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GretagMacbeth - 4/25/2006

GretagMacbeth Introduces Eye-One iSis Automated Chart Reader with Eye-One Technology Inside

New automated hi-speed chart reader provides true spectral measurements while simplifying handling for high 
volume production environments

Regensdorf, Switzerland; April 25 2006 GretagMacbeth, worldwide technological leader in color measurement 
and management solutions, has introduced a new Eye-One automatic chart reader known as iSis.  Featuring i1
Inside, based on the award-winning Eye-One technology, Eye-One iSis provides fast, precise measurement of 
reflective test charts measuring 1500 patches in just four minutes with an absolute minimum of effort and 
training.  It is ideally suited for high production environments like prepress, photo processing, hi-speed digital 
printing and fine art printing, where speed, accuracy and ease-of-use are essential when constantly measuring 
test charts and updating color management profiles.

"Eye-One iSis captures full spectral data so you have the most complete color description - a critical element 
for the digital color communication network in attaining accurate color throughout the print production workflow,"
according to Iris Mangelschots, vice president and general manager of GretagMacbeth’s digital imaging group.  

"At the same time, the Eye-One iSis vision system guided paper feed concept sets a new standard in terms of 
ease of handling.  Users simply feed the chart into the device and our unique visual recognition system 
automatically detects and aligns accordingly. In addition, there is no need to cut large test charts or print on 
multiple pages - a true production time-saver for increased operational efficiency."

Eye-One iSis, now in its final testing phase, automatically begins the measurement process as soon as a chart 
is inserted.  There is no need to press any buttons.  With its unique built-in vision system, Eye-One Isis has an 
extremely high tolerance for how charts are aligned as they are fed into the system and automatically corrects 
for misalignment.  This helps minimize handling errors and eliminates the frustration of having to re-feed 
misaligned charts. 

With its innovative design, the standard A4+ version of Eye-One iSis can measure an A4 test chart with up to 
1,100 patches.  With the A3+ version, charts with as many as 2,500 patches can be printed on a single A3 
page - eliminating the time consuming task of cutting charts and feeding multiple pages.  In addition, the 
contactless measurement system will not scratch or damage test charts.  And, the LED illumination ensures a 
long lifetime with very little maintenance.  Eye-One iSis handles substrates from 0.08 to 0.45mm in thickness.

First shipments of the new Eye-One iSis are planned for July 2006. For additional information in the United States 
and Canada, please call 845-565-7660, in Europe, please call +41 1 842 24 00 or visit our Web site at

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