/or Plastic Substrates.

Melbourne, FL-- The Meteor DP40, like Meteor DP30, is the only Digital Press on the market that is able to print 
on both Paper and Plastics without the need for special coating. The early success achieved by the Meteor 
DP30 Series (Versions Pro, Paper, Smart, Junior) was the result of aggressive price positioning in terms of Total 
Cost of Ownership as well as cost of both maintenance and consumables. With Meteor DP40, the same pricing 
strategy is emphasized with the new Meteor DP40 Pro corresponding to a monthly lease of about than $2500 
per month (based 60 months). 

The series is available in four versions: The Junior, Smart, Pro Paper and Pro Plastic - with a monthly payment 
ranging from $1000 per month to $2700 per month, based on the configuration selected. There are no Click 
Charges; consumables are bought according to the production of the equipment and the costs of impression 
are thus controlled completely by the printers. With an Air Feeding system complimenting a true Offset Feeder 
Table and a remarkable print quality (1800 dpi - 200 lpi ) makes it possible for the Meteor DP40 to cover 
applications ranging from one end of the spectrum to another.

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